What Running Shoes Should You Wear?

You probably only know that running shoes can protect your feet. What else do you know about sneakers? Do you know what a good running shoe is? Do you know how to choose the right running shoes that suit your foot shape? Today, I’m going to focus on that. I will mainly introduce running shoes with these aspects: running shoes’ structure and function, how to be a good pair of running shoe, and what running shoes should you wear.

Grey running shoes

(The picture is from ASCIS Official Website)


Running shoes, as the name suggests, refer to shoes worn for running, and here specifically refer to the most suitable shoes for running. There are tens of thousands of brands of running shoes. According to different performances and suitable crowds, running shoes can be roughly divided into three categories: cushioning running shoes, stable running shoes, and motion control running shoes.

Blue running shoes

( This picture is from the HOKA ONE ONE Official Website )

Running shoes that provide cushioning usually have a softer inter-layer sole to assist the feet in uniform force during exercise and help the feet absorb shock. The shoes are usually lighter and the stability is relatively poor.

Black running shoes

( This picture is from the ASICS Official Website )

Running shoes that provide stability usually has a TPU plastic sheets with uniform force or a high-density material structure on the inside. These special designs prevent damage caused by mild pronation of the foot and provide good support and durability to the inner edges of the foot.

Black and blue running shoes

( This picture is from the Brooks Running Official Website )

Running shoes that provide motion control, are usually rigid, which reduce or control overpronation of the foot to prevent ankle injuries, and usually weigh more than other running shoes. Generally speaking, the inner layer is a large area of TPU plastic sheets with uniform stress and a high-density reinforced material extending to the stress point of the forefoot, which is used to control the pronation of the foot and provide durability for the inter-layer sole. The outer rubber is more durable.


Sole material

The main structure of better quality running shoes is similar regardless of the brand among which the outsole is the layer that touches the ground so the material is a bit hard, wear-resisting, and anti-slippery. There are also a few very light running shoes without an outsole. But they are only suitable for running on a treadmill. The middle sole is the most important cushioning layer, softer than the outsole, and the arch supports control the twisting force of the shoe’s bending and transmit the impact of landing from the heel to the ball of the foot. It is the most important to have cushioning device in the heel, and each brand has its own technology and characteristics. The insole is usually removable and is the last line of cushioning and correcting foot defects. It is mainly made of pure leather, GTX fabric and nylon, mainly for the close combination of feet and shoes, with ventilation and heat dissipation. The hard upper of the heel will help stabilize the foot when landing.


Running shoes, as the name suggests, are suitable for people to wear while running. They are designed for the human body, in order to minimize the damage of exercise to human health. Running shoes have three main functions: foot protection, cushioning and correction.

White high-top running shoes

( This picture is from the NIKE Official Website )

1. Foot Protection

    The most basic function of running shoes is that they can protect the feet. When running, the contact between the feet and the ground increases. Without the protection of shoes, it is easy to cause damage to the feet. This damage refers to the external skin and possible bleeding events.

2. Cushioning

It is the key to having good cushioning of running shoes for protecting the human body. Don’t underestimate the power of a fall together. If the running time is longer and the number of times more, it will surprise people about the protection with good cushioning of running shoes. In contrast,  if you don’t wear running shoes, the damage to your feet will be much more serious after a long-term running.

3. Correction

It is intended to correct the deflection of the foot when the runner hits the ground. In fact, most runners land either on the outside of their feet or on the inside. and wear corrective shoes to keep their feet on the ground. These shoes have a wide landing area. Wearing shoes with corrective functions can make them land smoothly when they hit the ground. It is suitable for people who have severe deflection when running to the ground.

How to Be a Good Pair of Running Shoe?

Black running shoes

( This picture is from the NIKE Official Website )

A good running shoe should meet the following requirements:

(1) The heel must be firm to make the heel stable and not easy to tilt.

(2) There should be a proper protruding lining tongue above the heel, which can protect the Achilles tendon without irritating it.

(3) There must be a tongue under the shoelace to protect the instep and extensor toe tendon.

(4) The toe cap should be high and round so as not to pinch the toes or cause blood in the nail bed.

