How to Find Reliable Shoes Suppliers in China ?

Are you a seller who are struggling to buy shoes in large? Are you thinking about how to buy shoes from China, but have doubts? Are you knowing where to find China shoes suppliers? Are you anxious to find reliable shoes suppliers in China ?

Don’t worry, you can find the answers here. Today, I’m gonna to share you with how to find reliable shoes suppliers in China. After reading, you will know why and how to buy shoes from China suppliers.

Ready to get started ? Let’ s dive in!

sports shoes
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1. Why should you find shoes suppliers in China ?

Our finished shoe exhibition
Our finished shoe exhibition

According to statistics of Annual Report of the World Shoe Industry, a total of 24.3 billion pairs of shoes were made in the world in 2019, which created a record high. Most of the world’s shoes suppliers are highly concentrated in Asia, which provide about 90% shoes of the world, with almost 9 out of every 10 pairs of shoes supplied by Asia.

Therefore, it proves to be ridiculously lucrative of shoes suppliers in China. Although the epidemic has occurred again in some parts of China, it has little impact on the China’s economy.

With the strong policies of the Chinese government and the self-discipline of the Chinese people, China should be one of the safest major countries in the world, and it is developing steadily in all aspects.

There are three reasons why you find shoes suppliers in China.

Provide more choices to choose shoes suppliers in China

Every year, thousands of China shoes suppliers participate in the Shanghai International Shoe Expo.

There are a variety of shoes: men’ s shoes, women’ s shoes, children’s shoes, sports shoes, snow shoes, sandals, casual shoes, slippers, sporting goods, fashion shoes, indoor shoes, labor protection shoes, dance shoes, warm shoes, boots, beach shoes, cloth shoes, craft shoes, shoe materials, special function shoes, etc.

You can almost find shoes suppliers in China for any shoe you want to make. And the prices are generally lower than shoes of the same quality in other countries.

After considering the supply capacity, corporate reputation, quality assurance and compensation policy of shoes suppliers in China, you can choose several China shoes suppliers and make comparisons so as to ensure that it is really suitable for their deeds to select these shoes suppliers in China.

Best value for money

China shoes suppliers are the best choice in view of the cost of raw materials, packing cost, quality of shoes, delivery time, payment time, factory environment and response speed, after-sales service and other factors.

Especially in the part of raw material cost, shoes suppliers in China can provide the best price for the shoes than other countries.

It is the main factor in the selection of shoes suppliers in China but not the most important factor. Overall, the quality, reliability and related costs are equally important when you are choosing shoes suppliers in China.

Choosing China shoes suppliers can achieve the best cost performance and achieve the highest benefits for both sides.

Middle and high-end labor force

China has the advantage of mid-end labor cost.

Although China has not a very cheap labor market, the quality of its workers has improved a lot, and the middle and high-end labor force has a very obvious advantage.

At this stage, China itself can integrate the relatively cheap middle and high-end labor force and reduce the R&D cost and marketing cost.

For buyers, choosing China shoes suppliers is to save more and earn more.

If you want to do middle and high grade shoes, then choosing shoes suppliers in China is the best choice.

Technical strength

Technology is also an important consideration when you are choosing shoes suppliers in China.

China is the only country in the world that owns the whole industrial chain, and has the qualification to compete for the commanding heights of the next generation of new technologies.

For China shoes suppliers, the strength of science and technology plays a crucial step in the development and research of new shoes. If shoes suppliers in China can update their product technology,develop new technology and apply it well, both sides will benefit from it.

Of course, as reliable and high quality shoes suppliers in China, we should consider more when we carry out factory automation. We can’t completely replace employees with machines. And avoid price wars as much as possible.

Finally, focus should be given to those shoes suppliers in China who are willing and able to respond to changes in demand and accept changes in design.

How to find reliable shoes suppliers in China?

Now that you know why to find shoes suppliers in China, the next step is how to find reliable shoes supplier in China?

If the number of shoes you want to order is small, it is recommended to buy from the shoe wholesalers.

