Best Price of Shoe Upper&Outsole in China


The manufacturers and suppliers of semi-finished shoes are introduced here in detail. You can take a few seconds to read if you want to know about shoe uppers&outsoles manufacturers and suppliers in China.

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What are the Semi-finished Shoe Manufacturers and Suppliers?


First of all, what is a semi-finished shoe? The semi-finished product is not the shoe but the shoe’s component, the uppers, and the outsole. And semi-finished shoe manufacturers and suppliers refer to those who provide uppers or outsoles. These shoe manufacturers and suppliers can not only provide tens of thousands of kinds of shoe uppers or outsoles, and some can independently design uppers or outsoles, providing OEM and ODM services. They can provide clients with private custom upper or outsole services, and we call them private shoe upper or outsole manufacturers and suppliers. And if the clients have their shoe brands, they can also be called private label upper or outsole manufacturers and suppliers.

Are You Looking for Shoe Upper&Outsole Manufacturers and Suppliers?


If you want to import semi-finished uppers& outsoles instead of finished shoes, what you need is a professional semi-finished supplier to let you rest assured. If you are looking for shoe upper &outsole manufacturers and suppliers or private label manufacturers and suppliers, here is your answer. XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY can provide our clients with the best quality of shoe uppers and outsoles, the best price, and the best quality service.



XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY is one of China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of shoe uppers and outsoles.

The shoe factory has passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, located in the center of China’s shoe capital JinJiang City with many congenital advantages in the production of shoe uppers&outsoles. Professionally, the shoe factory has an export department responsible for international uppers&outsoles orders. We have professional research and department center teams, production, quality control, marketing, service, and logistics.


As a shoe upper& outsole manufacturing expert, no matter what shoe you make, we can produce the right shoe uppers& outsoles for you. The main clients of this shoe factory are mostly from USA and EU countries. And we serve private label brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Kmart, Dollar General, and Lotto, and provide customized semi-finished shoe uppers& outsoles for various high and medium-grade brands and clients.


There are more than 1000 products of uppers&outsoles for our clients’ selection. The shoes factory can offer you many services, like the private label or OEM&ODM customized shoe uppers&outsoles and wholesale shoe uppers&outsoles.

In general, the upper material includes the inner part. The common characteristics of the upper should be a soft touch/heat preservation/air absorption/moisture emission/reducibility and elasticity/light and bending resistance/wear resistance/water, heat resistance, easy processing, and the appearance should be beautiful and durable! Our shoe factory mainly produces and provides a variety of uppers and insoles for running shoes, sneakers, casual shoes, hiking shoes, wool shoes, barefoot shoes, and work shoes. About manufacturing shoe outsoles, the shoe factory specializes in producing EVA, TPU or Rubber or TPR outsoles, Rubber Foam, Leather, and other materials for shoe outsoles, especially in running, sneakers, casual shoes, and hiking shoes.

The shoe factory has rich manufacturing experience in shoe uppers& outsoles and a wide range of sole materials and technology. If the client has the shoe upper/outsole design patterns or the upper/outsole samples, you can contact us by mail: at for trial order. After the client is satisfied with the trial, the bulk goods will be placed. If clients want to wholesale our website’s outsoles or customize the outsoles/uppers, you can also contact us via

Quality Assurance

Every client wants the best quality. Everyone is unwilling to spend their money on low-quality products. Regarding quality control, our shoe factory ensures that every customer has good quality products. Each product is subject to quality tests according to the latest standards and guidelines before shipment. For the quality control of shoe uppers and outsoles, the shoe factory can meet the compliance and quality requirements of the United States and the European Union and even meet the most stringent test requirements of Germany and Turkey! The shoe factory has established internal standards to produce high-quality shoes to meet the needs of different customers.

The shoe factory not only arranges three full-time INSPECTORS on each production line to carry out the quality inspection on each pair of uppers/outsoles. Our QC will sample and inspect the bulk of these uppers/outsoles, and then the quality inspection will be carried out by the Third Party Inspection Agency. Only after passing the quality inspection by the Third Party Inspection Agency can we arrange the shipment.


To meet our client’s requirements of the best quality of shoe uppers or outsoles, the shoe factory provides the following chemical and physical tests: weather resistance test, bending test, tensile test, aging test, waterproof test, friction fastness test, and chemical test. Therefore, please be assured that we will strictly control the quality of shoe uppers/outsoles.

As a leading shoe upper / outsole manufacturer, XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY can provide our clients with OEM or ODM service; you can cooperate with us if needed. Although our website has uploaded many types of soles, the shoe factory’s newly designed soles/uppers are not open to everyone. Based on the confidentiality principle of our shoe factory, only the clients with fixed cooperation or confirmed cooperation will provide them with the latest designed soles/uppers patterns.

Best Price of Shoe Upper&Outsole in China


In China, you can not only get high-quality shoe uppers and outsoles but also get the most favorable prices. We, XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY, will do our best to make every customer satisfied. If you are unwilling to buy the styles of uppers and outsoles on our website in bulk, you can contact us to develop and design new styles by email: for detailed discussion.


For established brands, if you want to develop a unique outsole for your new shoes, we can help you design and develop the outsole mold. And the expense of developing a new outsole mold is at the client’s expense, and our shoe factory is responsible for the development, design, and production. After you receive the sample of the outsole mold, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if there is any need to modify it. We will further improve until you are satisfied! The big order can be placed when you are satisfied with the outsole mold.

The Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) of uppers and outsoles in our shoe factory is 2,000 pairs, respectively. We will decide the specific quantity according to the customer’s requirements, style, and material. Why do we need a MOQ for outsoles or uppers? This is because our sample fee for developing the outsole may be slightly higher than that of other factories. Still, the sample fee we require is much lower than our cost for developing and making outsole samples. If there is no big order, we will lose money to develop new outsole samples for customers.

The general fee is as follows:

Open Pattern fee: 100USD

Open Last fee: 50 USD

Material fee: 200USD for 3 kinds of leather

Printing fee: 40USD

Our Sourcing Transport fee:5oUSD

Worker salary: 8oUSD

As a leading shoe upper&outsole manufacturer or private label upper&outsole manufacturer, we have the latest machinery and technology to create the finest uppers and outsoles on the production line in our shoe factory. So you have nothing to worry! Our footwear experts, experienced designers, and technicians can effectively provide high-quality products!



XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY is willing to cooperate whether you are a big or small business or a private label brand. We are looking forward to becoming your partner and growing together! If you become our partner, you can get the following advantages from us:

(1) Lower Labor Costs

Our shoe factory is located in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, known as “the city of shoes” in China. The development of the shoe industry is perfect, and shoe upper&outsole materials are also available. That can save our clients a lot of material and transportation costs. Compared with Wenzhou and Guangzhou, the staff salary is lower.

(2) Mature Supply Chain

Our supply chain of uppers$outsoles raw materials and machinery is very mature, with most shoe material suppliers with more than 10 years of cooperation. Both quality and price are competitive. 

(3) High Quality and Service

Our shoe factory has a strong team of research and development, developing a large number of shoe upper and outsole molds, but also has rich and diverse design styles, with more than 150 new designs per month. We have a large production capacity, with 10 production lines and 1,000 workers. We have strict quality control with AA+, BSCI, and ISO9001 certification credit ratings. In addition, we will reply to our clients by email within 1 working day.

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