A Complete Guide to Buy Shoes in Bulk Online From the Manufacturers

Shoes are the necessities of everyone’s life. People will at least buy a pair of shoes. Most people buy only one pair of shoes of the same type while some people collect them.

However, although everyone has different needs for shoes, all of them need to buy shoes, so shoes belong to rigid needs.

In addition, in recent years, the fashionable trend of shoes has become more and more obvious.  Accordingly, shoes are all through in fashion and there will always have a market.  

In recent years, enterprises have turned to online transactions to achieve online and offline dual-mode management, especially after COVID-19.

Consequently, Buying shoes online has become very popular all over the world. And it is a great idea to buy shoes in bulk online from the manufacturers.

For now, if you have the shoe design, storage space, and marketing strategy to hype up a shoe business, you can also order shoes in bulk online from shoe manufacturers.

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But there are some risks with online trading. You could be duped by shoe wholesalers who act as shoe manufacturers.

However, in reality, there is a difference between dealing with a shoe wholesaler and a shoe manufacturer.

Shoe wholesalers only provide bulk stock, but reliable shoe manufacturers such as XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY can offer you OEM&ODM services. We can provide the customized shoes and private label designers shoes manufacturing services. 

Anyone who would like to order shoes is welcome to contact us by the following means: Email: andy.h@topfactoryshoes.com or by phone: (86) 0592 2685659.

Here is a guide to learn more about the process of choosing the best wholesale shoe manufacturers.

Bulk Buying of Shoes Onlinefrom China Manufacturers

The picture is from NIKE Official Website

Nowadays, there are most buyers utilize the internet to purchase shoes in bulk online in order to save some bucks.

There are several benefits of using the internet for wholesaling shoes from the manufacturers. You can go to visit the online sites and buy the shoes at the best price.

You can get great discount offers when purchasing ample shoes. If you need to buy shoes in bulk, you can find shoe manufacturers online.

As far as I am concerned, the most direct way is to search in Google, you can find a lot of shoe manufacturers, but the information on it must be verified.

Then should we buy shoes in bulk from China shoe manufacturers? My answer is “Of course”. We should buy shoes in bulk from the manufacturers in China. There are three reasons as follows:

Foremost, as is well known to us, products made in China are scattered around the world. And China has been the world’s largest shoe manufacturing base since the 1990s. If you want your store to be the next Nike or Adidas, you can rely on China’s shoe factories, as they are making premium quality shoes for the world’s biggest brands. Many of the world’s leading shoe brands, such as Nike and Adidas, make their shoes in Chinese factories and buy them in bulk at wholesale prices.

Secondly, it is a well-known fact that China’s labor force is relatively cheap, which makes the manufacturing cost of China’s wholesale products lower. In addition, everything from raw materials to machinery to manufacture shoes is made within China, which greatly reduces the wholesale price. The quality of shoes made in China depends on the buyer’s needs and budget.

Last but not the least, China shoe manufacturers have invested heavily in quality inspection of their goods. Their goal is to provide all partners with shoes that meet high-quality standards and offer them the best prices. In China’s shoe industry, there is a wide variety of quality, products, and materials, which makes it easier for you to buy shoes. Therefore, get your custom shoe manufactured from in Quanzhou shoe factory here.

What to Expect from China Shoe Manufacturers?

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China shoe factories mainly produce running shoes, rubber shoes, casual shoes, and textile shoes. From running shoes to casual shoes to hiking shoe manufacturers, China shoe industry is really huge and China shoe manufacturers are really versatile. Our XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY is mainly engaged in the production of private label shoes design, mainly including middle and high-end running shoes, sneakers, casual shoes, and hiking shoes.

According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China, from the perspective of exporting countries (and regions), the United States is the most important export market of China’s sports shoes, accounting for about 40% of China’s sports shoe exports. About 70% of the shoes sold in the United States are made in China. China Shoes Association has more than 500 member companies, including Wal-Mart, Nike, Crocs, Steven Madden, and others.

Therefore, there is no doubt about China shoe manufacturers making premium shoes. In fact, as long as you want to make shoes, there is nothing that cannot be made by China shoe manufacturers. Basically, there is no need to worry about it. Your assignment is what to consider about China shoe manufacturers and how to choose the best China shoe manufacturers?

