How to choose a good running shoe manufacturer?

If you want to create your own shoe brand, you must initially choose to find a factory to process shoes as an agent. After all, the production of shoes is a very complicated process and requires a lot of people. The major shoe brands in the world, even It’s that the brand is already well-known in the world, but they still choose to find other shoe factories to process shoes and then put their own brand logo, which is called DDM or DEM, and if you want to produce shoes with private labels, first In one step, you have to find a reliable supplier.

Distribution of shoe factories in the world

The world’s main shoe factories are all located in Asia. According to statistics, with the shift of global industries, the Asian region has become the world’s most important footwear production base. Asian footwear production accounts for 87.4% of the global footwear production, and no other continents have more than 5%, South America is 4.7%, Europe is 3.2%, Africa is 2.9%, North America is 1.8%, and Australia is negligible.

Therefore, if you choose a suitable shoe factory, you should first find a country in Asia, the shoe factory here has a better experience.

From the perspective of the top ten shoe-making countries in the world, the top three are located in Asia, namely China, India, and Vietnam. China produced 13.475 billion pairs in 2019, accounting for 55.5% of the global total. More than half of the global total. In 2019, India produced 2.6 billion pairs, accounting for 10.7%. Vietnam and Indonesia are relatively close in production, ranking third and fourth respectively.

Here, it is highly recommended that you choose a shoe factory in China as your shoe brand processor. Because more than half of the shoes in the world are produced in China, here you will have low cost (China’s labor costs will be much lower than European or American countries), better quality (China is the only one in the world with a full industry Chain country).

Choose a good shoe manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of running shoes in China, so how do choose a good running shoe manufacturer?

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How to choose a good pair of running shoes

There are many choices of running shoes, and there are many brands and styles to choose from when shopping. Jogging is one of the most popular and simple sports shoes, which can be run on the road or on a treadmill. Whether it’s daily training, running on a treadmill, or daily shopping-the running shoes from XinDeSheng shoe factory can be super universal running shoes suitable for various running activities and various terrains. But what characteristics should a good running shoe have?

The most important attributes of a good running shoe

A summary of all the important attributes of jogging shoes:

  • Breathable and optimal cushioning
  • Stability and perfect fit
  • Lightweight and durable

Breathable and optimal cushioning

Running shoes with breathable inner lining can prevent foot sweat and odor. In addition, the cushioning sole ensures that every step and the entire running process becomes easier. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to what material the corresponding shoes are made of.

For example, XinDeSheng’s running shoes use very good material to make the inner lining of running shoes. XinDeSheng is also equipped with high-quality soles to ensure comfortable and soft cushioning performance.

Stability when jogging

Whether jogging outdoors or at home: running shoes must ensure support and stability. It is important that the foot is placed comfortably in the shoe and does not slide uncomfortably. Otherwise, pressure points and blisters may appear. It is also advantageous if the jogging shoes are equipped with laces instead of Velcro. Then you can tighten or loosen the laces as needed. The high-quality rubber soles of XinDeSheng jogging shoes are also very suitable for extreme weather conditions, and provide the best cushion for the feet when running, providing additional stability. The energy feedback material of the high-quality rubber sole also allows you to restore energy every step you take. Perfectly fitting running shoes ensure maximum running fun!

Lightweight and durable

Especially in terms of running speed, jogging shoes should not make your feet too heavy. Of course, the low weight also makes jogging easier. The feet don’t feel that they have to drag heavy stones. Instead, every step is as light as a feather-like Mao Feng. Since XinDeSheng running shoes are lighter in weight, you can load them directly into your suitcase or backpack. Therefore, even on holidays, it is possible to jog-and then maybe on the beach in the sun or on the stone road in the mountains. XinDeSheng running shoes are incredibly elastic and will not deform.

Become an excellent shoe brand company

If you also want to produce sports shoes, you can contact us, we can produce and ship for you, and you can paste your own brand.

Or, if you have your own design, you can send us the shoe design drawings, and we will make samples for you as soon as possible according to your requirements.

If you do not have your own designer, we also have professional designers to design shoes for you, design your satisfactory shoe plan, and produce processed samples and final batches of finished products for you.

Contact us, welcome to visit our factory, XinDeSheng Shoes Factory will customize the solution for you as soon as possible. Help you become an excellent shoe brand company.

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