How To Buy Outdoor Shoes?

Do you like outdoor activities? Have you bought the right outdoor shoes? In recent years, although more and more people like outdoor activities, a lot of people may not understand the types of outdoor shoes. They may just look through the outdoor shoes on the Internet and buy them without knowing what type of outdoor activities they are, and what type of outdoor shoes are suitable for wearing. This article is mainly to introduce the types of outdoor shoes, as well as some purchasing advice.

Fashion outdoor shoes

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Outdoor shoes is a new term that has emerged in recent years, which generally refers to the general name of shoes with different functions engaged in different types of outdoor sports.

With the development of mountaineering activities, hiking shoes came out. These early hiking shoes, which were hand-sewn in small workshops, have undergone several generations of improvement and innovation, and craftsmanship has developed by leaps and bounds. In particular, the hiking shoes performances have been greatly improves due to the application of advanced machines and modern high-tech materials. The concept of outdoor shoes is developed when the meaning of hiking shoes cannot accurately encompass the different characteristics of various types of shoes. Outdoor shoes are used to summarize this kind of shoes, more accurate in its general sense. 


The technical characteristics of outdoor shoes are reflected in various technical indicators of outdoor shoes, which means that a pair of outdoor shoes should have various functions. In my opinion, a pair of high-quality outdoor shoes should have at least six functions.

Three pairs of outdoor shoes in different colors
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1. Waterproof

For many professional backpackers, they choose to buy outdoor shoes because of taking a fancy to this function, which is unmatched by sports shoes or ordinary travel shoes. Generally, tourists pay more attention to the comfort of shoes, and pay less attention to the waterproof and air permeability of shoes.  According to professional tests, the time for a pair of wet feet to dissipate heat (in winter) is about 23 times that of dry feet. At outside, wet feet are easily vulnerable to frostbite or other injuries. In addition, a pair of wet shoes is very heavy, which adds to the burden of walking.

2. Anti-slippery

The soles of outdoor shoes are also very distinctive. Different manufacturers have designed different sole patterns according to their own research. Of course, most of them are mainly based on large corrugated shading, which helps to increase the anti-slippery performance of the shoes. 

3. Foot Protection

In outdoor activities, whether it is mountaineering or hiking, It will have formed a huge load on the feet for a long time and large amount of exercise. Therefore, outdoor shoes should provide very good foot protection.

In addition to the above-mentioned waterproof and anti-slippery, the design and materials of outdoor shoes must be taken into account to provide adequate protection for ankles, foot-boards and toes.

4. Durability

The above three functions are mainly for comfort. Durability is also an essential function for outdoor shoes used in harsh outdoor environments.

Early outdoor shoes mostly used open thread, so that the appearance looks very simple, but there is also the problem of the shoe’s wearing. The new type of outdoor shoes has very few open thread, and the wear resistance is obviously improved.

In addition to design, the materials and maintenance of shoe also determine the degree of durability. Generally speaking, full leather shoes are more durable than hybrid shoes, and Vibram soles are more durable than ordinary rubber soles.

5. Support

It is not difficult to understand that outdoor shoes must have good support in order to adapt to the complex terrain and meet the requirements of mountaineering or hiking under the loading condition. A column has the strongest bearing capacity when it is vertical, but when it is bent, its bearing capacity will be greatly reduced. In addition to having a big concern with the vamp, the support of outdoor shoes is also directly related to the structure of the sole.

A good pair of outdoor shoes, the upper part of the shoe usually adopts a tight design, and each part of the upper can be reliably combined with the surface of the foot, which can not only make the wearer feel very comfortable, but also can better overcome the foot dispersing force toward all around so as to help the foot stress vertically and to enhance the support.

6. Cushioning

A person walks under a load, and each foot walks about 600-700 steps per kilometer. This means that for every kilometre you walk, your foot is subjected to 600-700 gravitational shocks.  If the shoe does not have a good cushioning system to relieve this shock, it will definitely make your feet tired after a day of travel.

