Top 5 Brands of Merino Wool Shoes

In recent years, wool shoes have been loved by more and more people, especially Merino wool shoes, which is a substantial potential footwear market in the city.

If you want to optimize profits for wool shoe manufacturers, I think China is the best place to produce wool shoes because many excellent wool shoe manufacturers in China. Merino wool shoe manufacturer is particularly outstanding.

And for consumers, having wool shoes can not only show their fashion but also show their identity. What a great purchase! So get your wool shoes!

Of course, some people may not know about wool shoes or have no explicit knowledge of wool, especially Merino wool or Merino wool shoes. Therefore, Let me start with some definitions of wool!

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1. What is Wool?

Wool is mainly made up of protein. Human use of yarn can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. It spread from Central Asia to the Mediterranean and other parts of the world and became the primary textile material in Asia and Europe. Wool fiber is soft and elastic and can make woolen cloth, wool shoes, yarn, blankets, felts, and other textiles. Wool products have the characteristics such as deep hand feeling, good warmth, and comfortable wearing.

Here are the details of sheep’s wool, cashmere, and Merino wool.

1.1 Sheep’s Wool

Sheep’s wool is a kind of natural animal hair fiber taken from several types of adult sheep. This is different from the lamb’s wool, which is harvested from small sheep. Although the wool fibers of lambs are excellent, they tend not to be very useful because they will quickly break and clump on their superb softness. The world’s more significant production of sheep’s wool is Australia, the former Soviet Union, New Zealand, Argentina, China, and so on.

Sheep’s wool can produce a variety of wool products because of the high output and type. Sheep’s wool is the primary raw material of the wool textile industry, which can be bought at a relatively low price worldwide. Sheep’s wool has the excellent quality of horny tissue, luster, tenacity, and elasticity. It is resistant to moisture and bacteria and does not absorb odors as quickly as other common materials. However, while sheep’s wool has good warmth, its fabric is rough and heavy.

Sheep’s wool can be divided into five categories according to fineness and length: fine wool, semi-fine wool, long wool, hybrid wool, and coarse wool. The main factors for evaluating wool quality are fineness, crimp, color, strength, and grass impurity content.

1.2 Cashmere

Only cashmere from goats is called cashmere. Cashmere is a thin layer of fine wool growing on the outer skin of goats and covering the root of coarse goat hair. It grows in the cold of winter to resist wind and cold and falls off in the warm of spring to adapt to the climate naturally. It is a rare, unique animal fiber. About 70 percent of the world’s cashmere is produced in China, and its quality is also superior to other countries.

Cashmere fibers are composed of scale layer and cortex layer, without medulla layer. Although there is an irregular crimp, the number of crimps is less than that of fine wool. The average diameter of cashmere fibers is 15-16 microns, and most of the length is 35-45 mm. Cashmere has better strength and elasticity than wool, but it is more sensitive to acid, alkali, and heat. Even under weak treatment conditions, the fiber is obviously damaged.

1.3 Merino Wool

Merino wool is from Merino sheep. Fine wool varieties in the world are produced from Merino sheep or sheep mainly of Merino ancestry. Merino wool is the world’s finest wool variety, with a maximum fineness of more than 80, mainly in the range of 60 ~ 70. The length of hair is 4 ~ 10cm, and the ends are flush. There is no medulla layer in the fibers. The positive cortical layer and a sub-cortical layer or bilateral structures arranged in parallel form a dense and uniform curl (4 ~ 10 pieces/cm).

Merino wool, compared with other wool, belongs to the “Royalty of Wool.” It is more flexible and soft. The surface scale of natural fiber is thinner than ordinary wool, and the density of scale coverage is more diminutive than wool. It has superelasticity, flexibility, and skin affinity. Because of its excellent spinning performance, soft and elastic feel, it is suitable for making delicate worsted fabrics. It also has good felting and is an ideal raw material for woolen fabrics with an entire and compact surface. With these good functions, Merino wool shoes have become popular among people pursuing fashion and comfort.

2. Merino Wool Shoes Market

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With the rapid development of spinning and weaving machine tools and the increase of global shoes and clothing sales, the wool manufacturing industry is gradually improving and developing. This has been important for wool shoes manufacturers in recent years as the market has recovered from the trough. Wool shoes manufacturers can take advantage of new opportunities to increase sales through product innovation. Due to the fluctuation of wool production and the increasing preference for cheap petrochemical fibers, the current global demand for wool is based on the market. Consumers pay attention to wool’s comfort, elasticity, durability, and air permeability. Merino wool is a kind of natural fiber extracted from merino sheep. As it gradually becomes the main fabric of sportswear and sports shoes, more and more innovation and investment are invested in this unique wool material, especially in merino wool shoes.