(5) The heel should be wide and stable, and the sole should have a soft inter-layer to absorb the shock. The last end must be inclined to facilitate the forward movement of the foot.

(6) The sole shall be layered, with different thickness and material of the front and back. The lowest part that is in direct contact with the ground must be strong and wear-resistant, but not so hard that it loses its cushioning effect, and there must be properly distributed protrusions to have traction on the ground for prevent slipping.

(7) The 1/3 front of the sole should be soft to fit the dorsiflexion of metatarsophalangeal joint and reduce the injury of the Achilles tendon.

(8) The best time to choose shoes is in the afternoon. Because your feet will have been moving for hours and will be larger than they were in the morning. And when choosing shoes, you should wear sports socks. It is best to wear new shoes on one foot and old shoes on the other. After comparing with each other, wear new shoes on both feet. It is easiest to see whether they fit.

(9) The front of the toes should leave a space and should not be in contact with the toe cap, because the shoes may become wider but will not be longer after wearing them for a long time. Therefore, the length of the shoes must be more than 2, 3 cm longer than the actual length of the foot.

(10) The price of running shoes varies from brand to brand, and some are as high as several hundred yuan. For ordinary people, there is no need to buy the most expensive, because the race shoes of famous brand are often more expensive just different for reducing the weight. Therefore, this kind of running shoes are not suitable for usual training, so do not be confused by the price.

(11) The shoe upper material also has a great influence on the price. Shoe uppers made of high-quality leather are theoretically more durable, but in practice the sole tends to wear out first. The vamp made of GTX fabric and nylon mesh is lighter and has better air permeability. It is easier to keep your feet dry and cool. It can also stretch moderately to accommodate slightly swollen feet during long-distance races. Having many advantages, so you don’t have to insist on buying leather running shoes.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll get a good running shoe.

Notes: Do not wear running shoes to engage in basketball, tennis and other ball games. Because both sides of them need special reinforcement, in order to facilitate the rotation of the feet and sudden movement, he thickness of the front and back of the sole is relatively flat. If you wear running shoes to play basketball, tennis, etc., sports injuries such as sprained feet will often occur.

What Running Shoes Should You Wear?

What are the four things you need to know about what shoes to wear?

Grey running shoes

( This picture is from the NIKE Official Website )

1. Running conditions

Roads are first divided into cross-country and trail running. Cross-country refers to roads that are not artificially constructed, or are not constructed so “good”, like mountain roads, dirt roads, woods. Trail running includes race tracks, roads, etc., which are very straight. Plastic, cement, and asphalt are all counted.

2. Running posture

This is the most important step, and the one that is not easily mistaken. If you make a mistake, you could end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on running shoes for a whole day.  There are three general running posture:   underpronation/supination, pronation and overpronation. These three kinds of relationships are continuous and progressive.


  • Underpronation/Supination: high-arch, no splayfoot or toe-in
Foot force

For running shoes: cushioning type 

Grey blue running shoes

( This picture is from the NEW BALANCE Official Website )

  • Pronation:medium and low arches,no splayfoot or toe-out 
Another step force

For running shoes: stable type

Silver running shoes

( This picture is from the SAUCONY Official Website )

  • Overpronation:typically flat feet,severe toe-out
Bad footwork

For running shoes: posture correction type

Black leather running shoes

( This picture is from the NIKE Official Website )

Most people are supinated or pronated. And it is very hard to buy shoes with overpronation.

3. Foot shape judgment

Comparison of foot force

You can take off your socks to judge the foot shape, but this judgment is not accurate. It may also supinate for high arches and also pronate for low arches. A 100% accurate judgment requires a professional machine to measure the running posture, or an experienced person to look at your running posture.

Another 100 percent accurate way is to find a pair of shoes without posture correction, including cushioning shoes, marathon shoes, etc. Run until they’re badly worn, and then watch how they wear out. Definite no-pose shoes include Dovey Do-win marathon shoes, double star sneakers, etc. Shoes that clearly do not have posture correction include Duowei’s marathon shoes and double-star skate shoes. If you’ve ever run in these shoes, check out the front shoe. If the front sole is on the outside (one side of the little toe), it’s an supination. If it’s on the inside (one side of the big toe), it’s an pronation. If the sides are pretty much the same and seem to be worn badly in the middle, you can try both cushioning shoes and stability shoes.

