What Is The Waterproof Shoe?

Waterproof shoes refer to shoes with a waterproof effect, including traditional waterproof shoes with a special waterproof effect, namely rubber shoes, and all sports shoes with a waterproof effect. Waterproof sneakers are divided into waterproof basketball shoes, waterproof football shoes, waterproof board shoes, waterproof sports outdoor shoes, etc. The best waterproof shoes are the professional outdoor waterproof shoes launched by some outdoor brands.

Generally speaking, people always divide waterproof shoes into rubber and outdoor waterproof shoes. The types of shoes will not be subdivided into basketball shoes and football shoes. According to their functional classification, they will be divided into waterproof rubber shoes and outdoor waterproof sports shoes.

①Firstly, it is waterproof rubber shoes. The material is generally made of rubber with a good waterproof effect, artificial leather mixed with animal leather, and has the advantages of being waterproof, dustproof, wear-resistant, warm, and so on. 

Waterproof rubber shoes are generally used for particular purposes. For example, when people work where the water is deep or in heavy rain, they need to wear waterproof rubber shoes when going out not to wet their feet. Generally speaking, people do not like to wear waterproof rubber shoes because the material of waterproof rubber shoes is relatively complex and airtight. For a long time, the feet will be uncomfortable and stuffy, but also easy to suffer from foot diseases. On the other hand, waterproof rubber shoes are not beautiful.

black waterproof shoe

(This picture is from Xin Deng Sheng shoe factory.)

②Secondly, it is waterproof sports outdoor shoes. The waterproof of outdoor shoes is based on good breathability. Under certain conditions and for a certain period, it is waterproof, and it is related to the height of the water surface. Suppose the water surface is close to or higher than the top line of the waterproof cover. In that case, after the shoes are soaked for a long time, the water between the leather surface and the waterproof cover will produce a siphon phenomenon that will also be permeable.

Outdoor waterproof sports shoes are a kind of sports shoes, so they can be used in daily life, people will be more convenient and more practical. When the weather is drizzling, or there are many puddles on the road, and the road conditions are bad, waterproof shoes can protect your feet in the dry state. This degree of waterproof, for most daily life conditions, is enough. After all, no one will exercise outdoors in the heavy rain weather.

grey waterproof shoe

(This picture is from Xin Deng Sheng shoe factory.)

This kind of outdoor waterproof sports shoes generally adopts comfortable waterproof and breathable lining, padded tongue, puncture-resistant and wear-resistant sole, light, skid-proof, convenient, and firm lace-up design, suitable for outdoor leisure people walking running all year round. The upper is generally a mix of calf leather and nylon materials, with a specific waterproof effect; the shoe’s inner lining will be made of Gore-TEX membrane, which is more than five times more breathable than ordinary shoes; lace is generally used around the belt for waterproof treatment.

Through the above content, do you know what waterproof shoes are? If you want to know more about more waterproof and waterproof shoes on the market, you can contact us, and we will provide you with free waterproof shoe-style pictures.

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