The top three countries in wool production in 2018

CountryWool Production (Tons)Proportion
New Zealand38590019.55%

First, introduce the main wool-producing areas. The major wool-producing regions of the world are Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Russia, and China. The top three are Australia, New Zealand, and China, among which Australia is the largest wool producer, exporting 98% of the output. At the same time, China is the world’s largest wool textile producer and consumer, 60% of the wool imported by China comes from Australia. Australia has the best wool quality globally, and its wool output and export volume rank first in the world. The annual production of wool in Australia is more than 1 billion kg, accounting for one-third of the world’s total wool production. Merino sheep and hybrid merino sheep mainly produce Australian wool.

Merino Wool31.30%
Other Wools42.30%

Then, introduce the wool varieties. Merino wool accounts for one-third of the world’s wool varieties, and the merino wool from Australia is the first choice of the world’s foremost brand of shoes manufacturers. In contrast, the wool from producing areas is mainly used for hand-woven products, wool home textile products, wool carpets. As for merino wool, it is widely used in luxury brands. It has the advantages of not easy pilling, soft and delicate feel, and good warmth retention, so many people, seek after it.

Finally, let’s introduce the popular trends. Now, the emerging trend of “sports and leisure” in the fashion industry and the direction that more and more people like sports shoes have led shoes manufacturers to readjust their strategies. Moreover, because a large number of fast fashion shoes have been eliminated due to short service life, sustainability has entered the wool and textile industry. Merino wool shoes are expected to be more and more favored by discerning consumers.

Thanks to advances in spinning and knitting, merino wool shoes can provide consumers with more comfort and softness. In addition, although other natural fibers such as cotton and silk enter the field of performance and sustainability, the odor resistance advantages of merino wool will continue to make it a leader in many applications, making merino wool shoes stand out among many wool shoes.

The Future of Merino Wool Shoes

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In recent years, due to the change of lifestyle and the increase of consumer spending in emerging economies, the retail sales of shoes have increased significantly. The active marketing strategy adopted by the fashion industry makes the wool sports leisure style more and more popular among young people. As a result, the production of leisure and sports wool shoes has increased demand for natural fibers, positively affecting the market demand for merino wool shoes.

In addition, wool has been proved to be an essential raw material for producing all kinds of wool yarn, widely used in shoes, clothing, and other fabrics. As retailers purchase goods from shoe and clothing manufacturers worldwide, the world trade in textiles and manufactured products has expanded rapidly. This has changed consumer perceptions of shoe manufacturers’ use of natural fibers and has positively impacted the global wool trade. Consumers’ growing preference for lightweight fabrics has boosted the demand for high-quality merino wool shoes among shoes manufacturers. Their views on the luxury and sustainability of shoes are also changing, further promoting wool shoes.

The improvement of economic growth in major countries such as India and China has positively impacted the global wool market. The acceleration of urbanization, the increase of the middle-class population, and the enhancement of sustainability in the Asia Pacific region are driving the wool shoes market. With the rise of economic prosperity and capital expenditure, people are turning to previously considered too expensive products. This, in turn, led to an increase in the demand for consumer goods such as merino wool shoes. The steady growth of the footwear and clothing industry in the Asia Pacific region will promote the world’s demand for wool shoes and increase the demand for merino wool shoes. Therefore, if you are looking for merino wool shoes manufactures or private label merino wool shoes manufacturers, or you are starting your business on merino wool shoes, you can contact XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY — a leading private label merino shoes manufacturer in China by

Why Choose Merino Wool Shoes?

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After learning about the development status and future market trend of merino wool shoes, I would like to introduce the characteristics or functions of merino wool shoes to all of you. With a clear understanding of merino wool shoes and their various functions and characteristics, we choose them suitable for ourselves from excellent wool shoes brands.

First of all, we have a brief introduction to the first generation of Merino sheep. This kind of sheep is cut once a year, and each sheep can be cut only 1kg of superfine wool, which makes the quality control of the finished product more refined. Therefore, merino wool shoes are more popular because they are softer and more comfortable than ordinary ones.

