How To Pick Up Materials In China Shoe Factory

The purchase of shoes materials can timely meet the needs of production, processing or assembly of China shoe factory, which is a prerequisite for the regular operation of production activities of China shoe factory.

There can directly affect the cost and delivery time of finished products, such as the price of shoes materials, shoes parts and delivery time. In addition, reducing the cost of shoes materials is also an essential link for China shoe factory to reduce costs and improve economic benefits.

Therefore, it is crucial to pick up shoes materials. The purpose of the article is to introduce the process of purchasing shoes materials in China shoe factory. And we hope readers can have a deeper understanding of China shoe factory.



Purchasing Department in China Shoe Factory

(The picture is from NIKE Official Website.)

Generally, as the cost center of China shoe factory, the purchasing department should carry out effective procurement management and establish a complete and feasible procurement management system, which will significantly improve the operation efficiency of China shoe factory.

The purchasing department of the China shoe factory needs to cooperate with the internal demand department and external shoes suppliers to meet the needs of all parties. If there is scientific management and control of the procurement, it can benefit all parties in the whole purchasing system, including shoes suppliers and China shoe factory.

Next, we will introduce the functions of the purchasing department and each employee’s job responsibilities in detail.

Functions of Purchasing Department

The purchasing department of the China shoe factory is responsible for the following five aspects.

First of all, it is responsible to the general manager and carries out his instructions.  

Secondly, it can make the procurement strategy of raw materials in combination with the specific conditions of the company’s business. This part mainly has the following two minor points.

◆The purchasing department of the China shoe factory shall fully communicate with the R&D department and the production department, conduct detailed market research according to all shoes materials that the China shoe factory may purchase, clarify the quality, price and supply capacity of shoes materials that are different shoes suppliers may supply, formulate procurement strategy and provide decision-making basis for the general manager.

◆There must be multiple suppliers to purchase raw materials for each kind of shoe, and 2 to 3 relatively fixed shoes suppliers are preferred.

Thirdly, the purchasing department implements procurement plans timely according to the requirements of the R&D department and production department. There are four specific points:

◆Purchase according to the Procurement Demand Approval Form submitted by the R&D department and the production department. 

◆After telephoning the general manager for emergency purchase for instructions, make up the Emergency Purchase Replenishment List afterward.

◆ Ensure the timeliness of delivery. 

◆Reduce the difference ratio of raw materials of shoes and reduce transportation costs.

Fourthly, establish the management mechanism of shoes suppliers.

◆Set up detailed files for all information of each shoes supplier. And set up transaction details for shoes suppliers.

◆The purchasing files shall be orderly and detailed, and it can ensure accurate accounts and look up information quickly.

◆Through cooperation with shoes suppliers, the purchasing department should regularly analyze each shoe supplier’s quality, delivery time, price, service, and reputation to determine the preferred partners.

◆Contact shoes suppliers more often or meet with them regularly to learn more information and increase mutual trust.

Fifthly, formulate, analyze and evaluate the shoes supply market. 

◆ Pay close attention to the relevant international and domestic situation at any time to master the shoes market trend. 

◆Analyze the shoes supply market monthly, master the shoes market situation and take countermeasures timely.

◆Conduct regular investigations and surveys at ports or shoes raw material supplied places to master first-hand information.

Purchasing Manager     

The job responsibilities of purchasing Manager of China shoe factory mainly include the following ten points:

◆Formulate the operational policies and objectives of the purchasing department.

◆ The manager is responsible for purchasing the primary raw materials or materials for shoes.

◆ Prepare annual procurement plans and budgets.   

◆ Check and sign purchase orders and contracts.  

◆Establish and improve the procurement system.

◆Write department report weekly or monthly.   

◆The manager should take charge of the education and training of purchasing personnel.

◆Establish a good relationship with shoes suppliers.   

◆Supervise the overall business and personnel assessment of the purchasing department.

◆Host or participate in the related procurement business meetings, and do an excellent job of inter-department coordination. 

