How to Distinguish Football Boots ?

Football boots are called“war boots”at the feet of football stars.  It plays a very important role of the performance of players on the court. However, it may lead to injuries to players by improper use of football shoes. Consequently, it is particularly essential to distinguish football boots. This article mainly talks about the football boots’ function, upper&outsole material and classification. Finally, give some recommendations of football boots.

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Football shoes is the most relevant tool of a footballer’s gear and has to cope with the individual sport-specific demands of the athlete. Now the football boot has become an important aspect for he majority of fans besides caring about the game results. There are various kinds of football shoes, which can be applied to artificial grass, hard field, floor and soft field, etc. It is necessary to choose the corresponding type of soccer shoes according to different venues, which is convenient for getting good results in the game.

Blue football boots

Footballers enjoy a stage that stars of other sports envy, acting like dancers in front of tens of thousands of live viewers and more TV audiences, to show their skills and teamwork . The reason why stars in other sports envy is that they can not only show their athletic talents, but also exude charm with wearing beautiful jerseys and soccer shoes. Frequent contacts between the shoe and the ball makes the shoe become an important partner for football stars.


The role of football shoes is to better play football of players on the green field. We look at the appearance of football shoes, which are relatively tight. Its shape is fit to the foot shape, which can play your foot strength out to the maximum and kick the ball higher and harder. And the upper material of football shoes is hard, so it can protect your feet in the fierce football games. Football soles usually have spikes (if not, the material is the most frictional) to increase grip, so it easier to speed up and slow down on the pitch. You can come and go freely on the court. Here are some functions of football shoes:

Black football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

  1. 1. Protect Your Feet 

As we all know, football is a highly confrontational sport. It often happens to the feet, so injuries are very normal. And professional football shoes, whether they are top-level or entry-level shoes, can protect our feet to a certain extent. Although there is no guarantee that there will be no injuries, it can protect our feet to some extent through the interlocking of shoe spikes, pads, soles, etc. The constant impact can be dissolved under the shoe, which can make the player play longer and less likely to be injured.

2. Provide Better Grip

As we all know, football fields are usually made of natural grass or artificial grass, and a few are floor fields, but just be different between the quality and maintenance of different types of fields. The grip on natural grass or artificial grass is very important.  The studs are usually added to the sole of football shoes in order to increase the ability of gripping. There is much knowledge of the arrangement, material and length of the studs. The common canvas shoes, including canvas shoes with studs, cannot be compared with professional football shoes in this respect.

3. Hit the Ball

The football shoes also have an impact on hitting the ball. It can improve the arc of the ball through the friction of the vamp; it can make the player a quicker dribble through the tough skin of football shoes; it can also make them run faster and less likely to slip. In professional football shoes, on some impact points, use special materials to make the ball more comfortable to hit and shoot. The studs of professional football shoes can also strengthen the friction between the shoes and the grass and prevent the fall.

Upper Material

  • (1) Kangaroo skin
Cyan football boots

(The picture is from the ASCIS Official Website)

This is the most iconic football shoe upper material. Kangaroo leather was a top-level status symbol for a long time. Some players still think that non-kangaroo leather football shoes are not top-notch, or even real professional football shoe. Kangaroo skin is soft, thin, tough, breathable and waterproof, which is recognized as the best natural leather on the earth. And it is also the most suitable applied in football shoes with fierce resistance, high tear strength, better touch, waterproof and breathability. However, due to the small size of kangaroo and its aggressive animals, the original skin has many scars so its many parts can not be used to make football shoes. In addition, only kangaroo skin is exported from Australia, so the production cost of kangaroo leather made for football shoes is relatively high and the price is more expensive. But in recent years, the kangaroo skin has basically not used in football shoes in order to avoid the killing of kangaroos.

 The disadvantage of kangaroo skin is also reflected in too soft easy to flat or excessive extension, that is, after the practice easy to deform or be larger and larger, so the sense of wrapping greatly is  reduced; Easy to open glue, it is too soft and natural leather and glue chemical characteristics are very different, not compatible; Not suitable for rainy weather. Natural leather will peel off, loose and age after being soaked in water.

