Sports/Casual Shoe Production

Knowing about shoe production step by step enables us to get an idea of the overall shoe production process. This article gives a step by step guide of the sports shoe production process for your convenience. There are a few phases shoes go through in the production line before they are ready for the people to wear. These production steps depend upon the style of shoes. When it comes to sports shoes, here is the production process.

Sports Shoe Production – Assembly Process

Step 1

You might be wondering how these sports shoes are produced so light and flexible. It is because the sports shoe upper is prepared with Strobel’s bottom.  The edge of the upper is covered with the outsole so a Strobel’s bottom can be used to make the flexible and lighter shoe.

Step 2

The material is softened by steaming the upper part of the sports shoe and the last is inserted and pulled tight.

Step 3

Once the last inside the upper is tight, the heel edge is pulled by a second lasting machine.

Step 4

The temporary laces of the shoes are pulled tight once the last is secured inside the upper.

Step 5

This is the time to let the upper cool down. This allows the upper to shrink and as a result, it fits tight to the last.

Step 6

There can be a fabric or plastic part installed on top of the shoe tongue to protect the surface from drift or damage during lasting operations.

Step 7

The sole unit is prepared while the upper is being lasted. So, a rubber sheet sole and the EVA foam cushioning component cemented inside are combined. This is done in a separate process and that process is called Stock Fitting.

Step 8

Weight EVA foam is used to make the midsoles of the sports shoe. A thin layer of rubber allows the EVA to flex. However, protect the midsole from wear at this stage of the shoe production process.

Step 9

The upper is lasting tightly as well as the outside unit is complete now. This is the time when two pieces come together. The rubber sole unit receives primer and cement coatings. The outsole gets its special primer, which is designed for EVA and rubber. The special primer and cement are used in the preparation of the shoe upper.

Step 10

After the contact cement and primer are dried completely in the heating tunnels, the two pieces are joined together and the shoe is placed in a hydraulic press.

Step 11

There are almost 3 sports shoe pressing operations done with the machine. These are toe and heel press, vertical press, and side pressing. Such all-around pressing ensures full contact between the upper and outsole unit. The shoes are put in the cooling tunnel to set the glue once the shoe is pressed together.

Step 12

A shoe de-lasting machine pushes the last out of the shoe after the cooling tunnel. It does that without wrinkling the upper of the sports shoe.

Step 13

The sports shoe is complete now.  This is the time to insert the foot-bed.  It may be a flat sheet cut foam or molded EVA with a fabric cover. The molded foot-beds are mostly removable while the flat die-cut foot-bed is usually cemented inside the shoe. The new sports shoe is ready for a final quick check for cleaning, any loose threads, and then packing.

Sports Shoe Production – Why Us
We have been helping people get their dream sports and casual shoes for many years. Our company can meet the large production orders from all around the world.  With years of experience, we better know the importance of a good pair of sports shoes for those with active lifestyles. Our production line adopts the best shoe production solutions based on design, functionalities, materials, and many more factors.
The sports shoes we develop enhance safety along with maximizing the performance of the players. With our certified approach, you get the product of your choice consisting of high-quality sports and casual shoes. One of the other advantages you have with us is that we have a low defective rate despite producing large quantities of high-quality shoes.

What can you expect from us?

  • Reduced cost and headaches related to logistics but still maintaining the quality of products quite high.  
  • The product life cycle is constantly tracked so you get the shipment of sports or casual shoes on time.
  • Our warehousing system is well-maintained and monitored by experts. So, our product storage conditions are product-friendly.
  • Amazing customer experience 

Once your designs are transferred into real sample products and prototypes, you are ready to head into production. You can offer pre-orders on your website or exhibit at trade shows.

Our Shoe Production

The latest machinery and technology is used in our private label shoe factory to upscale manufacturing space. This allows outstanding production capabilities, an organized approach, and a clear way to sports shoe manufacturing and production. Our experienced team is dedicated to redefining long-standing industry perception. We ensure that quality standards are met by overseeing the entire supply chain process.
Valuing customer service and clear communication are a few of the most important services a shoe production company or factory has to offer. We, as a leading shoe production company, always try to provide a crystal clear process. Additionally, we give our clients a direct channel from the start to the end of shoe manufacturing, development, and production. We produce the finest shoes at an affordable cost by excluding the complicated supply chain. Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping clients completely understand and navigate global business hurdles.


Professional skills, machinery, and trained staff are needed for effective shoe production. When it comes to producing long-lasting and high-quality sports or casual shoes, it is an art that requires expertise. Don’t worry; our experts make it happen for you quite efficiently. Our experts use the right machinery and advanced techniques to produce the best sports shoes in the production lines. We are sure that this sports/casual shoe production guide has given you amazing information about the shoe production process.

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