OEM shoes manufacturer & factory

xindesheng is a professional OEM shoe manufacturer, supplier, and factory, in xindesheng, you can choose a variety of OEM shoes, such as sole material, upper material, xindesheng OEM shoes for your brand. Good quality, you don’t need to consider the cumbersome steps in the production of shoes, such as raw material ordering, shoe sample design, production worker management, etc. We can also provide you with designs, you just need to put forward your ideas and leave the rest to xindesheng, you can receive the perfect shoes.

What is OEM?
OEM is the abbreviation of Original equipment manufacturer, abbreviation: entrusted manufacturing, also translated as an original equipment manufacturer, refers to a modern popular production in which the purchaser provides equipment and technology, the manufacturer is responsible for production, manpower, and space, and the purchaser is responsible for sales. Way.

Professional factory, professional R&D team, focus on private label shoe production

We are the R&D manufacturer of more than 100 brands in more than 40 countries around the world. We are the top private label shoe factory in China. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it mainly served European and American customers and was committed to developing shoes with good quality and reasonable price, providing starters with a complete set of solutions including design, production, and quality testing. For more than ten years, it has been 100% praised by customers.

Main OEM footwear types
We have a professional, talented, and experienced R&D and design team, who can design more than 200 new products in seven days. The products cover shoes for men and women of all ages, involving seven series of dress shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, skateboard shoes, boots, sandals, and hiking shoes.

Provide samples or sketches

Provide us with your samples, sketches, or your needs, we customize them according to your needs.

get price

We will provide you with suitable solutions and prices according to your requirements.

PI production

Send official quotation and PI to you

sample making

We will do our best to produce samples for you.

Sample confirmed

Send the produced samples to your hands quickly for confirmation.

mass production

Mass-produce your footwear orders

Quality Inspection

Professional quality inspection team to ensure that your product quality is qualified.

Packaging and Shipping

According to your packaging requirements, the goods are packed and shipped to you as soon as possible.

confirm the receipt of goods

Finally receive your shoes.

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