Here are some advantages of the merino wool shoes:

  • Good elasticity: The fiber structure and slight curl of merino wool make shoes made of it very elastic, which can be restored to their original shape after being washed or placed for some time.
  • Comfort and breathability: Merino wool is fragile, with better flexibility and skin softness, and can absorb water vapor and volatilize it into the air, so it has good air permeability. Compared with other wool, Merino wool is easier to bend and soft. The surface scale of natural fiber is thinner than ordinary wool, and the scale coverage density is more minor than wool. It has superelasticity, softness, and skin-friendly properties.
  • Warm in winter and cool in summer: Merino wool is an active fiber that responds to changes in body temperature, making it warm in winter and cool in summer. Experiments have shown that wool fibers lose only 0.1% of their weight in moisture each time they contact the skin, but this can get a temperature drop of 1℃ compared with conventional polyester products of the same quality. As the above process continues, people wearing merino wool shoes will feel fantastic.
  • Odor removal: Merino wool can absorb and lock the odor molecules in wet skin, released and removed when washing shoes, leaving them fresh for a long time.
  • Anti-ultraviolet and flame retardant: Merino sheep live in the alpine and cold area with an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, and they have adapted to the worst climate in the world; they have evolved their natural functions of ultraviolet protection and natural flame retardant, and have better heat preservation in a cold and wet environment.
  • Hygroscopicity: Merino wool is a kind of natural fiber with good hygroscopicity. Studies have shown that its hygroscopicity is superior to conventional synthetic fiber and natural fiber such as cotton and silk under any conditions of temperature and humidity. Under the requirements of 65% and 100% relative humidity, it can absorb more than 16% and 33% of the dry weight of the fabric, respectively, and there is no apparent sense of moisture when touching the fabric surface by hand after moisture absorption.
  • Besides, merino wool shoes are specially dealt with shrink-proof and can be directly machine-washed. After machine washing, it does not affect the natural characteristics and advantages of wool. Proper care can maintain the excellent appearance of merino wool shoes. Ordinary wool shoes may not have many complex processes, and they are relatively easy to deform and pill.

Although merino wool shoes have many advantages, they have the same disadvantages as most wool shoes, such as pilling, shrinkage, felting, wrinkling, and deformation. Just say these shortcomings are not as common as ordinary wool. However, it is essential to realize that no shoe is perfect. As long as we choose Merino wool shoes that suit us to the greatest extent, it is good.

4. Top 5 Brands of Merino Wool Shoes

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After knowing the advantages of Merino wool shoes, some excellent brands are recommended to enhance your knowledge of merino wool shoes further.


GIESSWEIN is an Austrian company founded in 1954 by the GIESSWEIN family. And it is still located in the Austrian Alps. It is famous for natural and high-tech wool fabrics.

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In 1954, GIESSWEIN began producing knitted wool sweaters. Then, throughout the 60s and 70s, GIESSWEIN rose rapidly to become Austria’s largest producer of knitted, and wool felt clothing.

In 1974, GIESSWEIN introduced the first woolen felt “lodge shoe.” The slipper was an unexpected success and marked the beginning of GIESSWEIN’s s continued boom in the industry. Since 1974, GIESSWEIN has produced over 50 million pairs of premium slippers. This success is based on GIESSWEIN’s s internal wool fabric production, combined with its ecological, high quality, and comfort-oriented tradition.

Today, GIESSWEIN remains 100 percent a family business. Markus and Johannes Giesswein are currently in charge of production. They are the third generation of the Giesswein family. GIESSWEIN’s s mission is to make wool perform optimally and use these properties to enhance your clothes and shoes. It develops excellent fabrics to maximize the benefits of wool; The wool sourcing is ethical, and the products are produced in-house.

The shoes of GIESSWEIN are different from other merino wool shoes brands. It focuses specifically on the treatment of wool and sustainable wool use. This creates a unique fabric of 100% wool. These products absorb and carry more moisture than other wool products and will keep you warm. In the shoe industry, 20% of the cut material is pure waste, lost forever. GIESSWEIN has found a new way to treat wool without producing waste.

Its Merino wool shoes are made in Austria and assembled in Vietnam or China. The “3D Stretch Merino wool” fabric of GIESSWEIN, used for Merino wool shoes, is produced in its textile factory in Brixlegg, Tyrol, Austria. Therefore, the value and “soul” of the shoes lie in Austria. Individual products such as soles, accessories, and fabrics are assembled in Vietnam or China. Why do that? Because no European shoes manufacturers have high enough production capacity to meet the demand for GIESSWEIN’ s shoes. The executive directors personally visit factories in Vietnam and China twice a year. These factories meet all Western standards. Their working conditions are exemplary; Also, the workplace is inspected regularly.

