How To Prepare For Developing Shoes

Shoes are an essential fashion statement. If you would like to custom shoes and have ideas for shoe design, why not develop your setup’s shoes? Few things look as fun as a unique experience of shoe development, and once you get the hang of it developing them can become very interesting.

There are no words to describe the sense of accomplishment from finding a China shoe factory to help you make the shoes you design. If the boots designed could be sold in the market and win the public’s love, how great the sense of achievement is!

Do you want to have those experiences? Get ready to read this article to help you prepare for shoe development.

Blue private label sports shoes design

Here’s what you need to know to prepare for developing shoes.

Look for shoe designers

Green private label sports shoes design

There are two modes to develop shoes: finding the designers to develop, and the other is to find the shoe factory to develop. The second model is relatively simple. You can search the words: “Top shoes factory or China shoe factory” by Google, and you’ll get a lot of shoe factories. You can find the shoes you are interested in or the styles similar to the shoes you designed in the online store. This is an excellent way to find shoes that match your needs, and then you can contact them for shoe development through the contact information left on the website. 

Indeed, website information needs to be carefully screened and screened. Thanks to those interested, you can read this article, which has detailed screening methods. I won’t go into details here. This section focuses on the first mode. For the first mode, it’s a bit more complicated.

When you have an idea for a shoe design, you can draw it by hand and gradually improve it. After clearly considering every detail of shoes, my advice is to find a professional shoe designer who will help you develop shoes better. I recommend you to go to social media to look for professional shoe designers, such as, Facebook, and so on. It’s better to go to linked in to find shoe designers. There are more high-quality shoe designers there.

Before you talk to a designer, you need to figure out whether you’re making middle and high-end shoes or low-end shoes so that he can help you roughly as much as you expect. In other words, think about the positioning of shoes that you intend to develop.

When talking to the shoe designer, you should tell the designer about your idea of shoe design. Then it would be best if you showed your shoe design drawing to the designer.

Everything you think about designing and developing shoes needs to be communicated with the shoe designer to provide professional advice depending on the specific situations. In this way, the follow-up communication with the shoe factory will be smoother and reduce the development obstacles.

Finally, the shoe designer will make a technical pack of shoes based on your requirements, which plays a vital role in contacting the shoe factory.

Generally speaking, all professional footwear companies will make the technical pack in the shoe development. If you have not the technical pack, it will bring difficulties for the shoe factory to make shoes, which will bring losses to you.

Choose the right China shoe factory

Private label sports shoes Structure

When you find the right shoe designer and complete the technical pack, you are ready to find a suitable China shoe factory to develop and make shoes. Before you are looking for the shoe factory, you must know clearly what type of shoe factory you are looking for and whether you are looking for the shoe factory that offers OEM shoes or ODM services. Some beginners may not know what OEM&ODM is, so that I will introduce OEM and ODM in detail.

※What is OEM&ODM?

The Definition of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is often referred to as “contract manufacturing.” OEM is also known as “commissioned production,” “commissioned processing,” “famous brand manufacturing,” “production outsourcing,” etc. This kind of cooperation is called OEM that entrust other manufacturers of similar products to produce through contracting orders. The ordered products are bought out at a low price and directly labeled with their brand trademarks. The manufacturer who undertakes the processing task is called an OEM manufacturer, and the products they produce are OEM products.

OEM refers to a current popular mode of production. A buyer provides equipment and technology. The manufacturer is responsible for production, workforce, and space, and a buyer is responsible for sales. OEM shoe manufacturers usually have a large and cheap labor force and provide the commission services for the manufacture and assembly of products required by the international market.

The OEM transaction can be viewed as a relationship between sales and purchase. From the buyer’s point of view, it is the act of outsourcing production and supplying to the market. From the supplier’s perspective, it is a transaction in which the supplier produces the brand products according to the buyer’s requirements. The buyer’s sales channel and brand and the supplier’s manufacturing constitute the product’s overall competitive advantages, bringing practical benefits to both sides.

The above statement is more professional. Here is an example for you to easier understand what OEM is.

OEM: A design, B production, A brand, A sales == OEM, OEM production, other people’s technology and brand, the factory only produces.

The Definition of Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

ODM - Original Design Manufacturer

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), also referred to as “private labeling.” It relates to a production method in which a buyer entrusts a manufacturer to handle the whole process from design to production. The final product is labeled with the buyer’s trademark and sold by the buyer. In other words, it means that one company designs and produces a product according to the specifications of another company.

ODM refers to that a manufacturer design a product that other companies may adopt in some cases. Under the circumstances, does it require using the other companies’ brand name for production, or can the product be produced after the design is slightly modified? This allows other manufacturers to reduce their own development time. Manufacturers engaged in the design and manufacturing business are called ODM shoe manufacturers, and the products they produce are ODM products. There may offer manufacturers’ product design to the brand owner in a buyout or non-buyout.

