Shoes suitable for flat feet and flat feet

Our feet are subjected to high loads every day, walking an average of 5,000 steps. This usually causes dislocations such as flat feet or flat feet, which can cause discomfort. Help is provided through special foot gymnastics exercises or orthopedic insoles. Choosing the right shoes is also particularly important. We will show you what you need to pay attention to and which sneakers are best for you.

What are flat feet and flat feet?

When the longitudinal arch of the foot is slightly depressed, it is said that the foot is flat. On the other hand, in the case of flat feet, it is completely flat. This means that when standing and walking, the soles of the feet are completely on the floor. In most cases, these dislocations are not congenital but are caused by weakness of the foot muscles, wrong choice of shoes, joint inflammation, or incorrect strain.

What kind of shoes are flat feet and flat feet suitable for?

Flat feet and flat feet are not always accompanied by pain. At the same time, approximately 30% of the population suffers from flat feet—but most of them have no symptoms. To avoid flat feet becoming a problem, you need to choose shoes carefully.

Especially sneakers are perfect because they are both comfortable and look modern. The fit of the shoe is important because a shoe with a wider cut is usually a better choice for flat feet.

Tips for buying shoes for flat and arched feet

Not every pair of shoes is suitable for flat or arched feet. It is best to avoid shoes or high heels made of hard materials. When buying new shoes, ask yourself the following questions:

Are the shoes comfortable?

Are the shoes wide enough?

Do the shoes have good arch support?

Does the shoe have a replaceable footbed or enough space for additional insoles?

Do the shoes provide enough space to roll?

Is the sole elastic?

Whether it’s slippers, running shoes, hiking shoes or sports shoes-always focus on high-quality shoes with maximum comfort.

Which sneaker should I choose?

Heavier runners and runners with wide feet have long appreciated the spacious toe box, which has enough space for your feet to spread out and feel at home. Because of its generous fit and straighter last, allowing more ground contact through the midsole, this pair of shoes also attracted the enthusiasm of the flat-footed crowd. Yes, shoes may feel heavy-but with the weight comes durable cushioning and support. At the midsole, this shoe has a soft memory foam touch and is designed to fit different foot shapes. The two bipedal arch pods on the midfoot provide a small amount of stability for those with excessive pronation without affecting runners with a neutral stride, while the “heel collision” pad allows a smooth transition.

Runners who like the soft cushioning of heavy-duty long-distance running shoes have long been fans of (women’s models). This shoe has a wider platform with extra midfoot support and some extra stability features, which many of our wide-foot test runners appreciate. It is also located on a straighter last, which can help some flat-footed runners have more contact with the midsole rather than the upper.

Runners with flat feet or low arches have a lot of luck on top. This sneaker is a neutral shoe with almost no arch support. It provides a wider platform through the midsole and forefoot, provides soft cushioning and durability, and can cope with high-volume training and long-distance training. Heavier runners and runners who use orthotics especially like this shoe-although its appeal is not limited to these groups.

The shoe is still very comfortable, soft, and stable-the midsole and inner pillar and heel support for added support-but the latest iteration have a more streamlined upper and a lighter, more sensitive foam mixture. It also maintains a custom fit and initially won fans among many different types of runners, including flat feet and wide feet. This is a good shoe for mid-and long-distance running, as its name implies-gently guide you towards a more neutral pace.

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