Casual Shoes manufacturer

Casual shoes are a kind of footwear, the main feature is a simple, comfortable design concept, to meet the needs of People’s Daily life. So, protection and functionality will continue to be the two main features that recreational casual shoes emphasize.

In terms of materials, casual shoes are also innovative, as well as leather, nylon fabrics, suede, anti-fur, will replace the previous single canvas surface. A good pair of classy loafers is important for a man and will give you points on many occasions.

Casual shoes are designed in a simple, comfortable way. When it comes to its outsole, it is very much flexible and it is made of premium wear-resistant rubber as well.

XINDESHENG is a factory manufacturers of wholesale casual shoes. We have strong design links, diverse and unique products, and does not take age as the basis of market segments. You can find causal shoes wholesale that come in different styles from XINDESHENG . If you want to custom casual male shoes, please contact us now!!!

What we can offer you…

Best design

We have professional Casual Shoes designers who design 200+ new shoe designs every month. We can design the best Casual Shoes for your brand.

Best Quality

We have rich experience in the manufacture, design and application of Casual Shoes, and served more than 1000+ customers from worldwide.

Competitive Price

We are located in the "Chinese Shoe Capital" and have lower cost raw materials, with the same quality, our prices are more competitive.

Testing Service

Our Casual Shoes have undergone multi-level quality control, as well as more detailed shoe testing.

Have A Special Requirement?

Generally speaking, Casual Shoes will have a unique design, if you have a well-designed product, or you need us to design it.
We also provide customized services. We also accept OEM/ODM.
We can print your logo or brand name on shoes and outer packaging boxes.
In order to get an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Please tell us the requirements for Casual Shoes; size; approximate design style and material requirements; if you have your own designed style, you can also send us the drawing.


We have a minimum requirement for the quantity, the minimum is 200 pairs; we can provide you with samples and send them to you for testing or provide our testing videos. We are very confident in the products we produce.


Tell us your Casual Shoes usage information. For example temperature; whether it often rains or snows in the local area, and whether it needs wear-resistant materials; we can provide you with the best choice, and our designers can give you more suggestions within your budget.

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