How We Do the Quality Control of Shoes?


When we think of quality control, it means we are focusing on the manufacturing, development or production businesses by inspecting products for defects and flaws. The quality control processes and techniques are used in all types of service-based or product-based businesses or factories. There is no exception in the shoe production business as well. That is why quality control is a key component of every well-run shoe production business of the factory.

What Is Quality Control?

Quality Control is a process that businesses find and use to ensure that the quality of products is maintained and continuously improved. QC needs shoe production factories to create an environment that is suitable and perfect for management as well as employees. Quality Control is done by creating high-quality products, training personnel, and testing products to check for variations.
The establishment of well-defined controls is a major aspect of quality control. These controls not only help to standardize production and reactions to quality issues. Hence, we can say that Quality control or QC is a process through which a business finds to ensure that the quality of a product is always maintained or improved.

Quality Control in Our Shoe Factory

A good quality control program is allowing our shoe factory to deliver a consistently high-quality product, services, and customer experience. Developing quality control processes helps any business to operate without facing difficulties in making progress. The growth of our successful shoe factory business needs attention to money as well as people. Hence, quality control plays its role to make it possible to monitor these things quite efficiently.

How Can Poor Quality Shoes Destroy Your Business?

Just imagine, if shoes of any shoe manufacturing factory are not high-quality, a lot of time and money will be wasted in redoing them. It will ultimately cut down on profit margins. The customers will stop buying such products if they are not happy with the quality of their shoes.  It will result in a situation where no one would like to do business with your shoe factory. Additionally, it will destroy your reputation due to the poor quality of shoes. Hence, the graph of your business will go down instead of going up with the production of high-quality shoes in your shoe factory. That is why the quality control process is very important to ensure the quality of shoes.

How Do We Ensure QC In Our Factory?

The following 6 steps we use to develop a quality control process in our shoe factory:

1. We Set Our Quality Standards

In some industries, an outside body such as the local health and safety inspector, industry association, or a government regulatory agency may set the quality standards. However, there are no official quality standards for some other industries. So, those need to set their own standards. Our shoe production factory sets its quality standards to produce high-quality shoes. After setting up these quality standards, we always make sure that these must be measurable objectively. This is the first and very important step to do the quality control of shoes in our shoe factory.

2. We Decide Which Quality Standards To Focus On

In our shoe factory, we always look to ensure quality in all aspects of the operation. However, we start by focusing on the most important measures, those having the biggest effect on our customer experience. This prioritizes our quality standards and enables us to get results quickly and also keeps our team from becoming overwhelmed.
For example, keeping the shoe factory clean and tidy is definitely something to monitor in our quality control program. However, it might not be the most important thing when compared with other activities. Producing and presenting high-quality shoes to customers quickly and accurately is a more important quality standard as it has a more direct effect on customer satisfaction and the quality of experience. Hence, we prioritize quality standards in our shoe production factory and focus on those standards to produce the desired products and good customer experiences.

3. We Create Operational Processes To Deliver Quality

We believe that well-designed processes always lead to high-quality products. That is why we create well-organized operational processes during shoe production and focus on delivering quality. Our shoes always get better and better as we create good processes, continually measure the results of those processes and keep working to improve the process consistently.

4. We Always Review Our Results

One of the other very important quality control processes we ensure is to review our results and act upon accordingly. Our shoe factory customizes the information collected and uses dashboards to view that information at a glance. Most business software allows you to do that as well in today’s market. We always review our data regularly to see how well our shoe factory is meeting the quality standards we set up in the very first quality control process.

5. We Get Feedback

Our shoe factory keeps getting feedback from different sources on the quality of the produced shoes. We use measurable feedback from external sources, such as online ratings, reviews, net promoter scores, and customer surveys to get a fuller picture of the quality of shoes produced in our factory. Additionally, we get feedback from our employees regularly. We keep asking our employees questions such as how our operational processes can be improved and how well these processes work to deliver quality.

6. We Always Keep Making Improvements

There is no full stop when it comes to providing products to our customers. Even after meeting the highest quality control standards, we still don’t stop there. We always keep making improvements by judging anything that could be more useful and advantageous to our customers. Additionally, quality control always shows that there is room for improvement no matter how well your processes are running. That is why we always keep making improvements and updating small changes to produce even better results and serve our valued customers more efficiently.

Final Words

The quality control program is great and it allows you to deliver high-quality products consistently. In our shoe production factory, quality control processes are adopted to ensure quality control of shoes. Firstly, we set up our quality standards and prioritize them to focus on the most important ones that matter. Then we create operational and well-organized processes to deliver quality as well as review the results of our produced shoes.
Additionally, our shoe factory does the quality control of shoes by getting feedback from the clients and buyers to get the overall view of the finally produced shoes. Lastly, we always keep improving whatever we think is good for our clients and for the quality of the final product. That is how we ensure the quality control of shoes in our shoe production factory.

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