  • (2) Cowhide
Black football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Cowhide was generally used on non-top football shoes in the past, mainly because cowhide also has the characteristics of soft touch, good air permeability, and low raw material cost. In recent years, due to the sharp increase in the raw material cost of kangaroo leather, many brands have replaced kangaroo leather with tanned cowhide or calfskin for top football shoes. At present, the tanning technology of leather manufacturers can be said to be the best, and the texture of tanned cowhide or calf cowhide can be made infinitely close to kangaroo leather. However, the toughness and waterproof of cowhide is always inferior to that of kangaroo skin, which is more obvious after practices. In addition to that, it is relatively more prone to deformation, surface peeling and looseness.

  • (3) Artificial fiber 
Purple football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

The application of artificial fiber in football shoes is to make up for the shortcomings of natural leather.  For example, natural leather has a good soft touch but poor power; easy to deform after practices; not suitable for rainy weather; easy to open glue, poor durability; not suitable for adding too many patterns, colors, coatings or auxiliary designs on the surface because it is easy to peel off. After many years of development, the current artificial fiber of football shoes can not only has made up for the many shortcomings of natural leather, but also has basically simulated all the advantages of natural leather, and more durable, lower cost of raw materials. It is the trend of artificial fiber gradually replacing natural leather in football shoes. Of course, it is also divided into different grades in man-made fiber,corresponding to different grades of football shoes. We generally call good man-made fiber as super-fiber, and poor as PU. Finally, it should be added that poor air permeability is a prominent problem with most man-made fibers.

  • (4) Fabrics
Red and black football boots

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Fabric material have been emerged like bamboo shoots after spring rain in the last two years, designed to provide the most natural sense of barefoot. The most representative ones is Nike Nigrithorax. Hardly imaging how fabrics could be used in football shoes, we were worried about whether it could withstand the high-intensity of football, but the era of change has arrived. The fabrics technologies, especially fly-knit in football shoes, do bring us unprecedented barefoot experience, but the outstanding problems lie in the high production cost, high price, average power, low durability. There are also some entry-level football shoes that use fabric, but that fabric is commonly known as the “cloth cover”, a dense woven fabric, low cost but poor wrapping, support, power and durability.

Outsole Material 

The outsole materials of football shoes are TPU, nylon and carbon fiber. Here are the descriptions of them.

  1. 1. TPU
Football sole material

(This picture is from Encyclopedia)

The full name is thermoplastic polyurethane, which is widely used in the outsoles of various grades of football shoes with the characteristics of toughness, wearproof, transpare

ncy and low cost, in line with the requirements of high strength resistance and pattern modification of football shoes. The disadvantage is that it is relatively heavy.

Nylon material

(This picture is from Encyclopedia)

 It has been developed in recent years. As the modern football has been increasingly pursuing to be faster and faster, it must be reduced in weight of football shoes. The lighter and stronger nylon is becoming the best choice. However, the disadvantages of nylon are insufficient toughness, non-transparency, and high cost. Generally, it is only used on sub-top or above football shoes.

  • 3. Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber

(This picture is from Encyclopedia)

 Its advantages are light weight, high elasticity,  and a unique high-end visual sense, but the disadvantage is that the cost is very high; the requirements for the use of the field are also very high; it is generally used in super top football shoes.

  • 4. Rubber

(This picture is from Encyclopedia)

TF and IC generally use rubber as the outsole material for the field is relatively hard, the rubber has a certain cushioning performance, and friction can also meet the needs of grasping the ground.


According to the different fields, football shoes can be divided into six categories according to the characteristics of studs :SG,FG, HG, AG, TF and IC. Here are introductions in detail respectively.

  1. SG (Soft Ground)
Blue and white football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

It is also known as steel nail football shoes. The nails are relatively long, suitable for real grass with soft or very soft surfaces. Generally speaking, players will use football boots with this steel nails on rainy days.