What to Consider about China Shoe Manufacturers?

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1.Demonstration of knowledge and experience                                                

Want a factory that can answer all your questions and complete the whole process of making shoes? That requires that the shoe factory has enough knowledge and experience to meet your requirements. Can the shoe factory provide advice on the source of materials? For the shoe production process, it can meet customer requirements? Shoe manufacturers have rich knowledge and experience in order to better guide and help customers’ shoes to be loved and welcomed by the public.

2.Technical capabilities

The technical capabilities of China shoe manufacturers are uneven and it is critical to find shoe factories with their own research and development departments. Only in this way can we better serve you, make shoes and provide technical help. Learn about the shoes that the factory has put online and look for products that are very similar to yours. This will ensure that they understand your market and better help you succeed.


Whether it’s a shoe manufacturer or a manufacturer of other categories, its reputation is very important. It is the “business card ”that introduces itself. So we need to be clear about whether a shoe manufacturer’s factory works for big brands or retailers? Does it have any form of regulatory fines or violations? What is its labor policy and how high is the turnover rate? For each buyer, it is paramount to find a shoe manufacturer you can trust.

The picture is from NIKE Official Website

My advice is to find reliable shoe manufacturers that own its shoe factory where it can not only have the tools you need but also help you produce great products as a partner.

Often, factories can help you in many aspects, not just making and assembling parts. General-purpose factories are not as knowledgeable in the nuances of what makes a product. For these reasons, you should try to find shoe factories that produce shoes that are similar to yours.

You can find China shoe manufacturers here. Our XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY is specialized in producing private label designer shoes. We have rich knowledge and experience, advanced technology and a good reputation. Our factory has more than ten years of shoe-making experience and has its own shoe research and development room. The technical strength is ahead of many other similar shoe factories. It has cooperated with many well-known private label designer brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Dollar General, Kmart, and some other brands. We can offer buyers a lot of help besides making shoes.

How to Choose the Best China Shoe Manufacturers?

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It is imperative to choose the best China shoe factory when you are establishing your own shoe brand. Moreover, you need to find shoe manufacturers that are of high-quality from whom you can buy in bulk at a favourable price.

Here are the steps you need to follow to buy in bulk from shoe manufacturers:

1.Best Shoes to Buy Online

Whether you’re a wholesaler or a shoe brand owner, you need to know which shoes sell well. Women’ s fashion shoes and casual shoes are in great demand while men’ s sportswear, sports shoes and hiking shoes are in high price. According to the change of fashion trend, you need to know how many shoes you need to order and what kind of shoes niche you should create a monopoly so as to be a big seller of shoes.

If there are woman’s shoes, you can choose the most attractive shoes to make the customers “WANT TO BUY IT.”

China shoe manufacturers make mid-to-high quality shoes so the cost of buying in bulk from them varies accordingly. If you have your own brand, you can go to Top Shoes Factory to manufacture private label shoes.

2.Understand the Quality Control Issues

If shoe manufacturers know what you really need, you can make the buying process easier and get more profits. When it comes to the materials used in shoes, you need to make sure the shoes quality that you require is to your satisfaction. As a buyer, you should be clear that the quality defects found in shoes will make the buyer return them. When you choose China shoe manufacturers, they will help you accept or reject the shoes sample at the first time. Also, you can tell them in advance what the deficiency of shoes you can accept. The shoe manufacturers will help you to check whether the sample is qualified when it is finished, which will save a lot of trouble.

3.Look Up Online and Offline

You can search online platforms such as Google and social media for the best China shoe manufacturers who make private label shoes as well as online platforms such as Aliexpress, DHgate.com, Made in China and eBay. Offline, China shoe manufacturers can be found at trade fairs in China, the United States and around the world. Offline, Chinese shoe manufacturers can also be found at trade fairs in China, the United States and around the world. Once you’re sure what shoes you want to buy, you can look for wholesale shoe manufacturers, genuine shoe manufacturers, private label shoe manufacturers and custom shoe manufacturers. We at topshoesfactory deal with the private label shoes, mainly including running shoes, sneakers, casual shoes and hiking shoes.

