Top Private Label Running Shoe Manufacturers and Suppliers

Whether you are interested in creating your own running shoe products or want to include running shoes in your brand’s current product list, you need an excellent private label footwear company to provide the shoes and services you are looking for.

Most of the running shoe companies we list have their own shoe catalog collections from which you can choose, and sometimes provide you with a choice of the same products in multiple colors and/or materials.

The xindesheng running shoe manufacturer allows you to work with them to tailor the design process of running shoes for you and your company. The last step in the manufacturing process is to mark the shoes with your company’s logo. The Sindh shoe factory can mark the shoes with your company’s logo.

Top Private Label Shoe Manufacturering Companies in the China

xindesheng running shoes

Customizable private label shoes, providing OEM and ODM services

Xindesheng running shoes provides its own brand shoe solutions, OEM&ODM services. Our advanced technology and supply chain can help the world’s leading shoe brands make outstanding shoes! 8 production lines, 1,000 workers, annual production of 4 million pairs of shoes!

xindesheng provides you with ODM, OEM customized shoes and wholesale shoes, such as sports shoes, private brand shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes, hiking shoes.

Xindesheng has top designers who can design running shoes, sports shoes and casual shoes for you. Xindesheng understands the compliance and quality standards of the European Union and the United States very well.

In the context of the global footwear industry shifting to Asia, China’s footwear industry has developed rapidly. In 2019, the output of various types of shoes in China exceeded 15 billion pairs, accounting for more than 70% of the world, of which 11.93 billion pairs were exported.

China has become an important footwear manufacturing base in the world, and the brands introduced below hope to help you.

Li Ning running shoes (world brand, Chinese famous brand, origin Beijing)

Gymnastics Prince Li Ning founded the sporting goods brand in 1990, an internationally renowned running brand, a large-scale running outdoor equipment provider, Li Ning (China) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Li Ning company has complete brand marketing, research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and sales capabilities, mainly operating Li Ning brand professional and casual running shoes, clothing, equipment and accessories products.

It has established a huge retail distribution network and supply chain management system in China, and continues to increase its e-commerce position and build an e-commerce ecosystem. Li Ning was listed in Hong Kong in June 2004. As of October 2020, Li Ning’s market value has exceeded 100 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Peak running shoes (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, National Inspection-free Product, Origin Quanzhou)

Peak PEAK (a well-known brand of Chinese basketball equipment, an export-oriented enterprise group focusing on the design and development of professional sports running equipment and equipment, a listed company, Fujian Quanzhou Peak Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Peak running shoes are mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and promotion of Peak “PEAK” brand sports running products (running shoes). It has nearly 30 years of professional R&D, manufacturing and sales experience.

Peak has more than 5,000 retail outlets in China, and has more than 100 distributors and more than 1,000 distribution outlets overseas. It has established an international brand operation system integrating production and sales, and its business covers Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa, and Australia on five continents. Many countries and regions.

361 degree running shoes (China famous brand, China famous brand, national inspection-free product, origin Quanzhou)

A leading brand in the national sporting goods industry, a comprehensive sporting goods company integrating branding/R&D/design/production/distribution, Sanliuyidu (China) Co., Ltd.

361° Group is a comprehensive sporting goods company integrating branding, R&D, design, production and distribution. Its products include running shoes, clothing and related accessories, children’s clothing, fashion leisure and other categories. The group was established in 2003. Under the guidance of the spirit of committed to becoming a globally respected brand model, it has become one of the leading running shoe companies in China.

Anta running shoes (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, National Inspection-free Product, Origin Quanzhou)

Beginning in 1994, Anta (China) Co., Ltd., a standard-setter for the sporting goods industry, an integrated sporting goods brand company focusing on running casual clothing/shoes and accessories

At present, Anta Group has more than 5,000 employees, a factory building area of ​​more than 120,000 square meters, and six modern assembly lines with computerized management. The annual production of various types of casual running shoes reaches more than 5 million pairs.

Jordan running shoes (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, National Inspection-free Product, Origin Quanzhou)

Top ten running shoe brands, a large-scale sporting goods company integrating design/development/production/sales of sporting goods, Jordan Sports Co., Ltd.

Jordan running shoes are running shoes designed, produced and operated by Jordan Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. According to the categories of Jordan’s running shoes, we have carefully designed and produced many types of running shoes, sports shoes, basketball shoes, casual shoes and so on.

Starting from the different professional needs of different running needs, Jordan Sports is committed to designing footwear products that conform to the laws of sports science. In order to fully meet the professional requirements of professional runners and fully cover the running leisure needs of runners, Jordan running shoes Jidu provides a variety of styles and functional products for consumers to choose from.

Xtep running shoes (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, National Inspection-free Product, Origin Quanzhou)

Founded in 1987, the first brand-new model of sporting goods, the representative of running fashion genre, the early development of a sports brand in the full-color era of running shoes, Xtep (China) Co., Ltd.

Xtep shoe manufacturer, headquartered in Jinjiang City, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, is one of China’s leading sporting goods companies, mainly engaged in the design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and brand management of running shoes.

If you want to produce running shoes for your private label, please contact xindesheng, who will provide you with the design and production of running shoes, affix your exclusive private label, package and send it to your hands, so that you can easily realize yourself Brand exclusive running shoes.

You can check out our new shoe designs to pick out the styles you need and send them to us.

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