The above statement is more professional. Here is an example to make it easier for you to understand what ODM is.

ODM: B design, B production, A brand, A sales == ODM. It is the factory’s products, other people’s brand.



Both OEM and ODM are cooperation models between the brand and the manufacturer in product design and manufacturing. OEM products are created for brand manufacturers. After production, the products can only be labeled with the brand name and can never be produced again with the manufacturer’s name. However, it depends on whether the brand enterprise has bought out the products’ copyright in terms of ODM products. If not, the manufacturer has the right to organize the production itself, as long as there is no design identification from the company.

OEM&ODM are commonplace in industrial society. Because of manufacturing costs, transportation convenience, save development time, or other aspects, well-known brand enterprises are generally willing to find OEM or ODM. When looking for the OEM or ODM, famous brand enterprises also have to bear many responsibilities. After all, the products are labeled with their brand. If the product quality is not good, it will impact the company’s brand. Therefore, the brand enterprises will undoubtedly carry out strict quality control during the commissioned processing. 

Therefore, when you choose a China shoe factory, my advice is to find the shoe factory with full inspection personnel on the assembly line so that each pair of shoes can be inspected. It is better to ask a third-party shoe testing agency to test shoes in the shoe factory. In this way, you can know whether the shoe factory’s shoes are in line with the quality inspection standards. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of shoes to the maximum.

In summary, the differences between OEM and ODM are shown in the following table, which helps you to select the type of factory you are looking for.

OEMA designB productionA brandA salesA copyright
ODMB designB productionA brandA salesB copyright

So, I believe you should understand what are OEM&ODM now. If you are interested in custom shoes and private label design shoes, you need to choose the shoe factory that provides OEM&ODM services. And our XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY can provide OEM&ODM services. If you would like to custom shoes or look for private label shoe manufacturers, you can contact us by email:

Email technical pack to the shoe factory

Blue High Oem & Odm Custom Shoes

After you have selected the right China shoe factory, you can contact them by email in most cases. When you send an email to the shoe factory, you should state your purpose and enclose the technical pack of the shoes you want to develop.

 After receiving your letter, the shoe factory will decide whether it can custom your shoes according to the technical pack.

If you receive a positive reply from the shoe factory, it will reach cooperation. Then we will discuss the details of the following. Maybe some shoe industry novices don’t know what a technical pack is, and then I will introduce it.

 ※What is a technical pack?

If you have a start-up fashion company or a brand company that wants to create your shoe line, a technical pack is the best way to convey your ideas to the manufacturer. A technical pack (also known as a specification sheet) is a blueprint or detailed description of your shoe design. A technical pack usually explains your overall design in a structured format to help the manufacturers turn your design into a finished product. A technical pack may include shape, structure, materials to be used, grade, color, size, label, etc. When you have a clear technical pack, it is beneficial to get your prototype samples and quotations for production orders according to the quantity. Some of the items that should be included in the tech pack are shown below:

Simple Size:
Vamp Lining:
Counter Lining:

Of course, suppose we reach cooperation, in addition to sending the technical package to the factory. In that case, my suggestion is that it’s better to send us another brand of physical shoes you already have for our reference. It can help us understand the shape, volume, and overall shoe last design and help us make perfect and comfortable shoes.

Here is a technical pack template for your reference only.

How to Custom Shoes in the Shoe Factory

When these are completed, the shoe factory will begin to custom shoes. However, what is the steps of shoemaking in the shoe factory? Here is the answer you would like to know!

Here is a look into the custom shoemaking process at our XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY.

It is a very complicated project custom shoes, which takes a lot of time to work. As for the sample order, you can order 1 or 2 pairs of samples to check our work and the shoes’ quality. However, after the sample is approved, there are MOQ(Minimum order quantity) requirements for bulk orders. Our factory’s minimum order quantity is 1500 pairs of sports shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes. And the specific amount depends on different styles.

First of all, our shoe sourcing merchandiser needs to find the most suitable outsole from hundreds of outsole factories to make the shoes you design.

Secondly, the QC needs to go to the outsole factory to order a pair of the outsole. When the outsole is ordered, it will take several days to open it. Once getting the outsole, our technicians will check whether this real outsole pair is suitable to make your shoes. If it is okay, our sales staff will send the outsole to you for confirmation. After confirmation, our technicians need to open the “pattern” and then go to the “shoe last” factory to open the “shoe last” according to the “shoe last pattern.” However, if the outsole’s length and width are not suitable, our QC will need to reorder the outsole. It will take about a few days or a week.