Purchasing Supervisor     

The job responsibilities of purchasing supervisor in China shoe factory mainly include the following eight points:

◆Assign the daily work of purchasing staff and clerks.     

◆ The supervisor is responsible for the purchase of secondary raw materials or materials for shoes.

◆ Assist purchasing staff in negotiating price, payment terms and delivery date with shoes suppliers.

◆Tracking the purchasing progress. 

◆ Supervision of insurance, notarization and claim.

◆Check and review the general cases of purchasing shoes materials.   

◆ A market survey of shoes materials.

◆Assess shoes suppliers regularly.


The job responsibilities of the purchaser of the procurement department of China shoe factory mainly include the following eight points:   

◆ Mainly responsible for purchasing general shoes materials.    

◆ Visit shoes manufacturers.   

◆The purchaser should negotiate with shoes suppliers on price, payment terms, delivery dates, etc.

◆Request shoes suppliers to perform valuable work.

◆Confirm the delivery date.

◆ Handling of general claim cases.    

◆Handling shoes returns.   

◆Collect shoes price information and alternative shoes materials.

Purchasing Officer     

The duties of purchasing clerk in China shoe factory are mainly followed:

◆Registration of purchase requisition and acceptance form.

◆Recording of purchase orders and contracts.

◆Delivery records and check and expedite them.

◆Arrangement and reception of visitors.

◆The application and reporting of purchase expenses.

◆Application for import and export documents and procedures of shoes materials.

◆Computer operations and file management.

◆Undertake insurance and notarization.

The above is the detailed introduction of the purchasing department of the China shoes factory. The following is the introduction of how to purchase shoe materials in China shoe factory.

Purchasing Shoes Materials 

First of all, let’s have a general idea of the procurement process of China shoes factory, which is roughly divided into two steps.

Step 1: Cost accounting analysis

The procurement department of the China shoe factory to determine the criteria for evaluating the quotation. So, what are the standards of evaluation? The procurement personnel evaluates the offer mainly through these three standards of price, cost, shoes supplier’s ability and enthusiasm.

Among them, the lower quotation does not mean the better. If the quotation is lower than the cost price, it will not be conducive to long-term cooperation with each other and bring immeasurable supply risk to China shoe factory. Therefore, there have some requirements for shoes suppliers. One is that the shoes suppliers’ production capacity and technical capacity shall meet the required goods’ quantity, quality, and delivery requirements. At the same time, the other is that shoes suppliers shall intend long-term cooperation and actively cooperate with the standard production needs and continuous improvement requirements of China shoe factory.

Step 2: The analysis of shoes style

The analysis of shoes style includes the analysis of shoes materials particularity and the analysis of shoes structure and process.

The analysis of shoes materials particularity:

Test the physical and chemical properties of shoes materials according to the client’s shoes materials testing standards.

Physical test: wear resistance, tension, twists and turns, folds, etc.

Chemical test: abrasion resistance, formaldehyde, etc.

The analysis of shoes structure and process:

This part mainly analyzes the technological difficulties in shoes production. The shoes process will not be introduced in detail here. Readers who do not know or are interested in shoes process can spend a few seconds browsing the article: 11 Common Manufacturing Techniques Applied To Shoes Vamp.

After shoe materials analysis, the shoe samples’ plan shall be formulated according to the corresponding shoes materials factory. Then, the China shoe factory will test the prepared samples of shoes materials according to the test and analysis standards. All materials shall be subject to make shoes samples testing before mass production, and mass production shall be carried out only after the testing shoes samples are passed.

During mass production, the QC of the China shoe factory needs to conduct a random inspection to check the shoes materials’ thickness, color, quality, etc. Random check shoes from mass production and then test shoes based on the same standards. Therefore, the shoes materials need to be tested twice.

Once before mass production and once during mass production, it can be warehoused only after passing both tests. After the shoes materials are put into storage, QC will conduct quality inspection again, QC shall conduct quality inspection again, and conduct acceptance after passing the quality inspection.

The above introduction is the general procurement process of China shoe factory. Now let’s come to the procurement of leading shoes materials and accessories in China shoe factory.

