Top 10 Running Shoe Manufacturers List

Running shoe manufacturers are able to mass-produce shoes, even shoes of your brand. You don’t need to have your own factory, just design your own label, and then choose the sports shoes you need to purchase. Some manufacturers will even provide you with design solutions.

In this way, you only need to choose the right brand of shoes, then the running shoe manufacturer will design, produce, and finally deliver the products to your hands. It’s very convenient, isn’t it?

The production of running shoes is very complicated. All the best running shoe brands use high-quality materials to design comfortable and high-quality shoes.

However, deciding which brand is best depends on many factors.

The shape of your feet, the size and weight of your feet can make one brand better than another. Same as your training, previous experience and goals. Don’t forget your personal style. For detailed reference: What running shoes should you wear?

With so many variables, it is impossible to tell which is the best running shoe brand. However, there are many top brands of engineering running shoes that can meet various preferences and activities, you just need to find the right shoes. You can check the sample running shoes list we produce.

The first rule of finding the best running shoes is to make sure they are comfortable. Check the length and width carefully and make sure they feel good under your feet. If you feel uncomfortable when you try them on, they won’t suddenly become uncomfortable when you start running. We can let you choose the sole, and then customize the solution for you, you can check our soles.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of running shoes, you can choose to contact us.

Please refer to some of the best running shoe manufacturers in the industry below.


XinDesheng Shoes is one of the leading footwear companies in China. Xin Desheng Shoes Factory is located in Jinjiang, the shoe capital of China. From the beginning of its establishment, the company mainly serves customers in Europe and the United States. It has a very deep understanding of the local market and the shoes that the locals need. Compared with other shoe companies in China, Xindesheng can provide very professional customized shoe design and services for global business.

xindesheng Running Shoes

Xindesheng can provide ODM, OEM customized shoes and wholesale shoes, mainly running shoes, sports shoes, hiking shoes, etc.

Xindesheng has a professional team  responsible for R&D, production, quality control, marketing, service and logistics. There are more than 1,000 products that can meet customer requirements.

Read about Xindesheng’s best running shoes.


Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas (German: adidas) is a German sports goods manufacturer and a member company of Adidas AG. Adidas was named after its founder, Adi Dassler, and began producing footwear in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg in 1920.

Whether the running shoes produced by Adidas are neutral or prone (usually called pronation and pronation), the shoes most suitable for running are lightweight and supportive cushioning.


Nike Running Shoes

Nike is an American sports goods manufacturer, founded in 1971, and produces running shoes: AIR MAX, AIR, FREE, FLYKNIT, Pegasus, etc.

Provide various types of running, comfortable and light running shoes.

Nike provides a variety of competition running shoes for racing runners, and find the ideal Nike men’s running shoes by selecting and finding the running shoes that suits you.

New Balance

New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance is an American sports goods manufacturer and a large multinational company that produces sports goods such as running shoes and sportswear.

New Balance running shoes have styles ranging from running circles to errands, and can provide excellent performance in various situations.


361° Running Shoes

361° Group is a comprehensive sports goods manufacturer integrating branding, R&D, design, production and distribution. Its products include sports shoes, clothing and related accessories, children’s clothing, fashion leisure and other categories. The group was established in 2003 .

Sanliuyidu shoe manufacturer is a sports goods manufacturer located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, China. It produces running shoes. Its 361° brand is one of the dark horse brands of professional sports goods in China in recent years.

361° is positioned as a professional sportswear manufacturing company, focusing on product functions, using special materials and designs, so as to maintain its advantages in product innovation and research and development, and stand out from competitors in the Chinese sportswear market.


Li-Ning Running Shoes

Li Ning Company is a professional sports brand manufacturer founded by the “Prince of Gymnastics” Mr. Li Ning in 1990. The Li Ning manufacturer has complete brand marketing, research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and sales capabilities, focusing on operating Li Ning brand professional and casual sports shoes, clothing, equipment and accessories products, and has established a huge retail distribution network and supply in China chain.

Supplier Li Ning is committed to scientific and technological innovation and product development, and strives to help athletes perform well on the field and promote the continuous development of running sports.


Xtep Running Shoes

Xtep is one of the leading sports goods manufacturers in China, mainly engaged in the design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and brand management of running shoes, clothing and accessories.

Xtep running shoes emphasize sports, comfort and focus on the Chinese market. It is one of the outstanding brands of running shoes in China.

Karhu manufacturer

Karhu Shoes

Since Karhu started producing running shoes in the 16th century, it has focused on the production of running shoes. Now, Karhu has introduced this focus to modern running shoes.

Modern Karhu running shoes use the unique Fulcrum technology of the Finnish brand to maintain forward momentum. Laboratory tests have shown that Fulcrum helps reduce vertical vibrations, thereby allowing the runner’s strength to advance continuously.


ASICS is a Japanese track and field sports equipment manufacturer. The founder Kihachiro Onizuka just started making running shoes in his own home in Kobe, Japan.

Each pair of ASICS running shoes incorporates technology and is precisely adjusted for different characteristics to provide runners with the quality experience that runners need.

On Running shoe manufacturer

In 2010, On began to produce jogging shoes, which are used in conjunction with On’s iconic Speedboard (a plastic board between the midsole and the upper to provide fast riding). On is making some of the best running shoes.

Since its debut, On running shoes have become the only way for elite triathletes and amateur runners, proving that On is one of the best running shoe brands in the industry.

Our new shoe style

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