2022 Hidden Decoration Of Shoes

As daily wear, autumn and winter shoes should not have too many exaggerated decorations, and the colors should not be bright. Adding a sense of design and restrained decorative effect to the simple panel is the core of the 21/22 autumn and winter women’s shoe design. “Hidden decoration” came into being. The low-key design that is decorative and not overly individual will become autumn and winter’s main force.

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1. stitching

Stitching is an indispensable craft in the shoemaking process. Different stitching methods and different stitch thicknesses can directly affect the style and texture of a shoe. The car line is a vital link that reflects the quality of shoemaking craftsmanship, and it is also the most basic link. The well-made car line can be one of the decorative elements of the shoe.

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Lines of different thicknesses can be selected and designed according to the style of the shoes. The color can also be changeable, and the color line or the color jump line have their characteristics. The basic car grid pattern and the variant car line lines can be formed into different shapes, and different effects will be produced according to the thickness of the leather. The addition of soft cotton filler can highlight the decorativeness of the car line.

2. split line

Remove the gorgeous and prominent decorations, and return to the simple and basic panels of the shoes. Adding decorations to the plane has become a key design idea for autumn and winter design. A simple dividing line has become highly conspicuous on plain shoes. To be both exquisite and beautiful, it will test the designer and the shoemaking process.

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The graceful and simple arc, appearing in the proper position, can add fashion to the shoes and femininity. The variability of the side structural lines of Chelsea shoes also brings fresh blood into the classic style. Simple short boots add dividing lines in unexpected positions and fill in different colors, just like the same modern art painting with artistic flavor.

3. Piping/Welting

The effect category of the piping/welting process belongs to a particular form of the dividing line, which plays the role of dividing and has a decorative effect itself. This design also has high requirements on the process, and different materials also affect the difficulty of the actual operation of the hemming.

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In the decorative effect, if you want to make the piping/welt more decorative, you can choose a material that is different from the upper material or the recommended color of the shoes for design, which can highlight the sense of design differently widths also affect Decorative effect.

4. Shoe line

The change in the shape of the shoe mouth has extraordinary significance for the style positioning of plain shoes. The curvature and twists of the lines also require incredibly high craftsmanship, requiring exquisite car-fitting techniques to match. The changes in the line of the shoe mouth add a sense of art and design novelty to the shoes.

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The curve represents the dynamic in the line. Adding a dynamic line to the shoe’s mouth can add an agile effect to the mouth of the shoe. The slight curve represents playfulness and cuteness, while the extensive wavy line is more fashionable. The long-line curve adds a sense of design to the shoes and plays a role in accommodating the feet.

5. Tonal decoration

The colors of autumn and winter shoes are not too rich, and it is not suitable to have multiple colors in an identical shoe. The smooth color design has also become a central concept for autumn and winter. The accessories or silhouettes are hidden in the same color system, which has personality and is not overly assertive. It combines restraint and boldness in one shoe.

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The upper decoration of the autumn and winter shoes will not be too exaggerated and three-dimensional, but there will be many changes in the heel shape. The shape of the heel affects the style and temperament of the shoe to a certain extent. Excessive decoration or exaggeration will make the shoe only be viewed from a distance. At the same time, the smooth design dramatically reduces the over-exaggeration of the profiled heel and incorporates the profiled heel. When it comes to shoes, they are distinctive and easy to wear. The same can be done with smooth shoe buckles or decorations.

6. Special material texture

In addition to concealed decoration design in line and shape, there can also be a choice of concealed decoration in the selection of fabrics. The different texture patterns of the leather are the natural decoration of the leather. The concave and convex patterns directly become shoe decorations.

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The currently popular stone pattern and crocodile pattern are the most commonly used texture patterns of leather. The uneven pattern of the woven material is also a favorite of designers, which has a sense of handwork and a more texture effect. The corduroy and Shandong silk in the fabric are all fabrics with their texture effect, which can have a concave-convex effect without post-processing. The uneven texture of knitted material has a specific effect on functionality and decoration.

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