How to choose the best sports shoes for you

Sports shoes have evolved from casual shoes to fashionable everyday companions. They can be combined with training clothes as well as jeans or women’s clothing. This sneaker combines a sporty look with a super comfortable fit. It will never be bored with popular colors and popular styles. Find your favorite couple in our online store!

Fashion companion for sportspeople

With sneakers, the stylish design meets the highest level of the comfort-an an ideal combination of everyday classics. Sports shoes with flexible soles have become the most important fashion accessories for active lifestyles. “Schleicher” can be combined into countless changes to create all kinds of clothing.

Fashion brand sneakers to create the perfect look.

Certain brands are particularly fashionable and represent a special attitude towards life. Fashionable styles from Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, New Balance or Skechers ensure a sporty and stylish appearance.

In addition to sports shoes developed specifically for sports training, you can also find a variety of brand sports shoes suitable for various occasions. In fashion styles, you always dress appropriately in your daily life.

Sneakers can be seen everywhere: from indoor to street

After the manufacturer Converse developed the first sports shoes in the 1920s, various sports shoes were originally designed for different sports.

Comfortable uppers quickly became popular in casual shoes. In particular, individual outstanding stars have contributed to this, creating their own fashionable appearance through sports models. Cult actors James Dean and Steve McQueen were photographed wearing sneakers and becoming fashion trendsetters.

The status symbol of subculture
The status symbol of the subculture-Vans MN Doheny Skate sneakers sports shoes quickly became the trademark of individual subcultures. The surfing and skating scenes on the West Coast of the United States wear plaid vans or models from typical streetwear brands such as Airwalk or Etnies. In the early Afro-American ghetto, all kinds of Adidas shoes were very popular with hip-hop lovers, and those who wanted to be the upper class used simple white or black tennis sneakers to add icing to the cake.

A must-have for fashion-Marc Cain lace-up sneakers have the right model, and everyone can now show off their own colors. Inspired by the cool looks of the stars, sneakers have become an absolute fashion must-have over the years. Various designer brands also recognize the signs of the times and bring their own copies to the market. Brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Cain or Replay show their interpretations of sports appearance from time to time.

Famous stars and their favorite models
In particular, outstanding role models have transformed sports shoes from sports accessories to fashion items:

This is how RUN-DMC’s rap stars make models. Adidas superstars and characteristic toe caps are famous all over the world. They even dedicated their songs to the cult brand (MY ADIDAS).

After basketball player Chuck Taylor gave Converse’s typical textile shoes a face, they quickly became a fanatic shoe for generations. This model remains one of the most successful sneaker models ever.

Tennis legend Stan Smith created the appearance of a very simple model of Adidas white sneakers, which has recently undergone a renaissance. The brand’s three stripes are interpreted as a pattern of fine holes on the side, highlighting the restrained design.

Basketball star Michael Jordan’s signature has always been one of the absolute classics: Nike’s Air Jordan shoes have been re-released in multiple versions, combining the sports details of high-top shoes with a variety of styles.

Other models such as samba boots and gazelles from Adidas delighted a large audience with their perfect match. These days, they are also reissued again and again as retro sneakers.

A fashion statement with a sporty and casual look
A fashion statement for sports and leisure styling-Adidas Questar X BYD sneakers For some time, the term sports and leisure dress has been plagued the fashion industry. The word creation symbolizes the sports and leisure clothing that can be seen in our daily lives today. In addition to fashionable sneakers as the most important accessory, the casual style also features other clothing items in the sports field.

Since designers let models wear sneakers on the show, sneakers have also taken a place in high fashion. Hoodies, stylish training jackets, and even training pants—more elegant styles with close-fitting tailoring—have become part of streetwear.

Design sneakers correctly

In order for sneakers to truly blend into their own style and cleverly complete the outfit, a sense of fashion is needed. There is usually only a thin line that distinguishes the training look of the gym from the casual street style.

The correct way to wear socks and stockings in sport’s shoes
Are socks or not? This is a problem that worries many people when displaying sneakers in fashion. Especially flat sneakers usually look better, not only in summer, when the ankle is exposed. Here, “invisible” sports shoes and socks are a practical accessory, so you don’t have to wear shoes barefoot.