If you are looking to make custom shoes or private label shoes, it is recommended that you find China shoes manufacturers.

Therefore, make sure you’re looking for shoes wholesalers or shoes manufacturers.

If the quantity of buying shoes is large, it is better to find China shoes manufacturers and go to the shoes factory for on-site investigation so as to better know about the comprehensive strength of it and better know whether it can meet your expectations and requirements, which can promote the healthy cooperation each other in the future.

So, where to find China shoes suppliers? And what are the effective ways to find more China shoes suppliers? This part has 6 ways to find shoes suppliers in China:


Google is to integrate global information and make itself universally accessible and beneficial to everyone.

Google was first recognized as the world’s largest search engine, with millions of users around the world.

Google is a powerful and easy-to-use search website.

It not only provides simple and easy-to-use free services, but also users can instantly return relevant search results. Additionally, it also provides the most abundant advanced search functions.

When you visit the Google home page, you can find information in multiple languages, view news headlines, search for more than a billion images, and scan the world’s largest archive of Usenet messages.

It provides more than a billion posts, dating back to 1981.

Basically whenever everyone is willing to find information, the first is to use the Google search engine.

Google is the fastest way to find China shoes suppliers through searching “shoes suppliers in China”, there have hundreds of thousands of results for your reference.

You can choose reliable China shoes suppliers from them. In my opinion, among the six ways, it is the most recommended ways to find shoes suppliers in China.

Of course, you need verify all the information found on the Internet.

After introducing the six methods to find shoes suppliers in China, there will have four ways to verify China shoes suppliers.

Top 10 websites of China shoes suppliers

·Global Sources













. eBay


·Asian Products


·DIY Trade


There are links under each of these websites and if you’re interested in them, you can click in and have a look.

However, there are many China shoes suppliers of the websites, please pay attention to screening when communicating.

Attend trade shows/trade fairs 

A company may have many customers in a certain region or country, and it is bound to be relatively lax. Each visit is not only expensive, but also low efficiency.

But the trade shows can gather all the shoes dealers and shoes suppliers and shoes customers, you can negotiate with them face to face, which can improve the efficiency of visit and negotiation.

Trade shows can help you to meet and interact physically with potential shoes suppliers in China.
With this, it is much easier for you to find out their company values, shoes products, production capacity, and shoes quality control procedures.

There are five most popular trades shows in China, namely, the Canton Fair, Global Sources Trade Show, East China Fair and Shanghai International Shoe Expo.

All shoes suppliers in China will basically be present at these shows, if you are interested in shoes, welcome to China for a visit!

Visit China wholesale market

There is an effective way to find shoes suppliers in China by visiting the wholesale markets. If you have enough time and money, you can go to have a look at the wholesale markets.

You can communicate with many China shoes suppliers here to find out their specific conditions.
You can choose the suitable shoes suppliers in China first and have their contact information for later communication.

In this regard, I will mainly introduce the four major wholesale markets in China: Jinjiang wholesaler market, Yiwu wholesale market, Guangzhou wholesale market and Shenzhen wholesale market.

These wholesale markets have main shoes suppliers in China. Those who are interested in shoes can come here to find China shoes suppliers.

Hire a China sourcing agent

You can find some sourcing companies at trade shows or trade fairs, which can save a lot of time and improve efficiency.

But some sourcing companies may cooperate with certain China shoes suppliers to make profits by promoting them and you may not be able to find the ideal shoes suppliers in China you have been looking for.

Although it is a good way to hire a sourcing agent, the quality of the sourcing agent’s service can not be guaranteed.

So you must be very clearly know about the agent you will cooperate with. Here, I will recommend three reputable sourcing agents in China, respectively 80/20 Sourcing, Import and Easy Imex. 


If you have Chinese friends who know about shoes, ask them for help in finding reliable shoes suppliers in China.

Or ask for the peers, generally these China shoes suppliers they provide are reliable. 