4.Variety of Shoes Manufactured

The city of Quanzhou, China is the center to produce sports shoes, sneakers, casual shoes and hiking shoes. From sports shoe manufacturers, casual shoe manufacturers, hiking shoe manufacturers and other shoe manufacturers, you can find factories specializing in manufacturing the shoes you design here. Some factories only wholesale pre-designed shoes while the best factories can offer private label designer shoe manufacturing services.

5.Minimum Order Quantity and Other Inquiries

Usually, a shoemaking company in China has a high MOQ for setting up a shoe business is quite expensive. However, if you are building a new shoe brand or just starting a shoe business, you can choose a shoe factory with a lower minimum order quantity. However, if you are building a new brand of shoes or just starting a shoe business, you can choose shoe manufacturers that have a low MOQ. In general, the minimum order quantity of our Shoe Factory is 1500 pairs of sports shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes for a start (the order quantity will vary according to the specific style of shoes). If you are starting your new business, please contact us.

6.Production Capacity

Production capacity refers to the number of goods or services that a shoe factory can offer with existing resources. It generally refers to design capacity, effective capacity, and actual output. Design capability refers to the maximum output that can be achieved. Effective capacity is the maximum volume that can be produced under constraints such as quality requirements, machine maintenance, and scheduling issues. Actual output refers to the output actually achieved. It is usually lower than the effective output caused by a mechanical failure.

Insufficient capacity will lead to poor delivery performance, increased inventory of products, and frustration of manufacturing personnel. This may lead to lower customer satisfaction and lower profits. On the other hand, overcapacity will bring unnecessary cost burden to the shoe factory. Capacity planning contributes to the optimal utilization of resources. Generally, a good shoe factory produces about 2500 pairs of sports shoes a day and the quality of the shoe also needs to meet the inspection standard.

7.Punctual Delivery

Timely delivery of goods to the ideal location plays a vital role in providing a good competitive advantage for the shoes factory. Timely delivery can improve the customer satisfaction. Not only will they be happy to receive their goods in time, but also courteous express service will make the delivery process pleasant. Without the force majeure factor, if the factory fails to deliver the goods in time, it will not only face the problem of compensation, but more importantly, the credibility of the factory. Once the reputation is lost, the company’s future development is worrying. Therefore, we must choose the shoe factory with high production capacity and delivery punctuality. Doing that, the risk will be relatively small.

The modern buyers are not easy to please. In a strongly competitive market, it is very critical to provide high quality customer experience. High quality customer experience, in turn, depends on the production capacity and punctual delivery provided by the seller.

XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY has cooperated with plenty of private label brands and helped to develop shoes and make shoes. There has been seldom delay in delivery for ages, such as around the Spring Festival, the time of the factory is very tight and the delivery may be delayed. In this case, we will inform the customer half a month in advance, and discuss with the customer and put forward solutions so as to minimize the loss to the customer.     

There are 8 production lines in our factory and each production line produces about 2200-2500 pairs of sports shoes a  day. Our factory has been producing FILA shoes, so you can rest assured about the quality of shoes. Our minimum order quantity is 1500 pairs of sports shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes. If the order has thousands of pairs of shoes, our factory can definitely ship the goods on schedule. Timely delivery is always the aim of our factory. Believe me, you will get a lot of big surprises if you cooperate with us!

The picture is from NIKE Official Website


Apart from that, get in touch with the manufacturers to find out whether they produce products or only sell pre-designed products. Usually, reliable shoe manufacturers can provide the choice of customized shoes and can provide the production of private label shoes because they have their own factories. Typically, shoe wholesalers at Aliexpress pretend to be shoe manufacturers, which can be more expensive than dealing directly with shoe manufacturers.

Therefore, it is better to directly deal with the manufacturers. If you don’t know how to find China shoe manufacturers, you can browse this article on “how to find reliable shoe suppliers in China” to master multiple methods to look for them.

If you want to build a trustworthy brand, you must ensure the quality of raw materials made in shoes. If you are just a wholesale retailer selling shoes at reasonable prices, you can choose the quality of shoes on the basis of your affordability and profit ratio.