Here are some pictures of merino wool shoes at GIESSWEIN. To learn more about merino wool shoes, click GIESSWEIN to search.

This picture is from the GIESSWEIN Official Website.

4.2 Allbirds

This picture is from ALLBORDS Official Website.

The first pair of ALLBIRDS shoes is Wool Runner, made of ultra-fine Merino wool from New Zealand. Each wool is 17.5 microns wide, and the merino wool shoes can be washed by machine. ALL BIRDS was founded in 2016 by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger. Allbirds is an excellent brand in merino wool shoes. In 2020, the total revenue reached $219.3 million, and its sales were scorching during the pandemic.

The company claims to keep its products as environmentally friendly as possible and is certified by B company. Allbirds adopts a direct-to-consumer model and sells products only through websites and retail stores to avoid the low-profit margin of the wholesale model.

Tim Brown, one of its founders, is a native of New Zealand. He is very proficient in the magical properties of merino wool. Internally curious, he began to ask himself why there was so little of such an extraordinary, sustainable resource in the shoes making industry. With this magical spirit, the ALLBIRDS journey began. After years of research and experimentation, Tim teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewable energy expert. Together they created a revolutionary wool fabric for shoes. What happened? It’s a new kind of shoes that takes inspiration from natural materials and makes better things in a better way.

Allbirds has three features of merino wool shoes: simple design, confidence in comfort, and made from nature. The first is the simple design that means that there has no flashy logos and no senseless details. The merino wool shoes are the most comfortable in the world. It is naturally made and practical in design. It’s that simple. The second is confidence in comfort. Trying is believing. Try on ALLBIRDS shoes for 30 days. If you don’t walk on cloud nine, we will undoubtedly take them back. The third is that all merino wool shoes are made from nature. The footwear industry tends to ignore nature’s materials in favor of cheaper synthetic alternatives. We think it’s time for a change. It is proven to be that materials from nature can also be the best.

For more on the success secrets of ALLBIRDS, take a few seconds to read: The Secret Of ALLBIRDS ’ Popularity. After reading, you will learn more about wool shoes. Here are also some new arrivals of merino wool shoes at ALLBIRDS. To learn more about merino wool shoes, click ALLBIRDS.

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This picture is from BAABUK Official Website.

Headquartered in Switzerland and with employees on three continents, BAABUK is a socially and environmentally conscious company that designs and manufactures comfortable wool shoes. Dan and Galina Witting founded the brand in 2013.

In 2011, during Christmas in Russia, Galina’s parents gave Dan and Galina Witting a pair of Valenkis, traditional felt shoes favored by the Russian Tsar for centuries. These shoes are the most comfortable and warm things they wear on their feet. Even at minus 40 degrees Celsius, the couple is surprised by the warmth. Inspired by the traditional Russian Siberian winter boots, they realize what they can be if they update their appearance while maintaining their handmade heritage. So the couple quit their jobs and followed their passion for making products loyal to the past and responsible for the future.

Through four successful crowdfunding campaigns, BAABUK has launched an innovative series of shoes made of “magic fibers of nature.” And BAABUK has sold over 100,000 pairs of shoes in more than 60 countries by people who share the brand’s values and adventure spirit. BAABUK is an ISPO Gold Medal winner and a certified B-Corp company for its commitment to sustainability and community welfare. BAABUK continues to innovate in the world of wool while striving to do what is suitable for customers, employees, and our planet.

Using sustainable wool from Portugal and New Zealand, BAABUK provides fashionable wool slippers, wool trainers, and the latest high-top trainers called Sky Wooler. The BAABUK shoes are handmade in Nepal and Portugal and are available online and at dozens of retail outlets in Europe.

Here are some featured merino wool shoes at BAABUK. To learn more about merino wool shoes, click BAABUK.

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4.4 Le Mouton

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The merino wool shoes of Le Mouton can be worn without socks. Le Mouton’s Merino Wool Shoes are made from Australian Merino wool, which won’t irritate or hurt your feet. The use of antibacterial materials will not have the risk of foot odor. It is an animal-friendly and environment-friendly fiber. 

