How Much Do You Know About Basketball Shoes?

Do you know basketball? How much do you know about basketball shoes? Today, let me introduce the basketball shoes to you in detail.

Basketball and white basketball shoes

Basketball shoes are called SNEAKER, and they also incorporate SNEAKER fans into the word SNEAKER, giving SNEAKER a broader definition. Basketball is an intense sport, in order to cope with it, for a pair of basketball shoes, it needs to have a very good durability, support, stability, comfort and good shock absorption.

Basketball Shoes

white basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Basketball shoes can be divided into power type and speed type. There are also normal and professional versions according to their functionality. The soles of the normal version are at the level of texture, suitable for indoor basketball, and its price is moderate; And the professional version is on the original basis to add air cushion, anti-torsion function, playing a strengthening effect on the ankle, so its price is higher. Here are two types of players in detail.

1.Power Type 

The basketball shoes used by such players must have sufficient shock absorption and stability. The weight of the shoes will increase with the progress of technology and configuration. The typical LBJ series includes thick ankle protection, full-palm Air Max windowed air cushion, thick mesh support and shoe tongue. In addition, center forward shoes are also a typical standard style for power players.

2.Speed Type

This type of player is dominated by small forwards and defenders on the court. Because of the wide range of movement,  the shoes are first required to be light, and they also require a certain degree of ankle protection, shock absorption and balance.

The constant starting, stopping, jumping and moving left and right in basketball make you have to put the characteristics of the basketball shoes in the absolute first place. In addition, your personal style of playing is also an important factor, you can choose different types of basketball shoes you need according to these.


What is the function of basketball shoes? When it comes to this question, many people are at a loss. Simply, the function of basketball shoes is for playing basketball. Specifically, the function of basketball shoes is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Blue basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

1. Durability

Of all the basketball shoe functions, this is the most basic requirement. If a pair of basketball shoes are not durable, they are obviously not up to the requirements of the basketball players. In general, people who wear basketball shoes always hope that their athletic performance will be better, which has a great relationship with a pair of durable basketball shoes.

2. Ankle Protection

In fact, the most popular answer to the question about the benefits of basketball shoes is ankle protection. Regardless of whether it is a professional or a non-professional player, the ankle is the most vulnerable. And basketball shoes are designed to cover the ankle, which can have a certain protective effect.

3. Support

In the function of basketball shoes, it is essential to have good support. This is because when we jump and run in a pair of basketball shoes, our feet carry the weight of the whole body. If the support of the shoes is not good enough,it will affect the athlete’s performance. That means it is a failure of the basketball shoes.  

4. Stability

We require a pair of basketball shoes to be in relatively stable, especially after many times of friction with the ground. If the basketball shoes can be kept in good condition, it is obvious  that the shoes are of good standard. Only on the premise of stable performance, we can appreciate a pair of basketball shoes.


Basketball is a fierce sport. And it is also very fierce among the confrontation of players. Wearing a pair of professional basketball shoes, can better control the intensity in the emergency stop or rush. Therefore anti-torsion performance is also important for basketball shoes.

6. Cushioning

In playing basketball, it plays a dominant role of running and jumping. It is convenient to bounce and cushion with the use of materials and technology in basketball shoes. The most prominent function is the cushioning of the basketball shoe. Because of this function, athletes can gallop on the field, make wonderful shots one after another, and win honor for their team. Through the cushioning, athletes can tackle and pitch more freely and give full play to their strengths.


In basketball games, you can often hear the harsh sound of basketball shoes rubbing against the floor because the grip of basketball shoes has a great relationship with anti-slippery. Many basketball shoes will adopt the design with many lines combined  on the outsole, which can increase the wear-resistance and improve the grip.

In a word, a professional basketball shoe can not only help  the players to exert their maximum strength on the court, but also protect the feet so that the players do not get hurt. When we understand the above functions of basketball shoes, we will fall in love with the game of basketball even more.

Maintenance Knowledge

The maintenance purpose of basketball shoes has two: one is the maintenance of performance, the other is the maintenance of appearance. The maintenance method of performance basically depends on the correct preservation of pair of shoes, and the maintenance of appearance mainly lies in the scientific cleaning of pair of shoes, and sometimes both are an organic whole.