  • FG (Firm Ground/Harder Ground)
Red and black football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

FG boots are the best choice on natural grass. Designers have made special improvements to FG shoes for natural grassland, which resulted in most players choosing FG on such fields. At present, most professional players wear FG during games, which is also the most common. FG usually have the longest spikes and are suitable for flat natural grassland, as long as the field is not particularly wet.

  • HG (Hard Ground)
Blue football boots

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

The shoe nails are slightly shorter than FG, suitable for top or medium grass, the thickness of rubber plus fine sand can vertically bury 2/3 one yuan coin, the upper field in the conditions of amateur competition.

  • AG (Artificial Ground) 
Blue smooth football boots

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

The shoe nails are shorter than HG’ s, generally about 1 cm, and the rubber used is softer than FG and HG, and the number of shoe nails is also more than the above two types. greater than 1 cm.  It is suitable for artificial grass larger than 1 cm with rubber granules and fine sand thickness.

  • TF (Turf)  
Cyan football boots

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Suitable for all kinds of artificial courts and has strong adaptability. Have a good grip on the ground. Although it starts slowly, the least pressure on the ankles and knees.

  • IC (Indoor)
Three-color football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Suitable for polished indoor football field and very poor quality of outdoor artificial grass.


As described above, only after mastering these can we better distinguish football shoes so as to find a very suitable and satisfactory football shoes. Finally, I give several recommendations of football boots.

Orange football boots

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $113

User Rating: 4.5/5

Link Address: adidas

The elastic vamp of the football shoes is woven with tape of different widths and strains to fit the shape of your foot. The lock fit can provide stability and direct contact. The motion tape inspired tension tape reduces the limit for a truly personalized fit. The outsole and torsional system provide flexibility for every twist and turn. Explosive acceleration and high speed cornering support an agile stud configuration.

White football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Price: $250

User Rating: 4.9/5

Link Address: nike

The Nike Phantom GT Elite FG is a data-driven design engineered for precise attacks. This shoe is suitable for wet and short grass fields. Thicker and denser grip on the instep and toes can help players pass, dribble and shoot better. According to the athlete’s test, Flyknit Construction wraps your feet in elastic yarn to get support and fit like socks. All conditional control (ACC) completion means reliable contact under wet and dry conditions. The ultra-fast system combines lightweight stability with a tuned chassis with open arch plates. An updated stud configuration creates dynamic traction in rapidly changing directions.

Black football boots

(The picture is from the ADIDAS Official Website)

Price: $113

User Rating: 4.6/5

Link Address: adidas

The Adidas Copa Mundial Shoes are built for the big-time. Crafted to deliver a world-class fit and touch, they have a premium K-leather forefoot for step-in comfort and assured control. A foam midsole cushions every step.

The outsole is suitable for firm and natural ground. A die-cut EVA midsole distributes stud pressure across the sole to keep you flying. Premium K-leather in the forefoot keeps you comfortable and delivers a silky touch. Molded studs dig in to keep you in control on firm ground. (From the Adidas Official Flagship Store )

Blue football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Price Range: $195.97 – $230

User Rating: 4.4/5

Link Address: nike

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG takes the legendary touch of premium kangaroo leather and adds foot-hugging Quad-Fit mesh in the lining and a wraparound Flyknit tongue that feels supportive under your arch. Best for use on slightly wet short-grass fields. The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG uses the legendary touch of premium kangaroo leather. Best used in wet short-grass fields. The Flyknit tongue wraps under your arch for a support. A textured forefoot and All Conditions Control (ACC) technology give you control in wet and dry conditions.

Orange football boots

(The picture is from the NIKE Official Website)

Price Range: $152.97 – $275

User Rating: 4.7/5

Link Address: nike

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG Cleat adds a Nike Aerotrak zone to the forefoot and a slightly stiffer chassis to help supercharged traction. Best used on slightly wet short-grass fields

The 360-degree Flyknit construction wraps your foot. New high-tenacity yarn and a liner create a close and secure feel on the court.

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