A Buying Guide: What are the Most Comfortable Waterproof Shoes?

It’s raining heavily outside. Do you want to go out? Do you not want to wear wet sneakers and soggy socks on a rainy day? All you can think about is that it is much better if you have waterproof shoes, of course, and if you can find a waterproof shoe factory to customize your waterproof shoes! In this way, you can do whatever you want on rainy days! That must be the voice of most people!

a pair of taupe waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from the MERRELL Official Website.)

In addition, for most outdoor sports lovers, it is also imperative to choose the right waterproof shoes, which can ensure that the shoes are waterproof and protect the ankles when outdoors. Here is a guide to help you choose the right waterproof shoes. You don’t have to worry about the next rainy day. Please read on!

1. Waterproof Shoes VS Rain Shoes

a pair of brown waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from the MERRELL Official Website.)

Waterproof shoes are a small professional category in the footwear industry. Usually, if we say waterproof shoes, someone will always think of rain shoes, which are ordinary rubber deep boots worn when working in rain or shallow pool. However, waterproof shoes are different from rain shoes. They differ in meaning, function, material, style and price. As the name suggests, Rain shoes primarily refer to the shoes worn on rainy days. At the same time, you can wear waterproof shoes on rainy or sunny days. The most prominent function of rain shoes is waterproof and anti-skid. While in addition to these functions, waterproof shoes also include ankle protection, shock absorption, support, etc. Rain shoes are mainly made of rubber, PVC, and EVA, usually cheaper than waterproof shoes. The materials of waterproof shoes are mostly composite fabrics and contain a Gore-Tex structure. Good waterproof shoes are more expensive.

a pair of yellow waterproof-shoes

In terms of style, the style of rain shoes is not single. The appearance of short rain shoes is similar to that of current sneakers; the height of medium-topped rain shoes is about 10cm above the ankle; the size of high-topped rain shoes is near the knee. Ordinary people often wear middle and short rain shoes. Some professionals of particular types of work need high rain shoes as labour protection articles. The styles and colours of waterproof shoes are not as diverse as those of rain shoes. Generally, the waterproof shoes are mainly dark, with a medium and low top. And high-topped waterproof shoes are not worn as often as rain shoes.

Waterproof ShoesWaterproof, ankle protection, shock absorption, supportMore composite fabrics, Gore-Tex structureMore complicated designsMiddle and HighMore dark colours
Rain ShoesWaterproof and anti-skidRubber, PVC, and EVA Less complicated designsLow and middleVarious colours

Waterproof shoes are a kind of classified name that reflects the professional function of shoes. Some sports shoes and leather shoes have waterproof functions. It is not wrong to call them waterproof shoes.

2. Functions of Waterproof Shoes

a pair blue waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from SALOMON Official Website.)

After knowing what waterproof shoes are, let’s learn about the functions of waterproof shoes. Generally, waterproof shoes or private label or custom waterproof shoes produced by waterproof shoe factories have the following four functions. Let’s take a look at the functions of waterproof shoes, respectively.

2.1 Waterproof

As the name suggests, the primary function of waterproof shoes is waterproof. You can cross beaches and streams by wearing waterproof shoes, and it is not easy to wet your feet. When traveling in cloudy and rainy weather, a pair of shoes without waterproof function is weighty after soaking in water and very easy to causes foot injury due to the increase of friction. If they are accessible to frostbite in the severe cold season, a pair of high-quality waterproof shoes should have good waterproof. Waterproof shoes and rain shoes are two different types of products. On the premise of a good rubber surface, rain shoes have long-lasting waterproof, but they are airtight. Waterproof shoes have good waterproof and air permeability, but the air permeability will not be as good as running shoes, so you should choose the shoes according to your own needs.

blue waterproof material

For the waterproof shoes factory, the waterproof shoes will be made of whole cow leather, and then the lining will use waterproof fabrics such as GTX and EVENT. Both the lining and outer layers are waterproof. But, the waterproof of shoes mostly depends on the lining. Because there is a film inside these fabrics, the size of the hole in this film is between water droplets and water molecules. The water on the outside can’t get in, but the sweat inside can get out. But the better the water resistance, the worse the relative air permeability. Generally, leather material has a specific waterproof and breathable ability. A better pair of waterproof shoes will add a layer of organic material under the fabric, such as Gore-Tex. The surface of Gore-Tex material has a couple of tiny holes to block the infiltration of liquid water and make the sweat emitted by the body.

