Men’s Sneakers Popular Ranking [2021]

“Sneakers” are becoming more and more important in men’s fashion, regardless of style or genre. This time, Xindesheng’s private label shoes supplier will introduce popular sneakers, standard popular sneakers, and the latest style popularity quickly obtained based on hearings in major stores and overseas fashion events!

No. 10 New Balance [low-tech type] 574/576/M996/1300/M1400, etc.

New Balance gray sneakers

Classic low-tech New Balance running shoes. After all, the most popular is “574”, which attracts people at a reasonable price. If you want to be different from the surrounding environment, it is recommended to choose high-end models such as “M996” or “M1400”.

No. 9 Nike Air Jordan One

Nike Air Jordan One red and gray sneakers

From standard models such as “Bred”, “Royal” and “Shadow” to the “Tsumakuro” series that has developed various changes today, “Air Jordan 1″ has gained a solid position as NIKE’s standard model. Air Jordan One)”. Among many styles and styles such as mid-cut, low-cut, and 1.5 series, the most popular is “Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi”. As we all know, many famous artists use models with prime prices are under development Nowadays, the collaboration model is under development, and its popularity will only increase. It can be used not only as a realistic basketball shoe, but also as a fashion shoe.


HOKA ONE ONE BONDI 6 black sneakers

Launched BONDI 6, the daddy shoe of HOKA ONE ONE, a running shoe brand that has quickly gained attention. The biggest feature is the midsole. Its volume is about twice that of ordinary running shoes. The upper is made of comfortable and breathable mesh material. The midsole of all EVA material and the outsole of metal rocker technology are smooth, achieving good results. -Balanced operating comfort. The padded tongue fits your feet and shoes better, and the heel stabilizer provides excellent grip. Even if you drive on hard roads for a long time, you can continue to experience the best cushioning effect.

No. 7 VANS Classic Wear

VANS Classic Wear black Sneakers

Classic slip-on shoes with simple design. There are many color variations and the price is very reasonable, so you can have more than one to suit your style!

No. 6 New Balance 990 series

New Balance 990 series beige Sneakers

Speaking of the New Balance 900 series, it is positioned as a road running shoe in New Balance. The price in 1982 was 100 US dollars (1 US dollar = 280 yen at the time), which was the high price of sneakers at the time, and “this pair of shoes is 990 in the ratio of 1,000.” From 990 to 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 991, 992, 993 in chronological order, this has become a major topic in advertisements calling for high performance, especially fashion. 990’s attention to young people is rising rapidly, with features such as a thick midsole and an exquisite retro appearance.

No. 5 Converse All Star High Cut

Converse All Star High Cut Beige Sneakers

“All Star”, a masterpiece sneaker representing Converse. This is the current model of All-Star, and it has cumulative sales that no sports shoes can match. The most attractive point is that it is easy to wear, reasonably priced, and easier to reach than the second-ranked “CT70”. It is a reproduction of the 70s specifications.

No. 4 VANS OLD SKOOL old school (Jazz)

VANS OLD SKOOL old school black Sneakers

“OLD SKOOL” stands for VANS, commonly known as “Jazz”. In low-top sneakers, this one is as popular as Authentic. This is a convenient pair when incorporating street colors and surfing colors into your clothing.

No. 3 Converse Chuck Taylor 70, commonly known as “CT70”

Converse Chuck Taylor 70, commonly known as "CT70" Black Sneakers

“CT70” which reproduced the details of the 70s of Converse All-Stars. By incorporating the latest technology in the insole, comfort is greatly improved. The outsole is about 5 mm thicker than the current model, and there are many differences in the detailed design, such as the three-star black patch and the cursive “CHUCK TAYLOR” printed on the heel. Unfortunately, there is no official development in Japan, but it is very likely to be available on highly sensitive select shops and overseas EC websites. Due to its popularity, large sales of flea market apps and other damage information has come out, so even if it is a bit expensive, it is best to get it from a reliable store.

No. 2 Genuine truck

Genuine truck white sneakers

“Authentic” is VANS’s debut when it first started. From its release to the present, surfers have of course been loved by many men for their affordable prices and simple design without choosing clothes. The standard all-white, all-black, black×white are all good, but the color changes a lot, so you can choose a color that is difficult to wear with people!

No. 1 Adidas Originals Stan Smith

Although production has been discontinued for some time, Stan Smith is still reprinting from Adidas Originals as is. From street fashion to beautiful jackets and jackets, these sneakers are easy to match with anything, so you can bring a pair and never lose!

Adidas Originals Stan Smith White Sneakers

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