In terms of preservation methods, there are many kinds of raw materials for making basketball shoes. For example, the materials used in a pair of basketball shoes are likely to include leather, cloth, nylon, non-dragon, seamless rubber, etc., which leads to complicated production process and more places for glue sticks together. These materials can ensure the performance of a pair of shoes. To make sure that the above mentioned materials do not age, proper treatments are extremely needed. Therefore, the right ways of saving should be paid attention to the following points:

Red basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

First, the shoes should be kept in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight, because a humid environment will corrode the body of the shoe, and the sun will deteriorate and discolor part of the material of the shoe. But the place where you put your shoes should not be too dry, because it will lead to the cracks in the leather.

Purple basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Second, when storing shoes, soft paper balls should be stuffed inside the shoes. The main purpose of this is to absorb the residual moisture inside the shoes to keep the interior dry, and it is conducive to keep the shape of the shoes fixed, not to “collapse” after use.

Red and white basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Third, what needs to be especially mentioned is that for the storage of the collection type. It is a better way to buy some shrink film, like a shoe store, to completely wrap a pair of shoes, in order to maximize the isolation of the shoes from the air and prevent the inner air continuously oxidizes the shoes for a long period of time. For example, Nike’s visible air cushions such as the outsoles of Max Air or Jordan 11th and 16th will slowly turn yellow in a few years. It is a better choice to use shrink film to maintain the original color.

Cleaning Knowledge

There should be different methods for different materials. This article mainly talk about the upper and outsole of the basketball shoes.

The Upper

Black basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

The cleaning method of the upper depends on what is the main material of the upper.

The basic cleaning method is to moisten a rag with a little water, and then gently wipe on the upper, and pay attention to whether the stains on the upper are “hard injuries”. If there have “hard injuries”on the upper, like cracks, just skip them, because if you continue to wipe, they will become more dirty and even cracks will become larger.

If the upper is made of PU material or patent leather similar to Nike’s Foamposite or Adidas’s in the Kobe series, simply wipe it with a wet cloth, which is a relatively easy-to-clean material. such as the dark inner part of and1 taichi mid and the black upper of air Jordan 7. When cleaning, you must pay attention to the wetness of the rag. In terms of cleaning this kind of shoe uppers, using a cloth that is too wet will make the stains even worse.

And note that some parts are made of another kind of artificial leather similar to anti-fur material. For example, the black upper of the Air Jordan 7 should be paid attention to the wetness degree of the rag when cleaning. Generally, if the rag is too wet, the stains will become worse.

However, the above method does not work for cloth shoes, such as part of the nike air Garnett III upper. In addition, if possible, the shoelaces should be removed from the top of the shoes for a period of time and concentrated for cleaning,However, the above methods do not work for cloth shoes, such as some upper parts of Nike Air Garnett III. It can be said that there is basically no cleaning method for this kind of upper. In addition, if possible, they should be centralized cleaning for some time from the above with removing the laces from the shoe, which has a better finishing effect on the appearance of the shoes after cleaning.

As a reminder, there are partial place of many white shoes that will turn yellow after washing in that the washing powder or soap is not cleaned. In fact, white shoes are best when cleaned with toothpaste!

The Outsole

Black basketball shoes bottom

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

The outsole of the shoe and the part that side is the non-nylon material, can be sprayed with a little Collar Net. After more than ten seconds, use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub, but the scrubbing time should not be too long. You should use warm or cold water after scrubbing. Wash away the foam and minimize the time for chemicals to corrode the shoes. After cleaning, wipe the remaining water with a dry cloth immediately.

If the cleaned shoes have a visible air cushion, first wipe the water around the air cushion after the above procedure, so as not to cause some chemical changes in the glue that decomposes when exposed to water for a long time and cause the glue to open. If possible, use a toothpick to remove the pebbles that are caught in the shoe sole texture during walking, because clamping of foreign objects over a long period of time will deform the shoe sole texture, which will affect the braking performance of the shoe to a certain extent.

Important Notes

  • Washing times

The number of washes varies from season to season: such as, on average, one must wash every three ball games in a hot summer.