Purchasing Main Materials 

For China shoe factory, primary materials generally refer to materials of shoes vamp and outsole. If the clients provide the material of shoes vamps, the purchasers of China shoe factory don’t need to purchase it. Here we mainly focus on the purchase of the outsole. If the clients do not provide the vamp of the shoe, generally they will send the material standards of shoes vamp or send the original shoes to have a reference to the vamp and outsole of the shoe, and then the procurement staff of the China shoe factory will purchase them. In general, the purchasers of China shoe factory will look for suitable shoes vamps from two or three familiar fabric factories. When the procurement staff of China shoe factory purchase suitable shoes materials, they will first order some material samples of shoes vamp, please send them to clients for selection, and then make bulk orders according to clients’ choices.

The purchase of an outsole takes more time than shoes vamp. In China shoe factory, the main points of purchasing outsole are as follows:

For one thing, the purchaser needs to find the most suitable outsole from hundreds of outsole factories to meet clients’ requirements.

For another, the QC of China shoe factory needs to go to the outsole factory to order a pair of the outsole. If the QC orders a suitable outsole, it also will take several days to open it. Preparing well for the outsole, the technicians of the China shoe factory will check whether the outsole is suitable for shoes. If they can be well-matched, the sales staff of the China shoe factory will send the outsole to the clients for confirmation. After the confirmation, the technicians need to open the pattern and then open the shoe last in shoe last factories on the basis of the shoe last pattern. However, if the length and width of the outsole are not suitable for the original shoes, the QC of China shoe factory will reorder the outsole. It will take another a few days or a week.

However, whether to choose the right shoes vamp materials or outsoles, there are MOQ(Minimum order quantity) requirements for bulk orders. Therefore, our Xin De Sheng Shoe factory also has the MOQ. And there are 1500 pairs of sports shoes or private label shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes, respectively. And the specific amounts are needed to discuss with us depending on different styles. And suppose you are looking for sports shoes manufacturers, running shoes manufacturers, private-label shoes manufacturers, or China shoe factories to manufacture your designer shoes. In that case, you all can contact us by email: If you are willing to trust us, we will give you a big surprise!

Purchasing Accessories

The accessories we mentioned generally refer to insoles, shoelaces, decorative articles, etc. First of all, the purchasers of China shoe factory need to go to the material market to find all the lining materials and accessories. And all the suitable materials need to be brought back to the sample workshop for inspection. If there are no suitable materials, the purchasers of China shoe factory need to look for suitable materials repeatedly. And that will take a few days. Additionally, it may also take 1 to 2 weeks to look for some unique materials or leather materials.

When shoes accessories are found, the purchasers of the China shoe factory should order a few samples first, then send them to the test room and spend a few days testing. After the test of shoes accessories is passed, a large number of purchases can be made. In mass production, these auxiliary materials also need to be sampled and tested like the materials used in shoes vamp and outsoles. And the production can be continued only after passing these two tests.

China Shoe Factory

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In detail, this China shoe factory has strict control of the quality of shoes. It has been making Japanese FILA shoes for a long time, and we can make sure the shoes can meet the standards of exporting. There have three full inspectors on the production line, and they shall inspect every pair of shoes in that China shoe factory. Before shipment, the exported shoes will be inspected again by a third-party shoe quality inspection institution. Accordingly, if you want to find private label shoes manufacturers, you can believe us! Choose us, and you should be less worried about the quality of the shoes than other China shoe factories.

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(The picture is from MIKE Official Website.)

Procurement is crucial for any shoe factory on the globe. Only when you know something about procurement can you have a thorough understanding of China shoe factories. The deeper you know, you can position your products more accurately and find the right shoe factories that are more in line with your goals, mainly increasing the probability of success in your career.

Alright, we wrap the article up here. We hope you could have a general idea of the purchasing department of China shoe factory. 

Assuming that you would like to manufacture your designed running shoes, hiking shoes or other kinds of shoes, you could email us at! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us some messages. Thank you very much!

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