The correct way to wear socks and stockings in sports shoes-s.Oliver plateau sports shoes, However, if you choose visible stockings, you can show your creativity here. The same color is coordinated with shoes and/or clothing, with matching contrasting colors or eye-catching patterns: today, everything is allowed. The important thing is that the overall picture looks harmonious in the end. Exquisite leggings are also suitable for matching skirts and dresses.

It’s all about the correct lacing
Fashion fans use another detail to show style awareness: the laces of sneakers. There are many different options for pulling the laces through the eyelets. The appearance of each sneaker is slightly different.

Sneakers in the office?
In many industries, business wear sports shoes are not wrong. However, there are some details that should be considered when looking for a sport-style job:

Don’t choose too sporty or too extravagant styles. Striking colors or applications and unusual shapes can quickly appear suspicious.

Simple and elegant styles, restrained colors are usually the best choice, but also very suitable for a serious look.

Avoid using too cheap models in your work, and choose more fashionable samples from well-known manufacturers and brands.

Always make sure that the sneakers look clean and tidy.

Take care of your sneakers properly
Take care of your sneakers properly-Adidas VS Pace sneakers, if properly maintained, your sneakers will look good, and you can enjoy them for a long time. As with all shoes, the appropriate cleaning and care products depend on the respective materials. It is important to thoroughly immerse the sneakers before the first use. This provides them with basic protection against moisture and dust.

Many people also want to know if they can wash their sneakers in the washing machine. This is more undesirable. Even with high-quality models, the adhesive on the sole may fall off and cause damage or discoloration.

Especially in the warm summer temperature, sneakers will soon start to emit a smell. But here, there is also a remedy:

Foot deodorant works on sweaty feet from the beginning, helping to avoid unpleasant odors.

Sprinkle shoes with baking soda, baking soda, baby powder, or cat litter, and let it sit for a few hours. They absorb the smell and can then be easily vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner.

Spray the inside of the shoes with a sanitary spray. It eliminates bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

Sports shoes should always be able to dry completely before being worn again.

Squeaky sneakers can also spoil the fun. Usually, loose insoles are the cause of this situation. If necessary, these can be fixed with a little glue. Socks can also be the cause of squeaky shoes, especially if they don’t fit the size. Extra deposits can help.

However, it is best to pay attention to the appropriate sports shoes size when buying. The starting point for this is to first measure the foot correctly. In addition to the length of the foot, the circumference of the sole is also very important. Some models have different shoe widths.

Various classifications of sports shoes

Over time, sneaker lovers have formed their own vocabulary. In the product descriptions of trendy shoes, we often encounter different names, which may still be unknown. Here you can find an overview of the most important terms:

Low-top sneakers
Das kleine Sneaker-ABC-Low-top sneakers-Puma Lifestyle Vikky V2 sneakers. The plane of the sneaker model extends below the ankle. The low-waist style can be well-matched with leggings, and it is also very suitable with skirts or dresses to show a feminine appearance. Low-top sneakers are considered to be the prototype of casual sneakers, and now it has enriched the diversity of the fashion world.

Mid-top sneakers
The mid-top sneakers are somewhere in the middle. The upper here is slightly higher than the low-top model-however, it is not as high as in high-top sneakers.

High-top sneakers
Small sports shoes ABC-high-top sports shoes-Nike Sportswear Ebernon Mid SE sports shoes so-called high-top models are characterized by a high neck shape, the body of the shoe extends over the ankle. In this particular variant, you always have a particularly good hold. Lined high-top sneakers are also fashionable companions in cold weather.

Canvas sneakers
Traditionally, these sneakers use tightly woven canvas. Canvas fabrics make sneakers a lightweight choice for summer. It hugs the feet nicely. At the same time, the textile material is breathable and wear-resistant.

Trendy styles in all colors are also possible for canvas shoes. There are also models that use color mixed materials, in addition to canvas, but also use leather, synthetic leather, or other textiles.

Converse’s All-Star shoes have iconic stars on the side, which is a typical representative of canvas sneakers. They are also known as Chucks, have long been admired, and have a huge fan base all over the world. The name comes from the basketball star Chuck Taylor of the same name, who made this sneaker originally designed for basketball and became famous in the 1970s.

Vintage sneakers
Small sneakers ABC-retro sneakers-Nike Sportswear Air Max Axis sneakers in addition to the iconic Chucks, there are many other brand styles that are particularly popular in a certain fashion era, representing an unparalleled style. Many of these retro sneakers are popular again today. The manufacturer spoils us with new versions of creative variants and copies of current trending colors.