And the good cushion can not only effectively relieve the vertical pressure of the human body, but also effectively withstand the impact of the hard ground, so that you can feel relaxed when walking. In addition, the feeling of tiredness of walking is often caused by the impact of the ground on the brain. Good shock absorption can also reduce the vibration of the ground on the brain and greatly relieve the feeling of fatigue.


As far as shoes are concerned, each brand and each category of outdoor shoes have very specific targets (design objectives). Outdoor shoes can be classified into five major series according to their functions:

1.Alpine Series ( Heavy Trekking Boots)

Brown outdoor shoes hiking shoes
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This series of boots are designed for climbing snow mountains. Its usually adopt Vibram or Sky Walk outsoles, with lining steel, having a strong resistance to impact, which can can be fitted with crampons. The upper design of the boots is very high, generally above 20cm. The vamp is made of hard plastic resin or thick cowhide or sheepskin sewing, and it is lined with warm shoe covers, in order to fit with the complex and harsh snow, ice, and rock mixed terrain. That can effectively protect your feet.

2.Low Mount Series (Heavy Mountaineering Shoes)

Brown hiking shoes
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This type of shoes is to climb mountain peaks at an altitude of below 6000 meters above sea level, suitable for ice walls or rock walls mixed with ice and snow.

The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber (Vibram or Sky Walk), lined with organic carbon board, and very hard. Have strong impact resistance and sufficient support when climbing. The upper is sewn with thick (over 3.0mm) whole cowhide or sheepskin. In order to enhance the waterproof and moisture permeable, Gore-Tex or Sympa-Tex is often used as lining, insulation layer between them.

The upper height is usually above 15cm, which can effectively protect the feet and reduce the damage under complex terrain conditions. Some models are equipped with crampon structure, while those without fixed structure can be strapped crampon. Heavy climbing shoes are lighter than heavy hiking boots, and more comfortable than them when you walk with crampons off.

3.Crossing Series ( Medium Hiking Shoes)

Green outdoor shoes
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The series is designed for low mountains, canyons, deserts, gobi and other relatively complex terrain, suitable for weight-bearing hiking of medium and long distance.

The structural features of this type of shoe also belong to high-top shoes. The upper height is usually 13-15cm, with strong support, which can effectively protect the ankle bone and reduce injuries.

The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber. Some excellent brands also adapt nylon board support between outsole and midsole to enhance the hardness of the sole, which can not only effectively prevent the sole from deformation, but also enhance the impact resistance.

 The vamp is often made of medium-thickness of the first layer cowhide, sheepskin or mixed leather. The upper part is made of Cordura fabric, which is Dubang super wear-resistant and much lighter and more flexible than the high mountain series and low mountain series.

To solve the waterproof problem, most models are lined with Gore-Tex material or sometime oilskin, which can be used to walk in water below the ankle or in the rain.

4.Walking Series

Grey dirty outdoor shoes
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The series is one of the most commonly used varieties in outdoor sports. The design is for light-bearing hikes for medium and short distances, suitable for relatively gentle mountainous areas, jungles, and general outings or camping activities. The upper of this shoe type is less than 12cm to protect the ankle.

The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber, and the midsole is made of microcellular foam and double-layer infilled rubber. The top brand’s outsole has plastic board clamping layers, which has better impact resistance and cushioning effect. The upper has full leather, leather surface or leather Mixed material. Some models have Gore-Tex lining, while others are not used as waterproof.

The advantages of mid-top shoes are light weight, softness, comfort and good air permeability. Middle upper shoes should be superior to high upper shoes when walking in uncomplicated terrain.

5.Hiking Series (Low-Top Shoes)

Gray outdoor shoes yellow accessories
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It’s suitable for daily wearing and non-weight-bearing sports. You needn’t worry about abrasion of the sole with wear-resistant rubber for not affecting its uses. The elastic midsole can not only reduce the impact of the ground on the foot, but also relieve the pressure of the weight on the foot. The high-end low-top shoes also can have the keel design normally, which can effectively prevent the deformation of the sole and enhance the support force.

The tight upper design makes you feel like the shoe is on your foot. This shoe type is often equipped with leather uppers or nylon mesh, so they are lighter in texture. A pair of shoes is often less than 400g and has good flexibility. In some European and American countries, this series is the most commonly used and best-selling variety. 

