What Makes Boots Waterproof?

What Makes Boots Waterproof?


Everyone likes to wear waterproof boots to stay safe, even in the toughest of environments. Whether you are going outside or enjoying your moments in the rainy season, these waterproof boots allow you to do it without making your feet wet and dirty. One must think about how these boots keep the water away and don’t allow entering the water inside the shoes and keep your feet dry? Yes, it is a mystery that many boot manufacturers and shoe suppliers have uncovered. In this article, we will tell you what makes boots waterproof and how this is achieved. At the end of the article, we will also tell you why our shoe factory is the best option among the other shoe manufacturing companies for finding waterproof boots. So, here we go!

Why did waterproofing boots of old times fail?

The production of waterproof boots was considered an imprecise science in the old days. At that time, everybody said that their formula was a special one. There were some great ideas at that time too. However, no one performed as advertised all the time. It was mostly because the breathability function of their waterproof boots was compromised while they might repel water for a short time. Sometimes, it is made worse by adding an old-style water sealant.
The good thing was that water couldn’t get in, but neither could sweat get out, which wasn’t good at all. So, feet developed blisters as socks got cold and soggy, which caused troubles. Hence, there was a need for such materials that not only repel water out but also keep the breathability factor in it to dry the sweat.

Do today’s waterproof boots dry sweat?

After looking at the sweat drying problem of the old time’s waterproof boots, it looked demanding to introduce boots with both waterproof as well as sweat drying features. Today’s modern waterproof boots are exceptional, having both of these features. Whether you are clearing house water after the rain or facing mud, puddles, or rain, you need to have boots that keep your feet along the way. These waterproof boots dry your sweat from a hard day’s work and evaporate it to avoid bogging down your socks. That is why military boot manufacturers also prefer to manufacture waterproof boots.
Homegrown Remedies and Footwear Industry

Boot manufacturers have figured out the mystery of how to keep feet dry and comfortable while keeping water out. It comes from the outdoor clothing industry, which is a much more technologically savvy source. Those who spend time in the rain can better understand how to waterproof. The outdoors industry came to know about the best ways to keep a balance between allowing sweat letting out, and keeping water out at the same time. The footwear industry only needed to figure out how to apply this technology to boots and shoes.

How to ensure no water seeps between cracks?

The common things between outdoor clothing and footwear are seams. The problem is posed when the materials are stitched together at overlapping points. It is important to ensure that no seepage is happening between the cracks. Since seams run in predictable patterns or straight lines, it’s generally easy to apply a waterproof sealant. This could close the smallest gap by hardening to a thin, rubbery, and invisible texture. The fabric was not quite easy. That’s where breathable fibers come into play and change everything.

Finally, the Discovery of Waterproof Boots

The fabric manufacturers started experimenting with one-way water-permeable materials. The property of those materials was that they repelled rain but, at the same time, allowed sweat to come out to the surface for evaporation. Finally, this new fiber structure solved the problem of manufacturing waterproof boots that also allowed breathability. In this way, the decades’ old problem was solved. Dri-Lex is a popular type of fiber specifically engineered for footwear.

How do boots become waterproof?

Leather is very vulnerable to water damage on its own. At first, it didn’t look a great idea to leather shoes manufacturer, but it definitely worked in the end. Leather is much more prone to cracking and drying as it is a natural fiber. Firstly, to prevent any damage, the leather is first treated for general boot construction. After that, a waterproof layer is applied to the outside, just like Teflon works with tactical pants. This becomes a non-stick surface, which allows the rain to bead up and run off the boot in this way; this surface doesn’t allow water to be absorbed or penetrate inside the leather. In this way, the manufactured boots become waterproof and breathable for the sweat to get dried.

How do you find out which boots are waterproof?

Both waterproof and non-waterproof versions of different boots look alike from the outside. The question is, how to figure out which are the waterproof boots? The answer is that you need to check the lining. Such boots will have an extra layer inside, to make boots waterproof, which is a contrasting color very often. Additionally, the tongue is not only attached to the bottom but also on the upsides to avoid water coming inside.
It would be best if you keep in mind that waterproof boots don’t need to keep every drop of water outside entirely. Yes, certain elements are designed purposefully into the boot to reduce the chances of getting your feet wet. Waterproof boots offer you a protective option in wet conditions that also look good and safe.

Our Shoe Factory and Waterproof Boots

Waterproof boots have become the need of today’s wet environments. Everyone wants to remain protected during such conditions and also keep their foot sweat getting dried. Our shoe factory uses the highest quality standards to produce waterproof boots according to our valued customers. The waterproof boots provided by us are equally durable and performing best, just like any other big brands like Sega shoes manufacturer, Nike shoes supplier, and Adidas shoes manufacturer, etc.

Our experts are always busy in ensuring the use of the most advanced and state of the art technology in the manufacturing process. The quality control department of our shoe factory keeps zero-tolerance policy as the primary goal of our shoe manufacturing factory is to provide the highest quality waterproof boots to our valued clients. We always offer waterproof boots that not only perform best in wet environments but also provide services for a more extended period. That is why we have been among the best waterproof boot producers globally. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now and get your desired waterproof boots to enjoy your moments in all weathers.

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