Le Mouton has 20 years of textile experience and a passion for making the most comfortable wool shoes. Now it has a patent for wool weaving. Unlike shoes made of synthetic fiber, Le Mouton reduces odor and keeps it fresh by quickly absorbing sweat and evaporating it into the air. It has the feature of automatically adjusting the temperature to keep your feet cool in hot and cold. And Le Mouton’s Merino wool shoes are 50% lighter than regular sneakers on the market. After a long walk, it will not put pressure on your feet, ankles, and knees. Le Mouton shoes offer a very similar minimalist look. If you are willing to try different sizes, you can buy them on Amazon. Le Mouton’s goal is to pursue: off the shoes, on the comfort!

Here are some merino wool shoes at Le Mouton. To learn more about merino wool shoes, click Le Mouton.

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4.5 Glerups

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In 1993, as a hobby, the GLERUPS family began making felt boots from Gottland wool. Glerups has been embarking on an exciting global journey away from home for decades. It has completed the most significant investment in its history – a new wool processing line from Germany and cooperated with ZQ high-quality wool from New Zealand to ensure a steady supply.

It’s been 25 years since the first pair of wool shoes of GLERUPS. However, the founders’ Nanny and Ove’s spirit to turn a run-down farm into an incredible success story still exists. Glerups is full of ideas, plans, and potential.

Today, the Danish brand offers not only cool felt boots, but also flip-flops and shoes. Glerups wool shoes are usually sold for indoor use where the user appreciates the craftsmanship and quality of 100% natural wool in a comfortable home.

Although the wool shoes of this brand are not made of Merino wool, it is also a distinctive brand of wool shoes, so here I recommend them. There are some kinds of wool shoes at GLERUPS. To learn more about wool shoes, click Glerups.

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5. Maintenance and Cleaning Knowledge of Merino Wool Shoes

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This part mainly introduces the cleaning and maintenance knowledge of merino wool shoes. The good news is that merino wool requires less maintenance than you might think. Merino wool is a natural material with many excellent properties, and it is an ideal shoe material. Merino wool has natural antibacterial and stain resistance. Merino wool shoes require less washing than your cotton or synthetic shoes!

But like other wool shoes, merino wool shoes also need some maintenance. If you are engaged in a low-energy activity, you need to dry your merino wool shoes and end the day. If you are involved in high-intensity exercise, and you want to wash your merino wool shoes, the good news is that you can wash them by machine quickly and easily! Want to know how to clean your merino wool shoes? It will be straightforward to clean merino wool shoes according to our guidelines.

  1. Remove excess dirt. Brush off excess dust with a towel or soft bristle brush. For minor stains, you can also use a mild detergent to clean the problem area. When cleaning, tap gently to remove stains.
  2. Take off the insole and shoelaces. When washing insoles and shoelaces, it is best to wash them with mild wool detergent and cold water. If your merino wool shoes are also hand-washed, follow the same steps as hand-washing insoles and laces.
  3. If you wash merino wool shoes with a washing machine, please gently clean them. Wash Merino wool shoes in a washing machine at 30°C (85°F). Select the “delicate” or “wash hands” cycle. Most importantly, the cycle speed is slow (about 600 revolutions per minute).
  4. When cleaning merino wool shoes, you should use a regular detergent containing protease (an enzyme). Never use bleach or fabric softener when cleaning merino wool shoes. We recommend using mesh laundry bags when cleaning merino wool shoes.
  5. Air dry your merino wool shoes. Don’t stretch or twist them. Do not put merino wool shoes in the dryer. You don’t need to iron your merino wool shoes in that they don’t wrinkle!
  6. After air drying, reinsert the insole and shoelace, and then your merino wool shoes will be the same as the new ones. Put on merino wool shoes cleaned and be ready to go at any time.

Following these steps to clean and maintain your merino wool shoes can prolong the service life of the shoes, making you comfortable to wear, and rest assured to buy!


This picture is from ALLBIRDS Official Website.

Okay, this article is coming to an end. I hope you can know something about wool shoes and merino wool shoes. Knowing yourself and the enemy, you will win every battle. Only enough to know about wool shoes and merino wool shoes can you choose the right wool shoes manufacturers or merino wool shoes manufacturers, and can open your world of wool shoes or take your own wool shoes business to a higher level.

If you’re looking for manufacturers of wool shoes or merino wool shoes, you can contact XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY, a leading private label merino shoes manufacturer in China, by!

Finally, if you are interested in merino wool shoes, please pay more attention to our website: We will introduce information about merino wool shoes or merino wool shoes manufacturers. Don’t miss the relevant articles if you are looking for wool shoes or merino wool shoes manufacturers!

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