Standards of Hiking Shoes

For outdoor shoes, the European standard is classified as follows:

A: Light Walking & Multi Terrain Hikers

Lightweight outdoor activities; casual wear; often used for urban walking and short-distance cycling and other activities.

AB: Light Trekking Boots

This type of shoe is designed for planned walking activities and hiking tours within two days.

B: The Classic Walking Boot

The common features are durability and comfort, and these shoes are truly professional outdoor sports products, aimed at people who often participate in outdoor activities for a long time.

BC: The Ultimate Trekking Boot

This category reflects the advanced production of outdoor products, meets additional needs, and challenges a more difficult and longer journey.

C :Sub Alpine, Off Trail, and Sidling Boots

Meet the needs of technical movements such as crosscutting and climbing, and provide good stability and adaptation to any climate.

D:High Alpine Boots

Design and manufacture with high technology; suitable for extreme environments in high-altitude areas.

Matching Tips

Outdoor shoes have medium-low tops and high tops. Different styles can be matched with different clothes and pants, or with different colors. Generally, warm-toned clothes can be matched with cool-toned pants. Outdoor shoes can be matched according to the color matching principle:

  (1) Cool color with cool color.

(2) Warm colors match warm colors.

(3) Cool colors with intermediate colors.

(4) Warm color with intermediate color.

(5) Intermediate color with intermediate color.

(6) Pure color with intermediate color.

(7) Pure color with mixed colors.

(8) Pure color with pattern.

Colour Match

The match of outdoor shoes should also be varied from person to person. Choose different collocations according to personal preferences that can show everyone’s temperament. It is the most important thing to be suitable for yourself.

  • Cool colors with warm colors.
  • Bright colors with bright colors.
  • Dark colors with dark colors.
  • Mottled colors with mottled colors.

Purchase Items

Blue outdoor shoes yellow accessories
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Point 1: Identify the type

Generally speaking, the hiking shoes (except professional shoes for special purposes) can be divided into four categories.

Alpine shoes are mainly used for mountaineering activities, suitable for the hard rock surface and the mixed terrain of ice and snow. Crossing shoes are mainly used for crossing activities in complex terrain with long-distance and low-altitude mount. Walking shoes are suitable for crossing in short distance and walk in relatively gentle terrain. Sportswear is suitable for daily wearing and non-weight-bearing sports. Choose the shoes you need, don’t wear a pair of casual shoes to go hiking for it will only make your journey very tired.

Point 2: Price determines value

The price often determines the value of shoes in the outdoor shoe market where genuine products prevail. Therefore, when buying shoes, do not expect to spend a little money to buy very good shoes. Of course, this doesn’t mean “not for the best, but for the most expensive”. It’s about choosing a pair of outdoor shoes  with a good quality that are worth the price for your use.

Point 3: Performance

The outdoors means “wading over mountains and rivers” . Namely, it is inevitable to wading through the water. It is a very uncomfortable thing for travelers to get water in their shoes or sweat from their feet after a long walk, which will seriously affect their feelings. So we must choose outdoor shoes with the  performance of waterproof and perspiration.

Point 4: Details

Choosing outdoor shoes, some details can ruin a pair of high-end outdoor shoes. For example, it is clearly a high-performance waterproof shoe with well-designed, but the shoelaces or uppers are not waterproof. When outdoor shoes are exposed to water, the uppers will get wet first, and then gradually penetrate into the shoes during exercise. As a result, the shoes’ waterproof lacks durability.

Purchase Techniques

Brown hiking shoes
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  • “Through hell, into heaven.” Any heaven can only be reached by feet. A good pair of outdoor shoes makes you feel comfortable on the whole trip.
  • You should choose the mid and high top shoes in outdoor activities to protect the ankle and avoid sprain.
  • The vamp: the waterproof of the leather is better than the fabric; the whole leather is better than the joint leather, and the air permeability is the opposite.
  • Sometimes a shoe is wet not just for the leak, but also for sweating. So the air permeability and waterproof of shoes both determine whether your feet are dry or not.
  • When choosing the size of outdoor shoes, you usually choose the  larger one size than usual because you need to wear thick socks, and meanwhile avoid the toe tip to be worn when going down the mountain.
  • The sole with Vibram rubber is more durable and rigid, which is beneficial to saving energy and avoiding foot wear by reducing footplate adjustments on the sand and stone. But the harder the rubber, the more slippery the shoe.
  • There are many foreign outdoor shoe brands, and the top ones are concentrated in Europe. The prices are basically above 1,000 yuan. You must try before buying. The best for you is the best. There is no need to pursue the brand too much and decide which brand to buy according to your own budget.