In a word, it is necessary to ask the shoe manufacturers about the cost, raw material quality, samples, designs, manufacturing time, etc. so that you can know how long it will take to establish your new business.

Pros and Cons of Bulk Buying of Shoes Online

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With the popularity of e-commerce, online shopping is very popular so directly from the manufacturers to buy shoes in bulk has become the option of many buyers. But only when you know the pros and cons of something can you make the best choice. Here are the pros and cons of buying shoes directly from the manufacturer in bulk:


* Time is flexible online.

* More measurable and track-able tools.

* Better money-flow.

* Cost-effective and affordable prices.

* High work efficiency.

* There are many different kinds of shoes and detailed shoe specification information online.

* The shoes styles can be updated quickly online.

* The quality and budget can be basically determined.

* Get customized and private label shoes making·


* Difficult to find the right shoe manufacturers.

* High MOQ may be more costlier.

* Quality control issues may occur.

* Customized and private label shoes making may be more expensive.

* Every pair of shoes made by shoe manufacturers must go through the proper inspection.

In short, I personally recommend buying shoes in bulk online directly from the manufacturers. Although there are a few problems, I believe these can be solved by some means.

Are You Looking for China Shoe Manufacturers?Work With Us!

XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in China, certified by the ISO9001 quality management system. It has produced a wide range of shoes. Our export department accepts international orders for shoes. At XIN DE SHENG shoe manufacturers, we have been dedicated to the design and production of shoes for ages. XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY is located in Jinjiang City–“the shoe capital of China”, with convenient transportation.

There has a perfect and mature management system of our factory. We have professional teams in charge of research and development, production, quality control, marketing, service and logistics. We have more than 1000 products to meet the needs of our customers and new shoes are updated every month on our website. Our main customers are from the United States and EU countries, such as Tommy Hilfiger, MMK, Target, 4F, La-Gear, Victor, Dollar General, Kmart, Lotto and other private label designer brands. 

We can provide you ODM&OEM customized shoes and private label shoes, such as sports shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, hiking shoes, LED light shoes, slippers, children’s shoes, leather shoes and so on. We have been engaged in the footwear industry for 20 years and have helped a great many private label brands to develop shoes and open outsole moulds. In general, the minimum order quantity of our Shoes Factory is 1500 pairs of sports shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes for a start. And the order quantity will vary based on the different styles of shoes. You can contact us to discuss the details.  

We are well acquainted with the compliance and quality requirements of the United States and the European Union. We can meet even the most stringent testing requirements in Germany and Turkey! FILA shoes from Japan, which have strictest requirements on the quality of shoes in the world, are produced in our factory. Trust us!The quality of shoes is also guaranteed in our factory. Facing the rapid change of the global manufacturing industry, we always take a positive attitude to the market and challenges!

The price of making shoes is a little higher than the medium because our factory is relatively big, with hundreds of employees so the management cost is high. Moreover, we have our own constant temperature and humidity laboratory, which is not available in many factories. 

We can test every pair of shoes instead of looking for a testing agency to test them. That is to say, we can ensure the quality of shoes and save a lot of trouble. Every shoe in our production line will be checked 100% by the full inspector and the third party testing institution, so basically you do not have to worry about the quality of shoes. We firmly believe: innovation to grasp the market, quality to win the trust.

If you want to build your own shoe brand, it’s better to partner with shoe manufacturers rather than wholesale from China traders. We provide custom shoes and private label shoes production service. Please remember to contact us if you have any need. We are a shoe manufacturer in China-XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY. Welcome to contact and cooperate with us!

Final Thoughts

The picture is from NIKE Official Website

There are hundreds of high-quality shoe manufacturers in China to be ready for customers from all over the world. Many shoe importers buy shoes from China manufacturers at affordable prices. 

For start-ups and bulk distributors of shoes, buying shoes online from the manufacturers is always the best choice. Even if you buy a lot of shoes for resale, it is essential to find reliable China shoe manufacturers. 

Contact us to get shoes manufactured in bulk and start your new business at lower costs. I firmly believe that when you receive the samples of your customized shoes or private label designer shoes, you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment.

In a nutshell, for more detailed information about China shoe manufacturers, you can visit our online shop for more information. If you have any questions, please leave a message to us! Thank you!

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