If a part of the foot touches a part of the waterproofing membrane for a long time, it will also cause damage to the position of the film and affect the function of the waterproof. Therefore, it is impossible to expect waterproof shoes to be as waterproof as rain shoes, and good maintenance is required to reduce damage and prolong the life of shoes.

2.2 Anti-skid

Generally speaking, waterproof shoes also have excellent anti-slip ability in addition to waterproof. They are suitable for outdoor use to walk more safely without slipping or unstable standing. When you walk on rainy or snowy days, there is a potential crisis in each step. In this case, the stability of your actions is essential. If you can’t stand steadily in one step, you may cause harm to your feet or the human body. Therefore, waterproof shoes must have good anti-skid performance, and you can firmly grasp the ground every step forward to take a new action safely.

2.3 Good support

Waterproof shoes can not only be worn on rainy and snowy days but also some waterproof shoes can be used as outdoor shoes. Therefore, in order to adapt to the complex outdoor terrain and meet the load of mountaineering or hiking, waterproof shoes must have good support, which is not difficult to understand. A column bears the most substantial gravity in the vertical, but its bearing capacity will be significantly reduced in the bending. The supporting force of waterproof shoes or outdoor shoes is closely related to the upper and directly related to the structure of the sole.

A good pair of waterproof or outdoor shoes usually adopts a tight design on the vamp. All parts of the vamp of the shoe can be reliably combined with the surface of the foot, which can not only make the wearer feel very comfortable but also better overcome the dispersion force of the foot around so as to support the vertical point on foot and achieve the purpose of enhancing the supporting effectiveness.

2.4 Durability

wearing waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from SALOMON Official Website.)

If you plan to travel on foot or along rugged terrain in harsh, complex conditions, it is a test for all kinds of equipment. A pair of waterproof shoes or outdoor shoes with excellent performance must be strong and durable to adapt to various complex terrain. How do you complete your journey if the waterproof or outdoor shoes can not adjust to the harsh outdoor conditions? In addition to durability, waterproof shoes or outdoor shoes also have shock absorption. People walk under load conditions, with each foot walking about 600-700 steps per kilometre. For every kilometre of walking, one foot is subjected to 600-700 gravitational shocks, which can leave the foot tired after a day’s travel if the shoes do not have a sound shock absorption system.

Good shock absorption can not only effectively absorb the vertical pressure of the human body but also effectively resist the impact of hard ground with solid hardness so that you feel relaxed when walking. In addition, the fatigue of walking is often caused by the effects of the land on the brain. Good shock absorption can also reduce the vibration of the ground to the brain and significantly reduce fatigue. And some middle and high-grade waterproof shoe brands have strong durability and shock absorption.

3. The Most Comfortable Waterproof Shoes of Top 5 Brands

After knowing the function of waterproof shoes, some waterproof shoes are recommended from middle and high-end brands.


a pair of dark brown waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from MERRELL Official Website.)

For more than a decade, Merrell ® Moab has always been the choice of hikers. It is one of the best-selling hiker brands in the world. It is known for its comfort, durability and versatility. Moab Speed is a lightweight, protective hybrid design that ensures you are safe and secure when travelling. This pair of waterproof shoes have the GORE -TEX® Waterproof membrane, providing excellent air permeability and waterproof performance.

These waterproof shoes adopt breathable mesh and TPU upper, 100% recycled shoelaces and webbing, protective toe cap, 100% recyclable mesh lining, and removable PU sole to increase responsiveness and air permeability. The midsole is lightweight and durable using FloatPro Foam™, while the Vibram®EcoStep outsole is designed with 30% recycled rubber for increased durability and improved grip on wet and dry ground. In addition, the waterproof shoes are specially designed with Vibram® traction lugs to ensure increased traction with each step.


a pair of light brown waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from SALOMON Official Website.)

The waterproof shoes have a highly protected GORE-TEX construction, designed for harsh winter conditions. With all the stability, support and grip, you’ll be on the road by wearing these waterproof shoes whether it rains or snows. The waterproof shoes are made of a rubber outsole and leather or synthetic upper with a weight of 695 g. Its lining and inlay sole adopt textile materials.

And there are many benefits of these waterproof shoes. Firstly, the waterproof shoes have provided maximum protection with the high-top and GORE-TEX construction and two layers of EVA. Secondly, the Salomon’s 4D Advanced Chassis™provides enhanced stability even on rough terrain, reducing fatigue for more comfort. Finally, the waterproof shoes also provide extra grip. The Salomon’s 4D Advanced Contagrip® sole has a firm grip on wet, hard or dry ground with a reverse chevron pattern.


a pair of grey waterproof shoes
  (The Picture is from COLUMBIA Official Website.)