Maintenance Knowledge

If the outdoor shoes can be properly maintained, they can be worn for years by using shoe care products regularly to maintain leather and restore surface waterproof. Without maintenance and water-resistant treatment, tough the waterproof still works, it will affect the permeability, durability and comfort of the shoes. Use the water repellent agent recommended by the branded company.

Black outdoor shoes
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  1. 1. Care Products
  2. Use leather protective spray wax or brand special spray wax to spray evenly on the shoes 2-3 times, which is beneficial to prolong the service life.
  3. Water repellent: treat non-leather shoes with water repellent after they are dry. Water will invade from the seam lines. Water repellent can improve the waterproof of the upper and seams. Newly purchased outdoor shoes must be reapplied with water repellent for a period of time.
  4. Rubbing shoe polish on the tongue can prevent the leather from making noise, and on the metal parts prevent them from  oxidizing and rusting.
  5. 2. Drying
  6. All shoes must be dried at room temperature. Because the leather is easily damaged, deformed and bent, dried out and burst, do not put the shoes near a heat source or expose it to the sun.
  7. Allow the thick mud to be blown dry and cleaned. Do not use fire to dry. Do not use fire to dry. Excessive heat will cause the leather to dry and wrinkle, and the adhesive performance will be destroyed. Ultimately the sole will be melt.
  8. Do not use a stove or hair dryer to dry! If you use them, not only will it be severely deformed, leading to cracking or opening glue, but also will seriously affect the service life.
  9. 3. Storage

After each wear, take out the insole, loosen the laces, and let the shoes dry naturally. If the shoes are very wet, follow the tips above to make the shoes dry quickly, but it is not recommended to use newspapers as they may contain lead, which is harmful to the human body. Shoes, whether freshly washed or worn, must be dried before they are put away. Try to dry and seal them. Add anti-mold and moth-proof products or desiccants, and check and dry them regularly.

Cleaning Methods

Keep your shoes as clean as possible, especially after each outdoor activity, at least use a brush to remove the dirt and dust on the shoes.

For most shoes, wash with neutral soap and water (not to use detergent casually). Drain the water and stuff the shoes with newspaper in a cool and ventilated place. Do not use a fire or a dryer to dry them. It will destroy the materials of the shoes (especially Gore-Tex shoes).

Clean the debris inside the shoes. Take out the insoles and wash them separately. After the shoes are dry, apply leather oil on its surface (not to apply the leather protection oil on the nylon cloth for Gore-Tex shoes, as this can affect air permeability)

Brown outdoor shoes
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Here are some cleaning methods:

(1) For dirty shoes, first use a moistened brush to clean. For non-leather shoes (such as nylon vamp), just clean with a sponge moistened with warm water. If it is oily or very dirty, use leather cleaner and nylon brush to clean the surface, the lining of shoes, then wipe clean with a wet cloth, to avoid sweat salt will pass through the lining quickly into the wool stoma of the leather, and The inner lining of the shoes should be wiped with a damp cloth to prevent the salt of sweat from quickly entering the pores of the leather through the inner lining in this way, and then destroy the leather tissue, making it dry and crack.

(2) For Nubuck leather shoes, clean them after drying, brush off the surface dust and treat with water remover. Do not use shoe wax or polish; they can reduce air permeability.

(3) For non-leather shoes, clean them in cold water and dry them naturally. After drying, it is treated with water remover. Do not use wax or polish; they can reduce air permeability.

(4) The dyed lining will sometimes lose its color in case of water, moisture and friction, which is normal.


I just has five recommendations of best outdoor shoes in this article. Here are some introduction to every outdoor shoe.