Double tongue sneakers
For these models, the dual-tone “double tongue” provides something. By folding it up, the interior, which is usually in different colors, becomes visible when worn-providing more options for the personalization of sports shoes. Usually, the two-layer tongue is also padded to make the appearance more eye-catching.

Two-fold sneakers
Two Fold shoes go one step further. Here, behind the outer shaft of the high-top sneaker, there is a contrasting inner lining, which you will see when you turn it over. An exciting detail also offers many possible changes.

Free technology
Behind this term is the design of the Nike brand’s innovative model series. Sports shoes should give the wearer a feeling of walking barefoot. Sports shoes with Free technology are characterized by a highly flexible sole. It is particularly flexible and still provides a certain degree of cushioning. In addition, the shoes are very light.

They can be identified by the grid-like segmented sole. In newer styles, special knitted fabrics are usually used as upper materials. The shoes are so tight. Because of the special technology, the foot muscles are actively challenged when running.

Gel technology
The small ABC of sports shoes-gel technology-Asics Gel-Venture 6 Trail RunningAsics uses patented gel pads in the soles of some of its sports shoe models to provide cushioning and shock absorption. The footpad is mainly placed in the area of ​​the heel and sole, where the load is the greatest.

Asics running sneakers equipped with gel technology are particularly comfortable to wear.

sports shoes
For the Athletic model, the focus is obviously on performance. They are characterized by a particularly high degree of comfort. The details are tailored for sports use-a a well-cushioned sole, optimal fit, and high-quality functional materials.

However, you don’t have to be beautiful. Powerful sports shoes are mostly presented in pure design without any additional decoration.

Small ABC of Sports Shoes-Skate Shoes-Nike SB Check Solar CNVS Skater Among sports shoes, skates or roller skates are specially developed for this trendy sport. The characteristic is that the sole has a particularly good grip, and there is a reinforced area in the, particularly compressed area. Usually, shoes are sewn to be extra strong.

Many shoes from the subcultures of the skateboarding industry have also become classics and are now fashionable street-style fashion accessories. Vans skate shoes have a fanatical status. But other brands such as Nike also offer special models in their series.

Winter sports shoes
For the cold season, sports shoes also provide warm lining. Winter sports shoes are usually high-top models. The interior made of functional synthetic textiles or cute plush can ensure warmth to your feet in cold temperatures. The profiled sole provides a better grip, and the durable material can even withstand harsh weather conditions.

What does WMNS mean?
WMN or WMNS is an abbreviation we stumbled upon when describing certain models, and is used by various manufacturers. It stands for the English word “woman” or “womans”, so it means a style specifically designed for women.

Sports shoes for all occasions Our online store offers sports shoes suitable for all occasions. Whether it’s a woman, a man, or a child you will definitely find your favorite couple here.

Sports shoes for all occasions

Fashionable women’s sneakers-Post Xchange lace-up sneakers. Chic ladies’ sneakers are fashionable accessories with a casual look. Whether it is paired with girly floral dresses, casual jeans or elegant business attire-each style has a suitable style.

Simple white or black sneakers can be combined in general. On the other hand, through colorful designs, you can set luxurious highlights, and when they are in harmony with current trending colors, sneakers will become particularly eye-catching things.

Men’s sports shoes
Men’s sports shoes are a versatile companion in daily life and have now become an indispensable part of an active lifestyle. Wear fashionable sneakers, you always dress decently. Sneakers with concise styles and introverted colors are now also suitable for work. In your free time, it can be more colorful.

Trend-conscious men also dare to try more unusual styles with eye-catching colors and fashion details.

Children’s fashion sneakers
Fashionable Children’s Sneakers-Skechers S Lights Litebeams Gleam N Sneaker Children’s Sneakers are the perfect equipment for play and play. Comfortable shoes are equipped with an ergonomic footbed to participate in every activity. Children like to design cheerful and colorful sneakers.

Styles with bright color applications or printed cartoon characters quickly became one of the most popular shoes.

Plain sneakers in white, black or gray match well with clothing, and are one of the basic items in the children’s shoe cabinet.

Fashion sneakers for training
If you are looking for fashionable sneakers as training sneakers, you will also find what you are looking for with us. Whether it is jogging, gym, outdoor sports or football training-each discipline has different requirements for shoes. With the right model, your sports unit will be optimally supported.

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