Top 10 Casual shoe Manufacturers [2022]

Casual shoe manufacturers and factories can mass-produce casual shoes, including your own brand of casual shoes. You don’t need to own your own factory, just design your own logo and choose the casual shoes you need to buy. Some manufacturers (Xin Desheng) will even provide you with solutions such as sketch design, prototype proofing, sample making, quality inspection, mass production, packaging, and quality inspection.

In this way, you only need to choose the right shoe brand, then the shoe manufacturer will design, produce, and finally deliver the product to your hands. This is very convenient. Save you a lot of costs.

The production of casual shoes is very complicated. All the best running shoe brands use premium materials to design comfortable and high-quality casual shoes.

However, deciding which brand is best depends on many factors.

Foot shape, foot size, and weight can make one brand better than another. Same as your training, previous experience, and goals. Don’t forget your personal style.

With so many variables, it’s impossible to tell which is the best casual shoe factory. However, there are plenty of top brands of casual shoes for every preference and activity, you just need to find the right one. You can check out the sample casual shoes we produce.

The first rule in finding the best casual shoes is to make sure they are comfortable. Double-check the length and width to make sure they feel good under your feet. If you’re uncomfortable trying them on, they won’t suddenly become uncomfortable when you start running. We can let you choose the sole and then customize the solution for you, you can check our soles.

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XinDeSheng shoe factory is a leading footwear manufacturer in China. XinDeSheng shoe factory is located in Jinjiang, the capital of Chinese shoes. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it mainly served European and American customers. Produce high-quality casual shoe products. It has a very deep knowledge of the local market and the shoes the locals need. Compared with other shoe companies in China, XinDeSheng can provide very professional custom designs and services for casual shoes for global companies.

pink casual shoes

It can provide ODM, OEM custom shoes, and wholesale shoes, mainly running shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, hiking shoes, etc.

It has a professional team responsible for R&D, production, quality control, marketing, service, and logistics. There are more than 1000 designs to meet customer requirements.

Check out a list of the best private label casual shoes in XinDesheng.


Skechers, founded in California in 1992, is a comfortable casual shoe brand and an internationally renowned casual shoe brand.

The Skechers brand was born in a small coastal city in California in 1992 and has grown from a small company with a single style to one of the most popular footwear brands in the world. The award-winning Skechers company is now the second-largest footwear brand in the U.S. market after Nike.

skechers casual shoes


ECCO, a well-known brand of casual shoes, started in 1963. The world’s leading Nordic Danish footwear brand, the world’s most influential casual footwear brand, and a world-renowned large-scale shoe manufacturer with its own production and sales facilities.

ECCO was founded in 1963 by a 35-year-old Danish shoemaker, KARL TOOSBUY. The head office is located in Denmark. Its basic design philosophy is to design and manufacture the most comfortable footwear for work, leisure, and festive festivals for customers; making people take walking as a real pleasure.

ecco casual shoes


Converse Sports Goods Co., Ltd., started in the United States in 1908, is the world’s top casual shoe brand. In 2003, Converse was acquired by Nike. Since then, in addition to adult shoes, Converse has also begun to enter the children’s clothing and footwear industry, and has gained countless fans as always!

In 1908, Moore Converse founded a professional basketball shoe factory in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Converse ALL STAR was born. In 1917, the ALL-STAR canvas shoes were officially launched, which became popular all over the world with their wild and uninhibited design.

converse casual shoes


Vans, a well-known brand of casual shoes, a brand of VF Corporation in the United States, was born in Southern California in 1966 as an original extreme sports fashion brand, a world-renowned casual shoe brand, and a well-known brand of extreme sports and young culture.

VANS, a well-known American sports brand, was established in 1966 on the streets of Anaheim, California, USA. Each shoe has a unique personality and is a must-have casual shoe for fashionable young people in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and other places. VANS uses the traditional hardening production method (vulcanized sole) to make the shoes have a sturdy structure. So far, VANS has also launched many colorful styles, especially recently, new colors have appeared in large numbers, all of which are very good color matching, giving people a kind of VANS whirlwind feeling.

vans casual shoes


Warrior Shoes Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of casual shoes, a well-known (famous) casual shoe brand, a time-honored brand in China, a famous trademark in Shanghai, a famous brand in Shanghai, a licensed manufacturer and retailer of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and an excellent partner of China International Sporting Goods Expo, the recommended brand of China Rubber Industry Association.

Huili shoe products have the characteristics of retro trendy, fashionable, best-selling, leading the trend, and new fashion. Pull-back basketball shoes also sell well all over the world.

warrior casual shoes


Nike started in the United States in 1972. It is a world-renowned casual shoe brand. The first air cushion technology has brought a revolution to the sports world, and it is famous for its brand image of small hooks.

Nike is a world-renowned sporting goods manufacturer. The Nike logo is a small hook, with a simple and powerful shape, as fast as lightning. At first glance, it reminds people of the speed and explosive force produced by using Nike sports equipment. Nike (Nike) is known as “the most successful consumer goods company newly created in the world in the past 20 years”. In addition to strengthening high-tech sports performance, Nike casual shoes are now more about fashionable shape design, and they have frequently launched joint limited editions in cooperation with fashionistas from all walks of life in various countries.

nike casual shoes


Adidas is a famous German leisure product brand, one of the world’s top 500 brands, a large European sportswear manufacturer, and the world’s leading leisure product company. Adidas clothing and sneaker designs usually see 3 parallel strips, which can also be seen on its logo. The 3 strips are the characteristics of Adidas.

Adidas is the world’s top casual shoe manufacturer. Adidas, named after its founder, Adolf Adi Dassler, started producing footwear in 1920 in Herzogenaurach, near Nuremberg.

adidas casual shoes


Clarks, a well-known brand of casual shoes, began in 1825 and originated from a century-old British shoe-making family.

Clarks is most famous for three series: Active air, Italy & ATL, and Wallabee. Among them, Original Wallabee is the most popular under the trend of retro style.

Clarks is the world’s leading casual footwear brand, founded in 1825 in Somerset, southwest England. As early as 1825, brothers Cyrus and James Clark were in the English town of Semmes.

Clarks casual shoes


Fila, started in Italy in 1911, is a world-renowned fashion casual shoe brand.

FILA (Fila) is a famous Italian sports brand, which started in 1911 as a textile and knitted clothing enterprise founded by the FILA brothers in the small town of Biella, Italy. In the 1970s, in order to cooperate with diversified development, FILA turned to sportswear, and successively developed a series of tennis, golf, fitness, skiing, mountain climbing, basketball, etc., and gradually developed into a model of the fashionable casual shoe brand, laying a world-renowned leisure shoe. The backbone of the shoe brand.

fila casual shoes

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