Black and white outdoor shoes
(The picture is from ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $200

User Rating: 4.7/5

Link Address: adidas

Parley ocean plastics is made from recyclable waste intercepted from beaches and coastal communities and converts plastic into performance. It features all the Free hiker’s upper components-including the shoe’s Primeknit upper. Primeknit is breathable and lightweight for long hikes. The rubber outsole provides exceptional grip. The shoe can adapt to any terrain and uneven surface by adaptive traxion. The most responsive cushioning technology we’ve ever had. The full-length boost midsole provides endless energy feedback at any temperature and has high adaptability on the rock surface.


Brown new fashion outdoor shoes hiking shoes
( This picture is from the XinDeSheng Shoes Factory Website) 

Link Address:


Upper Material:PU+synthetic suede+mesh

Sole material:EVA foam+rubber outsole

Gender style:men

Color Classification:Orange/black/brown

Suitable age:adult

Applicable scene:road/street


Item No.:4666

The material of hiking shoes is leather, flannel or more materials, which are combined by design to produce different levels of delicacy and elegance. In today’s society, hiking shoes not only have perfect performance indoor and outdoor, but also have great ornamental in appearance and design. Friends, if you like outdoor activities, you can order this outdoor shoes, simple and elegant, beautiful and fashionable.


Grey-black outdoor shoes
(The picture is from ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $120

User Rating: 4.4/5

Link Address:adidas

GORE-TEX waterproof membrane can maintain moisture for dry foot in mixed environment. The continental rubber outsole provides exceptional grip, whether wet or dry. On long walks or uneven ground, the torsion bars provide stability and control of bending for the midfoot. The lightweight EVA provides lasting cushioning and comfort. The lightweight and durable hiking shoes won’t wear you out on the road. They are characterized by high air permeability and Texan lining, which can seal moisture at every step to keep them dry and comfortable. A sturdy toe cap provides extra protection as you move forward.


Purple fashion outdoor shoes
( This picture is from the XinDeSheng Shoes Factory Website) 

Link Address:


Upper Material:PU+synthetic suede+mesh

Sole material:EVA foam+rubber outsole

Gender style:women

Color Classification:purple

Suitable age:adult

Applicable scene:road/street


Item No.:4645

The hiking shoes material are leather, flannelette or more materials combined by design to produce different levels of refinement and elegance. In today’s society, the hiking shoes is not only having perfect performances both indoors and outdoors but also having very appreciative looks and designs. And also it can be a representative of fashion trends. The good looks and exquisite designs can meet the requirement of most women who much care about the appearance of hiking shoes than men besides its performances.


Black outdoor shoes
(The picture is from ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $160

User Rating: 4.6/5

Link Address: adidas

It is a kind of stable and neutral hiking shoes. Gore-Tex lining can seal out moisture and keeps feet dry. Each step is buffered with fresh energy. EVA stable frame with textile upper.It can give you a feeling of lightness and flexibility. Responsive boost midsole and molded sock lining. Go lighter. Move faster. It can let you move quickly on and off the trail. They are light enough to move fast and strong enough to go anywhere. Every step takes you deeper into the mountains, and every step is the motivation for the next step. Be It wet or dry, cross the mountains with agility.

Browse Outdoor Shoes


 In today’s athletic shoe stores, the number of brands and styles of shoes for all types of outdoor shoes is staggering. However,  what you do actually need are different types of shoes for different outdoor activities. After you know the types of outdoor shoes, when you are engaged in outdoor activities, you can choose the corresponding outdoor shoes you need to wear so that the outdoor activities can be more exciting.

Desert outdoor shoes

If you are interested in outdoor activities, it is very necessary to have all types of good outdoor shoes. If you want to know more about the outdoor shoes, welcome to visit our company website After reading this article, I believe, you can better know about the outdoor shoes and purchase what kind of outdoor shoes will be suitable for you ! Love a great deal of outdoor shoes? You can browse more outdoor shoes here. There are new products uploaded on our website every day. Click here: . If you are willing to inquire of outdoor shoes, please contact us by Email: or by telephone: (86) 0592 2685659. Thank you for your cooperation!!!

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