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Roller skating has been a popular pastime for a long time, but, as is said by many roller skates manufacturers, this sport has been more prevalent among people who have been confined to their rooms or restricted by the COVID-19 epidemic in the past two years. Crazies of all ages see this hobby as a safer way to get out.

Whether you’re a newbie who wants to join in the fun or want to upgrade the roller skates you already own, four-roller skates are for people of all levels and budgets, and there are many brands of styles and new models for you to choose from. Besides, you don’t need ample open space to practice skating because your hallway or kitchen floor can also be used for skating practice.  


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Here is a guide to the roller skates of the best brands. If you are interested in roller skating, do not miss this article!

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1.What Are The Healthy Benefits Of Roller Skating?

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As we all know, sports can benefit us a lot. Therefore, there must be many health benefits to roller skating, and this article focuses on three points.

1.1 Enhance physical coordination and balance

Roller skating is good for balance, flexibility, emergency response and thinking. The balance and coordination of the body are mainly restricted by the flexibility, excitement, inhibition and transformation ability of the nervous system. The human nervous system is one of the earliest and fastest developing systems. Children who are playing roller skating can early exercise the central nervous systems in the sensitive development period of the nervous system so that the body movement is coordinated, flexible, soft and powerful, which will make you benefit for life. Roller skating also has a fat-burning effect, which can prevent the symptoms of childhood obesity.

1.2 Exercise joint support and flexibility

When playing roller skating, the knee and ankle joints need to support the body with appropriate force to complete supporting, sliding, turning and other movements, which has a good training effect on the joint support, especially the flexibility. A survey of falls in the elderly shows that ankle support and flexibility are the key factors to prevent falls. Therefore, whether children, teenagers or adults can benefit from roller skating.

1.3 Improve the whole body and mind

If you do roller skating correctly, you can improve your whole body and mind because roller skating is a kind of aerobic exercise of the entire body. A sportsman who has mastered the basic skills of roller skating will reach 120 times/minute of “effective exercise of heart rate.” Meanwhile, the waist, buttock, thigh and ankle muscles are exerting force during roller skating. Moreover, the skilled roller skaters will use reasonable arm swing to strengthen the balance of the body and improve the sliding so that the upper limb and even chest muscles can get exercise. Therefore, roller skating is in line with the essential elements of aerobic exercise.

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In general, roller skating’s maximum oxygen consumption (the benchmark for measuring exercise intensity) is 90% of running’s, which is good for maintaining optimal aerobic power. According to studies, roller skating at a speed of 23 km/h measured a heart rate of 74% of the maximum heart rate. This typical aerobic exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and burns fat. And if you accelerate your speed to 28km/h, it will increase your heart rate to 85% of its maximum, which will increase your muscle endurance. With continuous pulley movement, the body should be able to adjust to the best condition.

Of course, from the perspective of developing cardiopulmonary endurance, roller skating is not as good as running or fast walking. Some studies have confirmed that compared with running, roller skating at the same time has less heat consumption and less impact on cardiopulmonary function. However, roller skating is less damaging to joints than running. Especially it is fun and exercise effect on the flexibility of the whole body are more accessible to make people interested and easy to adhere to than running.

Due to the rotation of the wheels when roller skating steps, the elasticity of the wheels made of polyurethane has little impact on the joints, so the elderly are also suitable for this sport. Wearing a helmet and protective equipment can reduce the risk of falls and injuries. Not only that, but roller skating can also cultivate people’s will and enterprising spirit, which is beneficial to the development of children’s good psychological quality. For adults, roller skating can relieve pressure, delight mood, relax nerves, and has the dual role of leisure and fitness.

2.What Kind of Safety Equipment Do You Need for Roller Skating?

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Roller skating, with its unique characteristics of the times, fashion, entertainment and fitness, is loved by the masses and young people. Still, we should not forget that roller skating is a challenging sport. Many roller skaters are injured in roller skating every year because most do not have a sense of safety, do not wear protective gear, or do not wear properly. Therefore, we must pay attention to our security.

Generally speaking, the leading causes of injuries in roller skating are as followed. One is the poor quality of roller skates that easily cause eccentric blades, grinding feet, and lameness. The other is that a fall or collision during roller skating may result in injury due to failure to wear protective equipment. Third, the protection device has no standardized protection device. Therefore, it is necessary to wear roller skating protective equipment and body protection equipment in addition to choosing high-quality roller skates.

Roller skating gear is a tool to protect you from injury during roller skating. Roller skaters must wear professional protective equipment, which can effectively prevent bruises, joint sprains or soft tissue contusion. Protective equipment only plays a relatively protective role in roller skating. Therefore, in addition to wearing protective gear, everyone must master technical movements to cultivate their protection awareness. Wearing protective equipment can effectively prevent roller skaters from injury, and the possibility of damage can be reduced by more than 80%.

In a word, it is imperative to wear body protection gear when roller skating because when you are roller skating, it is inevitably to fall. If that, this equipment can protect your body from injury. Especially for children and teenagers, it is best to wear protective gear when roller skating. Usually, the complete skating equipment includes a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and palm protectors. This protective gear is best purchased from professional shoes manufacturers to get a guarantee.