Through the portal websites recommended by friends or relevant professionals, you should test the networks rankings, evaluate the strength and scale of these China shoes suppliers, and finally select the right China shoes suppliers.

How to verify China shoes suppliers ?

If you are determined to start cooperation with China shoes suppliers, you should to verify them before it. There are some methods provided for you to find the reliable shoes suppliers in China.

Check by network

Generally speaking, shoes suppliers in China have their own websites. There are a lot of shoes on the websites that can be browsed.

There are also detailed introductions about themselves on the websites. There has their own contact information.

You can search these China shoes suppliers you are satisfied with on Google. Of course, you can also ask for website links from that China shoes suppliers.

You can click in and know more about them. Take the shoes supplier– XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY as an example, put it on Google and appear the following page.

And then click on this link, the following page you can see is the home page of XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY.

The private label shoes includes running shoes, sneaker shoes, casual shoes and hiking shoes. There are many shoes on it. You can look through the website carefully when you search in.

The Shoes Factory provides OEM and ODM services. If you are interested in shoes or want to make your designing shoes, you can click in “ contact us”. Here are the contact information in the following page.

You can contact those China shoes suppliers who you are satisfied with to send you the business license and relevant certificates that you would like to let them offer.

And they should also ask you to offer the same certificates so as to facilitate mutual screening and ensure the authenticity of cooperation.

In a word, the network is a very simple method to verify the shoes suppliers in China.

Further communication with target China shoes suppliers

Generally speaking, it is necessary to contact by phone and talk about the specific situations of the China shoes suppliers.

Business persons won’t hide its own advantages! If you ask them some information and they falter, or say some empty words, I guess there have problems!

You can test their attitude through further communication with the target China shoes suppliers.

When you are communicating with them, some problems will appear. And then you can narrow down the China shoes suppliers list.

Order shoes samples from China shoes suppliers

By ordering a few shoes samples, you can in person experience the delivery time, packaging quality and product quality of China shoes suppliers you are interested in cooperating with.

No matter the importer or the exporter, the quality of shoes is the first priority. If you feel like having a good comprehensive evaluation of China shoes suppliers you are very satisfied with , it is best to order 3-4 samples of different shoes types.

If you feel like importing shoes, you can choose sports shoes, casual shoes and hiking shoes from China shoes suppliers.

Of course, or you can also choose 3-4 different functions from one kind of shoes, such as sports shoes.

In this way, you can better know about the strength of that China shoes suppliers and better comprehensively evaluate them.

If you have the abundance of capital, you had better go to the factory to inspect the required shoes samples, assess China shoes supplier’s qualification, and finally choose right China shoes suppliers.

Products offered by shoes suppliers in China

Generally speaking, the products of specialized shoes factories are relatively simple and some are less but more refined.

For example, a shoes factory is nothing more than different kinds of shoes. It would not be said that both shoes and clothes or other products are offered by the same China shoes suppliers.

That can be seen basically from China shoes suppliers’ website or catalogue whether they are professional. Need more think about them!

The professional China shoes suppliers are generally proficient in shoes industry. They can provide you with some valuable experience or advice if you’re just starting out in the shoe business. You can benefit a lot from the cooperation with the shoes suppliers in China.

In a word, it is generally clear whether they are specialized in shoes from the products provided by shoes suppliers in China.

On-site investigation to shoes factory

If the buyer needs a large number of shoes, my suggestion is to visit the factory of the China shoes suppliers directly.

On-site investigation is still the most convincing way of verification.

We should pay close attention to the shoes factory’s product design and development department and production management department: investigate whether it has the ability to research and develop products and whether to meet your requirements about the production process management and production capacity.

And you can clearly know the factory inspection standards, quality control and management standards.

In addition, you can also see the production process of shoes on the assembly line and know how your shoes are made step by step.

And you can look at the warehouse environment, storage space and other relevant information.
All in all, I think, it is very necessary for the buyers who order a lot of shoes to investigate the factory on site.

How to negotiate with China shoes suppliers?