If you would like to choose waterproof hiking shoes, MEN’ S CRESTWOOD™WATERPROOF HIKING SHOE is a good choice. These waterproof shoes adopt Omni -Tech™waterproof bootie construction. The vamp of waterproof shoes is made of leather, mesh and webbing. Its Techlite™lightweight midsole can last for long comfort, providing superior cushioning and high energy return. The outsole adapts Omni-Grip™ non-marking traction rubber. These features should keep you dry and sure-footed in any conditions. A lightweight cushion provides high energy return and shock absorption so that you can stay adventurous for as long as possible.


a pair of high top dark brown waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from UNDER ARMOUR Official Website.)

If you’re going to hike, MEN’ S UA CHARGED RAIDER WATERPROOF could be the shoes you’re looking for. They are waterproof, wear-resisting, supportive, and light with Charged Cushioning® shocks, and the new Vibram traction lugs offer incredible grip. The upper is lightweight and breathable with a wear-proof rubber toe and vamp for durable off-trail protection.

The shoes have 100% waterproof breathable membranes but still allow sweat to escape. In this way, you could stay dry. Moulded Ortholite™ antimicrobial liners help prevent the growth of odour-producing microorganisms. The full length Charged Cushioning® midsole is ultimate in lightweight and comfortable shock absorption. Vibram™LiteBase Megagrip Outsole uses new traction lug technology for maximum lightweight traction.


one leather high top dark brown waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from DANNER Official Website.)

The Mountain Light hiking boots are famous for unmatched quality, durability and support. The GORE-TEX lining is 100% waterproof and breathable, providing waterproof protection. GORE-TEX liners ensure that no water gets in while allowing sweat and moisture to get out. Danner Airthotic, this moulded polyurethane instep, cups the heel and supports the foot’s arch. Its half-length shape includes perforations to help airflow through your boots.

The vamp of waterproof shoes adopts full-grain leathers. Six different tests are on the leather before selecting it to ensure quality. The full-grain leathers are the most robust and durable form of leather available. The one-piece leather design eliminates openings in the tongue area to help prevent debris and water. It also creates a simple finish with minimal seams. Designed for comfort and durability, the Vibram Kletterlift outsole provides lightweight comfort as well as superior shock absorption, ensuring good traction and stability on both wet and dry ground. Danner’s famous stitch-down construction offers increased stability for a broader range of platforms, and the lace-to-toe system provides a secure fit.

4. How to Clean and Maintain Waterproof Shoes?

one high top silver waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from MERRELL Official Website.)

The cleaning and maintenance of waterproof shoes affect their service life. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and maintain waterproof shoes. The steps of cleaning and maintaining waterproof shoes are not complex. They can be divided into the following steps:

●First, brush off the dirt on the shoes. Note that in order not to damage the vamp materials, you must use a soft brush with water gently, pour out the stones and sand in the shoes, take out the insole to relax the shoelaces, and let the shoes dry naturally in the shade. Do not expose them to the sun.

●If the inside of the shoes is very wet, you could put in old newspapers or tissues to absorb moisture. After the shoes are cleaned, you can insert the old newspapers to prevent condensation.

●All upper materials of shoes, including tongue and shoelaces, should have been watered before leaving the waterproof shoes factory, and there will be a waterproof membrane in the shoes. If the waterproof shoes are not cleaned properly, the waterproof layer will be damaged, and the waterproof function of the waterproof shoes will be impaired, but it will gradually lose its role in the process of use. When it is found that the water on the vamp can no longer turn into water droplets and roll off, the vamp of the shoes, including the tongue and shoelaces, should be watered after the shoes are dry. You can buy water diversion materials by yourself.

●Be sure to check the waterproof performance of shoes before travelling, strengthen or restore the pulling water function of the shoe vamp, which is conducive to the waterproof version of waterproof shoes.

●Regularly trim your toenails, especially your big toes, to ensure that the waterproof membrane is not pushed through, resulting in water leakage.

In addition, in order to make waterproof shoes lighter and prettier, some unique materials are being used, and these materials have their characteristics that need to be treated with care. So when you get waterproof shoes, please remember to read the taboos. The warning card inside the shoes will tell you what is forbidden.

▲White materials

Refuse to be exposed to the sun. Any white material easily turns yellow. The quality of the waterproof shoes itself determines the time of turning yellow. The white materials or light materials must be packaged in black and not exposed to the sun during the manufacturing process. So avoid exposure. For shoes with white lining, do not wear too dark socks in order to prevent external pollution.