Rollerblades competition

Helmets: A helmet is a piece of protective equipment used to protect the head. Helmets are a great way to cushion the blow and protect the roller skater’s head when there is a massive impact on the head.

Elbow pads: When you are roller skating, the elbow is easy to cut due to impact, and the elbow pads can avoid injury to the greatest extent. The hard shell and high elastic fabric protect the elbow from scratches and bruises.

Knee pads: In the process of roller skating, wrestling is inevitable, and there is the most significant probability of landing on the knee when you fall. Properly wearing knee pads can prevent injury and significantly reduce the impact on the face of the knee and provide good protection.

Palm protectors: During roller skating, we instinctively reach out and support due to inertia, and if we do that improperly, it can lead to wrist sprains or bruises. After the palm is protected, the palm protectors can effectively prevent these unnecessary injuries.

Different forms of roller skating have various means of protective gear. Thus, in the purchase of protective equipment, you should identify the safety performance of protective gear and buy your form of roller skating. It is recommended to buy high-quality and safe protective devices because they will protect roller skaters more and be safer, stronger, more shockproof and comfortable.

3.What Should We Pay Special Attention to When Roller Skating?

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As you all know, any sport has its precautions, and roller skating is no exception. This part mainly introduces the following seven aspects that need to pay attention to in roller skating.

3.1 Warm-up activity

Just like participating in all sports, before roller skating, you should make preparations, which is commonly known as “warm-up,” that is, to warm up your body through step-by-step exercise. The rise of body temperature will make your muscles and ligaments fully extended, flexible and powerful, and make your body more nimble, significantly reducing the risk of injury. More importantly, the warm-up activity can also help overcome the inertia of the internal organs to make sure the heart rate and blood pressure are moderately raised to meet the needs of the exercise. In the subsequent activity, you will feel it is easy to breathe and walk, which can warm all over the body.

Tips: in addition to gliding gently and slowly, it is essential to pull ligaments and move hip, knee and ankle joints. It takes at least 5-10 minutes to move ligaments and joints.

3.2 Protective gear

It is best to wear full protective gear because practicing roller skating is inevitable to fall. The protective equipment can protect roller skaters’ bodies from injury, especially children and adolescents. Generally speaking, as we saw in the last section, the whole set of roller skating equipment includes a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and palm protector. You’d better buy the protective gear from professional shoes manufacturers, which is more guaranteed in shockproof and firm and comfortable.

Knee pads are an essential part of protective equipment. Whether beginners or high roller skaters, the knee is the most likely part of falling and be impacted quickly. The helmet is also essential, and many people often think that wearing helmets is troublesome or the head is inflexible, but it is hazardous not to wear helmets. In case of falling, the charge is the most critical part to be protected. Improper protection will often cause serious injury. In many western countries, it is punishable for roller skaters without protective gear.

3.3 Site selection

When you practice roller skating, you should choose a safe place. For example, don’t play roller skating in the driveway or in the area where there are many passers-by. It would be best if you chose relatively flat ground, and there are not suitable for roller skating on the potholes, slopes, water, oil and sticky floors. In addition, you should check the screws and other fastening parts of the roller skates before the exercise to avoid injury due to the problems of the roller skates.

When practicing roller skating, it is forbidden to do dangerous or obstructing actions, especially in the public roller skating field with many people. Like several people sliding hand in hand, there are wrong actions, retrograding on the speed skating runway or retrograding with everyone’s taxiing direction, jumping and scurrying in the field, chasing and fighting, stopping suddenly, etc. That is hampering others and prone to be dangerous.

3.4 Playtime of roller skating

For children at an essential stage of growth and development, their organs and systems have not yet developed, so it is not appropriate to play roller skating for too long because excessive fatigue will affect the normal development of the body. In addition, when playing roller skating, the waist, knee and ankle need to support the body complex. If the playing time is too long, these parts are prone to overload and strain and even affect the normal development of the bones, leading to the bending and deformation of the lower limb bone, etc. For young people, excessive indulgence in roller skating will also affect rest and work, and the elderly should not exercise too much. Therefore, the daily roller-skating time of children, teenagers, and the elderly is best within 50 minutes; the youth also does not spend more than 90 minutes. Moreover, it is suggested to do some activities after roller skating, such as jogging, stretching limbs, pulling ligaments, etc.

3.5 Learn some skills of roller skating

Roller skating requires some skills, and it is vital to master practical techniques. Therefore, beginners should practice within the prescribed areas of practice in places with fewer people as far as possible. Do not slide arbitrarily.

When learning roller skating for the first time, it’s better to have a partner or counselor proficient in roller skating for guidance. And here I would like to warn roller skating enthusiasts: you can do what you can, but be safe first. You can not blindly pursue complicated movements, can not be impulsive, and can not have too much will to win.

3.6 Learn to protect yourself

You will inevitably fall when you learn to roller skate, but you should learn to protect yourself when you fall. Some methods are below:

 When you want to lose forward or to the side, you should take the initiative to bend your knees and squat down and use both hands to support the ground to cushion to reduce the power of the fall.