It is an absolute “conversation art” when you negotiate with China shoes suppliers.

When you find reliable shoes suppliers in China, your ultimate goal should be to establish good and stable long-term relationships with them.

You can choose partners with different project requirements according to the characteristics of each shoes supplier so as to avoid the company’s risks and achieve greater benefits.

Remember that every negotiation is about finding the right balance between you and China shoes suppliers.

If you can convince them that you are reliable and that you have the potential to be a long-term partner, you’ll get the best price.

Below are some tips when you are willing to negotiate with your shoes suppliers in China. Good luck to you!

Market research and preparation for negotiation

The market research is to collect true and effective information to serve for enterprise activities and strategies, and to provide reference for management departments.

Market research can help you get a rough idea of how much the product costs and help to determine a basic price of product so that you don’t get fooled when negotiating with China shoes suppliers.

You must know about the product specifications and customization options and have a clear idea of the cost of the products and know how much your price bottom line in.

Only when you are well prepared before the negotiation can you be more advantageous in the negotiation.

“Shop around”

“Shop around” means that when you can find a lot of shoes suppliers in China, you should compare their product prices and find out how much China shoes suppliers can offer.

By comparing the prices with your previous budget, you can determine whether the prices proposed by shoes suppliers in China are appropriate and in line with your estimated prices.

That’s fine if the price difference between you and China shoes suppliers is not too big; then you had better make comprehensive evaluations before making any decision. And you can exclude the offers are too high or too low.

It’s no doubt that you can find whatever low price in China. But too low price always means poor quality or bad service.

If you work with that kind of suppliers, then it’s obviously that you will lose money and time as a result.

Choose the right China shoes suppliers from the rest. Don’t think that there has high quality shoes with very low price! Believe that you can get what you pay for!

Let China shoes suppliers make a profit

Remember that negotiating the product price with China shoes suppliers must be taken place at the right time.

When your business is booming, you need to order more products to satisfy your customers. That may be a good time to negotiate.

If you just want to get the best price and forget that your shoes suppliers in China also need to earn money, I’m not suggesting negotiations with them. It is necessary to make China shoes suppliers profitable.

If you are unwilling to make them earn money, you cannot find any reliable shoes suppliers in China so they must be allowed to make a certain profit.

Consequently, the shoes suppliers in China make enough profit to maintain their businesses and pay their stakeholders and employees.

In that case, the shoes suppliers in China will be happy and would like to do more businesses with you.

It is more convenient to discuss such issues as discount and it would be easier to succeed.

Email template for China shoes suppliers

The language barrier is likely to hinder the communication between you and China shoes suppliers because their spoken English isn’t very smooth, so there may be some misunderstanding and inconvenience in the communication.

The easiest solution is to use email templates so that the corresponding shoes suppliers in China can communicate directly via email with the help of translation software.

Of course, many China shoes suppliers like to communicate with you directly because it can improve their oral English.

At this time, you just need to be patient with them. If you know Chinese, it will be more convenient to communicate. If you’re sending emails to shoes suppliers in China, keep these template requirements in mind.

Use simple, clear language when contacting them.

When you need to send a long message, try to minimize the number of questions, and then separate your paragraphs so that your shoes suppliers in China can clearly identify the problems.

Here’ s an example of an email I might send:

“Dear [name],

My name is Smith Sophie. I am the product manager of XXX company.

I am very interested in your XXX shoes. I just have a few questions:

How much would it cost to order 500 pairs of XXX shoes?

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

How many could you produce in one week?

Thanks for your time,

Smith Sophie

Product Manager

XXX Company”

Top 5 reliable China shoes suppliers

Last but not least, I’m going to pick out 5 reliable shoes suppliers in China from numerous supplier directories! 

Your safety is guaranteed in that these China shoes suppliers are trustworthy and reliable.



XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY is one of the leading shoes suppliers in China, specializing in medium and high-grade shoes and mainly producing in running shoes, sneakers shoes, casual shoes, and hiking shoes.

