Environmental Protection And Sustainable Development Trend Of Sports Shoe Material Report In 2021

From the point of view of the development of sports shoes in the last two years, we can see that sports brands are gradually strengthening the development trends of environmental protection and sustainable development. Environmental protection and sustainable development of footwear are shifting from concept to concept. This is mainly reflected in the following four points.

  • The value of recycled and recyclable materials such as TPUs and recycled PET is increasing.
  • Cases of recycling and landing of used shoes;
  • Import of new materials, such as biological materials, biological materials, etc .;
  • Resolutely develop new environmental processes, such as supercritical foaming.

The cost of recyclable materials and recyclables, such as TPUs and recycled PETs, is increasing.

Here the content is divided into two parts, one is duplicate material, and the other is the same material.

Recycled materials, as the name implies, are post-consumer processing. For example, PET plastic in PET bottles is recycled, washed, ground, and melted, and then turned into PET yarn for flying shoe covers. Adidas, Nike, Puma, 361, Jordan, and other sports brands can find demand cases in footwear.

Adidas Supernova running shoes: Up to 75% of the upper material is made of PRIME GREEN yarn recycled from recycled plastic

The ADIDAS 4DFWD running shoe series is equipped with a new PRIMEKNIT upper made of recycled polyester.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater: The upper is made of recycled TPU, recycled PU synthetic leather, plus recycled Nike Grind rubber outsole

Nike Waffle Racer Crater: The upper is made of recycled polyester fiber

PUMA x First Mile: The upper is recycled PET yarn

Jordan Infinite series are all recycled PET yarn uppers.

Reusable materials are mainly thermoplastic elastomers, such as standard TPU, PEBA (nylon elastomer), a standard for high-quality footwear, and TPEE. Thermoplastic elastomers can be used as a foam between shoes by removing foam, as well as shoes and footwear. Finally, a single material is used to form the whole shoe, quickly melted and recycled. At the moment, it is primarily based on the concept of shoes. , For example, Adidas and Peak are compatible footwear.

100% recyclable running shoes – Adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP

100% TPU 3D printed shoes: Peak The Next

We are seeing now that 100% of TPU shoes are all shoes, and according to the shoe industry news, some companies are developing PEBA to make the whole shoe, so in the future, there may be several single elastomeric thermoplastic shoes be.

Old shoe recycling and landing case

Although the shoes are small, they contain a lot of material, and many of them are not recyclable, such as EVA midsoles and rubber boots. Therefore, sports brands, in addition to working on sports shoe items, also use old shoes in building routes, playgrounds, and new consumer goods.

The Nike “Concentric Shoe Force” basketball court of Biyun Primary School in Wuhan City: The old Nike shoes are disassembled and reprocessed to make rubber pellets for laying the court.

Li Ning and Vibram teamed up to create an entirely hand-stitched eco-friendly bag: the body fabric is the leftover material from the production of the Weiwu BOOT Earth Day special edition white shoes, decorated with white VPU environmentally-friendly rubber, and the partially used VIBRAM LUXURY RUBBER is also developed by Vibram New foam rubber.

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