Make sure when cleaning: first take out the insole (shoes with laces should be pulled out for cleaning separately), use a shoe brush or old toothbrush to scrub the insole of the shoe, do not scrub hard, and the shoe body should be swabbed with soft cloth dampened with water. The sole should be cleaned with a shoe brush, and if there are debris such as gravel in the sole, it must be removed in a timely manner.

  • Air dry

After washing, remember not to put it under the scorching sun because direct sunlight will accelerate the aging and cracking of the material of the shoe, and discolor the body of the shoe.


While sneakers come in many awesome styles, none is more hyped about than the basketball shoe. This iconic footwear style has produced some legendary brands and incredible designs over the years, including Nike Air Force, Air Jordan, Adidas and plenty more. Beloved for their technical elements as much as their cool statement styles, these shoes are coveted and worn by players, fans, and fashion-savvy gents alike. So, whether you want to enhance your on-court performance or your street-wear style, investing in a pair of new basketball sneakers is always a good idea.

 If you want to buy basketball shoes, I just give you one tip: Don’t ball with low quality shoes. Some people say what’s on your feet doesn’t effect your play. I laugh at these people. Your shoes matter and anyone that’s played more than a day of basketball will agree with this. Having quality kicks isn’t just about confidence either. Your shoes effect your play. A good pair protects your ankles, helps you stop no a dime, and is supportive and comfortable. A bad pair is just the opposite. Here, I have rounded up my selection of the best basketball shoes for men to get your shopping.

1. NIKE KD13 

Black basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Price: $150  

User Rating: 4.7/5

Link Address:

Nike’s new KD13 boot for Kevin Durant inherits the streamlined body of the previous generation. The upper is made of four-axis FLYWIRE mesh similar to KD12, reinforced with leather and hot-melt materials to improve durability. The metallic shoelace head is exclusive to high-end shoes.

Black basketball shoes top

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Turning over the insole, you can directly see the ZOOM TURBO air cushion at the midsole. The grooves on the air cushion can better adapt to the movement of the feet and improve the overall performance. The full-length ZOOM TURBO air cushion makes wearers feel quite comfortable. The extra ZOOM AIR cushion on the forefoot make the cushioning rebound obviously and provides the responsiveness and optimal energy return to help you make big-time plays all game long.

A visible TPU support plate is added to the arch position to improve stability. The outsole uses XDR wear-resistant rubber, similar to the PG3/4 crater outer texture. And and the grip and wear-resistance are quite good.


Black mesh basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Price: $100  

User Rating: 5/5

Link Address:

This shoes provide a snug, secure fit around the ankle with a partial bootie construction and double-layered collar. This creates a contained, comfortable feel while moving fast on the court. The upper is made of mixed materials. A clashing mix of materials with angular designs are inspired by Russell Westbrook’s signature look. External plastic heel counter helps secure your foot. Layered, 3D mesh tongue is breathable and spongy-soft. Thick, overt stitching provides durability and support.

The Zoom Air cushioning unit under the the ball of the foot is springy and responsive to help you drive down the court. The rubber outsole is divided into 2 sections. A rigid piece in between each provides structure and support. This reduce the shoe’s overall weight and is perfect for players like Russ who are always on their toes and ready to fly. The herringbone traction is inspired by the AJ29—one of Russ’ favorite shoes. The grip performance is very good.


Black basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Price Range: $71.97 – $130

User Rating: 4.8/5

Link Address:

 The main feature of this shoe is sensitive rebound. The vamp is made of light fabric, providing a breathable and dry experience for both feet. Designed for Kyrie Irving’s creative and unpredictable game, the Kyrie 6 focuses on comfort, control and energy return to help him go fast and stay fresh. In the middle and bottom position, the forefoot Zoom Turbo is still used, which has excellent rebound and cushioning performance. The foam material of the heel fits the forefoot well. It is soft but full of support, which helps to shape the sensitive response and create a smooth heel-to-toe transition that improves the overall sense of the foot.  The midfoot strap and plush, padded collar lock the players in and help keep them a step ahead of the competition.