It has an export department to deal with international orders. The SHOES FACTORY is located in Jinjiang city-“the shoe capital of China”.

There has month 200 new shoes designs on the platform. And it can offer you ODM&OEM customized shoes.

xin de sheng shoe factory production workshop

Standing out from many shoes suppliers in China, the SHOES FACTORY has greatly advanced technology and supply chain that can help the world’s leading shoes brands make outstanding shoes!

There are 8 production lines and 1000 workers with annual production 4,000,000 pairs shoes.

Its major customers are from the United States and EU countries, such as Tommy Hilfiger, MMK, TARGET, Le Coq Sportif, DEMIX, Wenger, La-Gear, VICTOR, 4F, Dollar General, Kmart, Lotto and other private designer brands.

We have the show room as the following picture shows:

xindesheng show room

Our factory has the shoes testing lab as the following picture shows:

xin de sheng factory shoes testing lab

It costs over 2,000,000RMB for constant temperature and humidity laboratory!!!

We can carry out different shoes tests and check the performance of each finished product.

In order to provide our customers with the best quality products, our shoe factory offers the following shoe tests: weathering test, bending test, tensile test, aging resistance test, water repellency test, rubbing fastness test and chemical test.

Our shoes must pass all these tests before they can be declared suitable for delivery to our valued customers. Don’t worry about the quality of shoes!

shoe tests



Standing out from many shoes suppliers in China, the group is now a global leader in the supply of athletic shoes, casual shoes and outdoor shoes, with a diverse portfolio of branded customers and production bases.

It operates one of the largest integrated sporting goods retail networks in China and provides sports event management and sports-related services.

As one of the largest shoes suppliers in China, now it has 182 production lines, nearly 160,000 employees, providing shoes for world-renowned brands, like, NIKE, ADIDAS, REEBOK and other brands.

The Shoes has three industrial zones in Gaobu Town with convenient transportation, beautiful environment, perfect rules and regulations, excellent employee benefits and welfare facilities.


Website :

As one of the most reliable shoes suppliers in China, the Shoes is a Sino-foreign joint venture specializing in the supply of NIKE sports shoes.

It has about 4500 employees. Six processing lines, monthly production of 400,000 pairs of sports shoes or so, annual output value of nearly 100 million dollars. The products are sold all over the world.

The businesses include the production of all kinds of footwear, semi-finished footwear and footwear accessories; the production of various sports clothing, hats, socks, bags and bags; the production of various sports protection products and auxiliary products; shoe material processing; import and export of goods and technology (excluding import distribution).



Taiwan Baocheng Shoes is one of the largest global brand sports shoes and casual shoes suppliers in China, like Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance,Timberland and Salomon.

It can also offer the services for other international brand designs. It can supply more than 300 million pairs of shoes every year, accounting for about 20% of the global athletic shoes and casual shoes market.

The Shoes is the production base of Nike’s high-end products. Especially in the late 1990s, due to the particularity of foam materials, Baocheng shoes became one of the only two production bases of this series of shoes in the world.



The Shoes is one of the excellent shoes suppliers in China, located in Panyu city, Guangdong Province.

In the past, the Shoes mostly has produced Nike’s sandals, slippers and outdoor leather boots.

In recent years, it has also produced Nike’s Retro series. Many classic Delta FORCE and DUNK SB shoes are produced here.

The Shoes adopts a diversified product strategy, including fashion casual shoes, outdoor shoes, hiking shoes, snow boots, skateboard shoes, water sports shoes, sports shoes, sports sandals, golf shoes, baseball shoes, work shoes, and so on.

At present, the Shoes has a number of excellent customers for original equipment manufacturing, such as Nike, L.L.Bean, Bite, ELLESSE, ELLE, LANDS’ END, 5.11, Dick’s Sports, and more.

Okay, now this article is finished.

Can it help you look for reliable shoes suppliers in China? I hope the article can be helpful to those people who have finished reading it. If you have any questions, please leave us a message!

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