 When you want to fall backward, you should also take the initiative to squat, lower the center of gravity, try to let your buttocks sit down first, and pay attention to the protection of the coccyx. At the same time, you should lower your head and tuck your body to avoid the charge falling backward.

 When you fall, you should try to avoid supporting the ground with a straight arm and one hand, which can easily damage your wrist.

3.7 Attention Please

People suffering from serious diseases (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.) should not participate in intense roller skating activities, and at most, can skate slowly. In addition, people who drink alcohol and are too tired should not participate in roller skating activities.

4.What are the Good Roller Skates of Best Brands?

4.1 Moxi Skates

Moxi Skates is a relatively new brand created by Michelle Steilen (aka Estro Jen) and produced by Riedell, one of the oldest skateboard (shoes) manufacturers in the United States.

This best brand of roller skates is trustworthy for both beginners and skilled roller skaters. There introduces one of the latest Moxi skates.

A pair of green roller skates

Name: Lolly Outdoor Complete – Green Apple (2021 New Model)

Price: $349.00

Model Features:

With newly-developed suede uppers, High-top Green Apple can be used for indoor or outdoor roller skating. Moxi Lolly Green Apple Skates are designed for recreation and street skating. It has a slight increase in thickness for more support and has improved color vibrancy. The soft leather boot breaks in quickly with minimal discomfort and forms to your foot more than less expensive synthetic skate boots.


The best brand of ROCES is founded in 1952 in Montebelluna, Italy. It is one of the leaders in the design and production of roller skates, inline skates and ice skates. It is keen on the perfect combination of power and comfort.

A black roller skates

Name: ROCES PRO 4 black-silver

Price: $199.99

Model Features

ROCES PRO 4 black-silver has used high-quality polyurethane, and the buckle and laces are closed aluminum memory. The boot has anatomical padding. The four wheels are made from PU, and each size of the wheel is 56x31mm 98A.

4.3 Chaya Skates

Chaya Double Roller Skates is the best brand of Powerslide. Chaya Skates features these six plates of Roller Derby, Lifestyle, Dance, Vintage, Park, Ice Blade. Here is an introduction to the best style of Chaya Skates.

A white roller skates


Price: €109,00

Model Features:

The Chaya Bliss Vanilla adjustable roller skate is a fantastic innovation. The roller skates are of excellent quality, comfort and have excellent support. This roller skates look like the classic adult high heel skates, but it’s unique on its own. It only takes a few seconds to adjust the size of these roller skates by turning a lever placed at the back of the skate. The exterior of the roller skates always keeps its original shape because only the toe cap moves back and forth inside, allowing you to resize.

4.4 Impala Rollerskates

The best brand of Impala Rollerskates was launched in Melbourne, Australia, in 2017 and was driven by a group of girls who love roller skating. With nostalgia for the ’70s,’ 80s and ’90s, Impala brought back the days of roller skating.

Impala has various fashionable colors and patterns of roller skates, which are handy to use at the rink or outside without having to change wheels.

A pink roller skates


Price: $109.95

Model Features:

IMPALA QUAD SKATE WAVY CHECK is made from high-quality components, so you can feel good when you are skating in the streets or rink with your skate squad. The heel and sole of roller skates are made from PVC. And the wheels are made from nylon core urethane with a 58mm 82a durometer.

4.5 Rio Roller

Founded in the UK in the ’90s, Rio Roller is the best original fashion quad skate brand. Rio Roller has almost 30 years of experience in producing high-quality and fashionable skates. About fun colors and patterns, Rio roller skates indeed stand out from most roller skates brands. Rio Roller Quad skates are designed for beginner and intermediate level skaters. And that roller skates are suited for both recreation and competitions.

A black roller skates

Name: Rio Roller Mayhem II

Price: £79.95

Model Features:

Based on the classic design of Roller Mayhem, the Roller Derby skates have been given the final makeover! Inspired by the skateboarding scene of the ’90s, the lattice design of Mayhem II meets the distinct contrast of colors in the form of slime, which appears on the unique wheel prints. The vegan-friendly and semi-soft roller quad skates have high-quality heel support and anatomical insoles, and excellent cushioning.

Now, I believe you know some about the brands of roller skates. Do you wanna know the “Secrets Behind These Best Brands”? Generally speaking, each famous brand will look for some places or countries with relatively cheap labor force as the OEM of their brand, as well as the roller skates brand. For most roller skates brands, it is a best choice to choose roller skates manufacturers in China as their OEM.

A variety of roller skates in canvas shoe style

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I hope this article can provide you with some help, and our friends looking for the best brands of roller skates can make a better choice. And do not forget to wear protective gear in practicing or training, and pay attention to protect yourself when you are roller skating.

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Additionally, suppose you are willing to manufacture your designed roller skates or look for roller skates manufacturers or other kinds of shoe manufacturers. In that case, you can contact us through the email:! You can spend a few seconds on the Website to know more about our Xin De Sheng Shoes Factory! Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to leave messages to us! And we will reply to you in time as soon as we see the letters. Thank you! 

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