4. NIKE KD Trey 5 VIII

White basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Price : $90

User Rating: 4.8/5

Link Address:

Kevin Durant goes all out every play and needs his shoes to keep up. This simplified Version of the Durant boot follows in the footsteps of the previous generation with full Rwnew cushioning technology. Rwnew aims at the mid-end shoe market. It is made of cushioned foam. The feeling of wearing is similar to Cloudfoam. It has strong softness while taking into account resilience.

The vamp of KD Trey 5 VIII is made of soft fabric, which is light in texture and conducive to frequent movement in sports. The upper has been raised from the previous generation and has been stabilized around the ankle to prevent sprained ankles. The outsole adopts multi-directional traction for control, which can be easily done both in and out of the field.


Black basketball shoes

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $91

User Rating: 4.5/5

Link Address:

    This sole of the shoe uses the sticky rubber with generative tractionand the split herringbone design. Its tongue has the Derrick Rose exclusive shoe logo. Bounce midsole and excellent cushioning performance. Leather upper with midfoot lockdown band. It can make you have a stable and locked-down feeling.

This sneaker demonstrates Rose’s unique style, able to easily break through the defense to score inside. This shoe is suitable for defenders or front players who have a large number of breakthroughs. And they can better display their breakthrough strength. It can better break through the start speed and grip. This shoe is suitable for indoor use. Try not to go to the concrete floor outdoors because it will be worn quickly.


Fashion new basketball shoes

Link Address:


Upper Material:emgineered mesh+micro fiber

Sole material:EVA foam+rubber outsole

Gender style:men

Color Classification:black

Suitable age:adult

Applicable scene:road/street


Item No.:2471

This shoe is very comfortable and has good shock absorption. The upper material are from NIKE & ADIDAS. NIKE & ADIDAS flyknit material, engineered mesh, recycle polyester make the shoes upper light weight and increase air flow. And fly wire technology make the upper more stable and keep balance. It is a pair of basketball shoe with very good performances.


Yellow basketball shoes

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $100

User Rating: 4.5/5

Link Address:

The translucent and glow-in-the-dark outsole presents a “radioactive” silhouette that almost blinking when it senses an imminent threat on the court. The upper part of a mesh is lightweight, fast and easy to move. Rubber outsole for durability and superior traction. The design of the tether system enhances the safety. Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility.


A black basketball shoes

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $91

User Rating: 4.5/5

Link Address:

The basketball shoe is built to create separation like the MVP. Designed for a locked-in feel, they feature enhanced mid-foot support and super-light cushioning with traction for explosive movement at fearless speed. Rubber outsole with generative traction inspired by and tailored to James Harden’s movements, providing the grip you need to start and stop on a dime. Super-light cushioning for explosive and dynamic speed.


Red basketball shoes

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $150

User Rating: 4.6/5

Link Address:

It’s about love and inclusiveness on the court. These Strapless Adidas basketball shoes are designed for glory. Ultralight midsole gives you long-term comfort and precise control of the game. Rubber outsoles provide great grip. Shock absorbing basketball shoes feature with slip in construction and seamless Adidas plain knitted fabric that are comfortable, suitable for light impact and shock absorption.


Black basketball shoes

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $180

User Rating: 5/5

Link Address:

The Air Zoom BB NXT is built to help athletes feel fresh and focus on their skills rather than their feet. A combination of lightweight, three-layer stacked cushioning (insole plus two layers of foam) and two zoom units located on the outside and inside of the forefoot provides response in multiple directions.

Browse Basketball Shoes


Basketball shoes can be worn as a lifestyle option. Finding the right basketball shoe can make a big impact on your performance, believe it or not. Basketball shoes are designed with performance, comfort and fashion in mind. There are probably more shoe options than ever right now, and the seemingly endless amount of choices can be overwhelming.

Orange basketball shoes

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

When choosing a new pair of basketball shoes, you not only should consider how they’re made, but also how they look. You will consider basketball shoes that not only need the function well but also to have attractive looks. All these requirements can be met here, helping you find your best basketball shoe easily!

If you find shoes that interest and satisfy you, please contact us by Email: or by telephone: (86) 0592 2685659. Thank you for your cooperation!!!

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