Thirdly, our merchandiser needs to go to the material market to find all the upper and lining materials and accessories. And all the materials need to be brought back to the sample workshop for inspection. If there are unsuitable materials, our merchandiser needs to look for suitable materials again and again. This will take a few days. However, for some unique materials or leather materials, it may take 1 to 2 weeks.

Fourthly, after the sample workshop has approved all the correct materials, our QC needs to order the accurate outsole color according to the upper material. Simultaneously, our workers will cut the fabric and then send it to the accessories factory for technical work such as printing, embossing, or seamless. Usually, printing, embossing, or other technical work can’t be done correctly at one time, so our QC needs to go to different accessories factories several times to get it perfect.

Finally, after we have completed all the techniques, our workers will begin stitching to cement the outsole. You can see how much time it takes our factory to make a shoe sample, not to mention the cost of materials and the salary and travel expenses we should pay to all workers.

However, this is only the process of making shoe samples in the shoe factory and has not started the mass production orders. So that’s why we need a MOQ for custom shoes. Although our sample fee for making shoes may be slightly higher than that of other factories, the sample fee we ask for is much lower than our actual cost of making samples. Therefore, if there is no mass order, we lose money to develop samples for you.

Here are some fees about shoe development:

※Open Pattern fee: XX USD

※Open Last fee: XX USD

※Material fee: XX USD for three kinds of leather

※Printing fee: XX USD

※Our Sourcing Transport fee: XX USD

※Worker Salary: XX USD per pair

This sample fee is not including any mold fee.

When you receive the shoe sample, you can contact us for specific modifications if there is any need to modify it. We will make a further modification to develop better shoes that satisfy and even surprise you!

If you are satisfied with the shoe sample, then you can place mass orders with us. You can offer pre-orders on your website or exhibit at trade shows. Our shoes factory’s general minimum order quantity is 1500 pairs of sports shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes. The specific amount will depend on different styles and materials.

What can you expect from us?

As a leading footwear manufacturing factory, Our XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY is a very professional shoe factory to cooperate with us whether you are looking for OEM or ODM. Although a lot of shoes of different styles are uploaded on our website, the newly designed shoes of the shoe factory are not open to everyone. Due to our factory’s confidentiality principle, only the customers with fixed cooperation or confirmed cooperation will provide the newest designed shoes to them.

We are professional private label shoe manufacturers. It features the private label of running shoes, sneakers, casual shoes, and hiking shoes. The effective manufacture and production of sports shoes need professional technology, machinery, and well-trained staff. It is an art to produce durable and high-quality shoes. The latest machinery and technology are used to create the best medium and high-end athletic shoes on our private label shoe factory’s production line. Don’t worry! Our experts can make it happen for you efficiently.

Shoe designer's first draft

Our experienced team is dedicated to redefining long-standing industry perception. We ensure that quality standards are met by overseeing the entire supply chain process. Each pair of shoes will be inspected by the full inspection personnel and the third-party quality testing institutions before shipment to the shoe factory. Our factory is also producing Japanese FILA shoes to guarantee the quality of shoes we are most concerned about.

Attaching great importance to customer service and clear communication are the shoe factory’s most critical services. We also offer our customers direct shoe manufacturing, development, and production from start to finish. We produce adequate shoes at an affordable cost by excluding the complicated supply chain. The experienced staff of the shoe factory is committed to helping clients understand and navigate global business hurdles.

The expectation from our shoe factory:

1. Reduced costs and headaches of logistics. Meanwhile, our factory can still guarantee the high quality of products.

2.The life cycle of the products in the shoe factory is continuously tracked so that the clients can know the trend of products. The shoe factory’s transparent process makes the clients feel at ease, and they can get the shipment of sports shoes on time.

3.The warehouse system of the shoe factory is well maintained and supervised by experts. Therefore, you can rest assured that our storage conditions are product friendly.

Our shoe factory can provide the production of custom shoes and private label designed shoes. We are a leading professional private label shoe manufacturer. If you have any need, please contact us via this email:


Blue Nike Sneakers

(The picture is from NIKE )

This article is about how to prepare for developing shoes. First of all, when you decide to choose a designer to help you complete the shoe design rather than directly looking for your favorite shoes on the shoe website, you should look for a China shoe factory to develop the shoes.

However, it is necessary to know whether you want to find OEM or ODM. When you know what kind of factory you are looking for, remember to send the technical pack to the shoe factory when contacting them, which is an effective way to find the shoe factory that can develop your shoes. Finally, it introduces the process of the sample development at our XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY.

It is hoped that it will help you understand and better prepare for shoe development.

Okay, this article is finished here if there are any confusion or question, welcome to leave a message to us!If you need the Xindesheng Shoe Factory to produce shoes, please contact us!

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