▲Dark materials

The colour shift of red is volatile, especially in the lining material. If the insole and lining of your shoes are red, it is recommended not to wear white or light socks.

▲Natural leather

Natural leather is used in many waterproof, medium and high-end shoes because of its durability and ventilation. However, leather is afraid of water, especially in the rainy season. No matter how good the leather is, it will grow white and mildew. So clean the wet towel and dry it. Don’t blister.


Some waterproof shoes will use TPU material. The physical stability of TPU is inferior. Refuse to expose to the sun and high temperatures. Don’t bend and friction it with too much strength.


Rubber is generally used in the sole of waterproof shoes, but some shoes will be used on the top and heel according to needs. Rubber is a wear-resisting product commonly. But according to different shoes, the ground requirements vary greatly. Do not take your waterproof shoes to walk on hard cement pavement. It’s too much wear and tears.

5. Customize Your Waterproof Shoes

wear waterproof shoes outdoors

Here, you must have a thorough understanding of waterproof shoes. Want a pair of waterproof shoes that fit you? Want to customize your waterproof shoes? Do you want to turn your designed shoes into authentic shoes? If you have an idea to make your waterproof shoes but can not find a suitable China shoe factory, you can contact us at XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY to produce private customized waterproof shoes. Both OEM and ODM can contact us via email: andy.h@topfactoryshoes.com.

list of waterproof shoes

XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY is one of China’s leading waterproof shoes factories. The waterproof shoes factory has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification. It is located in the city of Jinjiang, the shoe capital of China, which has congenital advantages in the production of waterproof shoes. The waterproof shoes factory has a special export department responsible for international waterproof shoes orders. The waterproof shoes factory has professional research and department centre teams, production, quality control, marketing, service, and logistics. The waterproof shoes factory has more than 1000 products to meet customers’ requirements. The waterproof shoes factory has obtained intellectual property rights of developed waterproof shoes. The waterproof shoes factory can offer you ODM, OEM customized waterproof shoes and wholesale waterproof shoes. The main clients of this waterproof shoes factory are mainly from the USA, and EU countries, like Tommy Hilfiger, Kmart, Dollar General, Lotto and some other private label designer brands.

testing laboratory

As for the quality control of waterproof shoes, the waterproof shoes factory can meet the compliance and quality requirements of the USA and EU. Indeed, the waterproof shoes factory even can meet the mostly strictly testing requirements of Germany and Turkey! The waterproof shoes factory sets its quality standards to produce high-quality shoes. The waterproof shoes factory arranges three full inspectors on each production line to check each pair of waterproof shoes, but also our QC will also carry out a sampling inspection on these shoes. Then the third inspection agency will conduct the quality inspection. Only after passing the quality inspection can the export orders be made. To provide our customers with the highest quality products, the waterproof shoes factory also offers the following shoes tests: weathering test, bending test, tensile test, ageing resistance test, water-repellency test, rubbing fastness test and chemical test. Therefore, we will give you great confidence in the quality of our shoes. 

one high top light gray waterproof shoe

If you are our partner, you can get the following advantages from us:

a) Small MOQ (some styles of waterproof shoes low to 500 pairs per colour combination)

b) Large capacity: the waterproof shoes factory has ten production lines, 1000 workers, 50,000 square meters, and an annual total of 4,000,000 pairs of shoes

c) Rich and varied styles of professional designs, more than 150 new designs every month

d) High-quality control, 180 days of quality assurance for customized waterproof shoes

e) Credit rating AA+, through BSCI, ISO9001 certification of this waterproof shoes factory

f) Quick response: your email will be replied to within one working day

g) There are acceptable custom waterproof shoes

h) Strong R&D, not only for the development of shoes vamp but also for customers to develop a large number of outsole moulds

i) Unique technology Graphene outsole properties: non-slip on ice and oil

Whether you are a big or small shoe company or private label brand, XIN DE SHENG SHOES FACTORY would be pleased to cooperate with you, grow together, and become your long-term partner!

Final Words

a pair of blue waterproof shoes
(The Picture is from MERRELL Official Website)

This is coming to an end. I hope this article can help you know or further know about waterproof shoes. It’s even better to help you customize your waterproof shoes. If you want to customize your waterproof shoes, please contact us through email: andy.h@topfactoryshoes.com as soon as possible! If you have any questions, you can leave a message below. Thank you!

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