Our own testing laboratory for shoes

The shoes are engineered innovatively in today’s modern world to achieve the highest quality standards. The relaxation and satisfaction of the end-user is the ultimate goal of all these testing practices. Our shoe testing laboratories have innovative and advanced equipment and machines to carry out different shoe tests to check the performance of every finished product.
We are committed and trying hard not only to produce the highest quality shoes but also to review and improve our production processes. That is why we strictly check the durability and quality of each finished product. In this way, we strengthen our technical departments checking each material with various tests by keeping in mind the real-world scenarios. Our shoe production factory carries out these tests to check and ensure the durability and physical properties of the finished materials.

What shoe tests are offered by us?
To deliver the highest quality product to our customers, the following shoe tests are offered by our shoe factory:

  • Weathering Test

We live in different parts of the world and every part has its weather, either hot or cold. All of us can wear coats and jackets over our normal clothing to save our bodies from the cold weather. Additionally, there are measures we can take to save ourselves from the hot weather. However, our shoes don’t have such luxuries. As shoes are used outdoor so they are constantly exposed to natural phenomena like rain, dust/dirt, hot/cold weather, and UV rays. That is why we always carry out the weathering test on every individual produced shoe in our factory.
In a weathering test, we check the durability of shoes against these factors. Our factory personnel set the shoe material on the machine to perform the weathering test and try to create natural conditions to check the behavior of our shoes. We apply water, UV rays, and create other natural circumstances to check the performance of the material in that real-world environment. In simple words, we create a kind of natural environment to check the discoloration and appearance of our produced shoes in the weathering test.

  • Bending Test

Shoes are the items we always use them in our routine life. As we use them repeatedly, their sustenance and durability become vital. Everyone wants to keep their shoes in good condition but are your shoes are made of good enough material to last that long? The force is applied to the whole shoe whenever we walk or run. That is why it is quite likely that the shoe will crack if the quality and durability of the shoe are not good.
To avoid such occurrences and difficulties to our clients, we conduct a bending test in our shoe factory. In this bending test, we not only test every individual part of our produced shoe but also the motion of every shoe just like walking. We do that to ensure that the durability of our finished shoe is always good to satisfy our valued clients.

  • The Tensile Test

This test is also performed in our shoe factory to check the breakage limit of our produced shoes. In the tensile test, the material or shoes are pulled up and down to check the force applied to it at the time of breakage. If a shoe doesn’t break, it may be stretched to a specified value. A graph is used to show the results of the tensile test and the strength of the material used in the development of shoes.
The tensile test is performed on every produced shoe in our shoe factory to make sure that our clients get the best quality product. Even if the material is the same, this is a test that should be performed in various directions. In this test, if we find any shoe not meeting the strength criterion, we don’t use that material to keep our standards high.

  • Aging Resistance Test

Temperature change is another factor that affects the shoes very much. This is another natural phenomenon that affects the performance and the durability of shoes. That is why we always perform the aging resistance test on our produced shoes to make sure that our clients should not have any such complaint against our product.
A specific testing machine is used in this aging resistance test. We put our shoes in this machine and apply heat to the shoes for some specific duration of time. After that, we thoroughly check the performance of shoes in this test by looking at the appearance of the product. If there is any damage or change, we don’t proceed further with such material.

  • Water Repellency Test

This is another important test performed in our shoe factory to check the quality of the material used in the manufacturing of shoes. In this test, we apply water on the material to check if a test material becomes wet. We tension the material at the specified angle and apply a specific amount of water to test the material of shoes. In this way, we check for its water repellency.

  • Rubbing Fastness Test

Along with the above-mentioned tests to ensure the highest quality shoes, rubbing fastness test is also performed.  In this test, our experts check the behavior of shoes in case a colored material rubs against another material. So, this test checks the transfer of color if there is rubbing with colored material.
In this test, a white cloth is set on the top of the test machine. After that, the machine rubs it against the material of our shoes. Our experts check the transfer of colors to the white cloth as well as the surface of the material after rubbing some specific number of times. So, we only proceed with the material that passes this rubbing fastness test.

  • Chemical Testing

All the above-mentioned physical testing procedures are done in our factory to ensure the optimum quality production of shoes. However, we work with 3rd parties, like SGS, TUV, BV, and ITS, etc. for chemical testing.

Final Words
The main objective of the above-mentioned tests is that our clients should not have any issue with our produced shoes. We care for all of our clients and we consider it our duty to test our products before sending them to the market. Our shoes must pass all these tests to be declared as fit to be dispatched to our valued customers. Hence, shoe testing procedures performed in our shoe factory make us stand tall in the crowd of other shoe producers.

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