If the high arch, you should mainly try the cushioning shoes, and then also try the stable shoes. If the low arch, you should principally try the stable shoes, and then also try the cushioning shoes.

  • 4. Equipment quantity

The amount of equipment is a collection of two concepts: body weight + exercise intensity.

The greater the weight and the higher the exercise intensity, the greater the impulse of running. Weight represents the strength of a single impact, and exercise intensity represents how long the impact will last. Running is almost equal to getting hit on your knee, how hard you get hit each time, and how long you have been hit.

Generally speaking, good running shoes are designed to be able to cope with a single exercise of more than 3 kilometers and more than 3 times a week. Running shoes can generally be divided into two equipment weight levels, lightweight and heavyweight.

The heavy level designed “for” heavy weight, which means that if you are underweight, it may not be strong enough for your running impact. So it appears that it is too hard for these materials  of “top models” designed to be cushioned. For runners, the obvious feeling is: the soles are so hard! In this case, your running shoes absorb less energy, and your knees need to absorb more.

Therefore, try to choose the equipment level according to your weight, not just focus on the top models. The boundary between the heavy and light weights is usually 75kg. So if your weight is close to the line and your running distance is large or small, it is best to choose flexibly depending on your situation.

New runners should pay attention to: the sun protection, the foot bath, and the rest of running shoes.


This article briefly introduce five recommendations of running shoes with famous brands.

New blue running shoes

( This picture is from the HOKA ONE ONE Official Website )


User Rating: 4.6/5

Link Address: www.hokaoneone.com

The Bondi 6 provides a smooth, balanced full length compression molded EVA midsole. Comfortable and breathable upper and rocker technology are used. The redesigned rubber outsole reduces weight while optimizing durability. Internal heel counter provides locking fit and support. Beveled heels are designed for smooth transition and increasing durability. The Bondi 6 will take you far away in comfort.

New black running shoes

( This picture is from the XinDeSheng Shoes Factory Website )

Link Address: www.topfactoryshoes.com/running-shoes/


Upper Material:emgineered mesh+TPU film

Sole material:EVA black/blue/white

Gender style:men

Color Classification:black/blue/white

Suitable age:adult

Applicable scene:road/street


The uppers are made from Nike and Adidas. It can make the vamp light and increase air circulation by using Nike and Adidas Flyknit materials, engineering mesh and recycled polyester. The filaments are more stable and balanced on the top. Tiny foam beads on the soles combine with traditional cushioning on the forefoot to give an incredibly smooth feel that fits your foot.

New running shoes

( This picture is from the ASICS Official Website )


User Rating: 4.4/5

Link Address: www.asics.com

The redesigned mesh upper helps keep the foot cool. Meanwhile the sole is more flexible to help promote a more natural rolling through the gait cycle. This process starts at the heel with an additional Flex groove, isolating the initial impact to force a softer and smoother feel underfoot. The integrated SPACE TRUSSTIC™ technology provides stability, reduces overall weight, and helps facilitate a smooth transition from stepping to kicking.

New black leather running shoes

( This picture is from the XinDeSheng Shoes Factory Website) 

Link Address: www.topfactoryshoes.com/running-shoes/


Upper Material:PU+synthetic suede+mesh

Sole material:EVA foam+rubber outsole

Gender style:women

Color Classification:black/grey/pink

Suitable age:adult

Applicable scene:road/street


Item No.:4614

The upper material is from NIKE & ADIDAS. NIKE & ADIDAS flyknit material, engineered mesh, recycle polyester make the shoes upper light weight and increase air flow. And fly wire technology make the upper more stable and keep balance. The Nike Joyride Dual Run blazes its own route. Tiny foam beads underfoot combined with traditional cushioning in the forefoot give an incredibly smooth feel that conforms to your foot.


New black and red running shoes

( This picture is from the NEW BALANCE Official Website )

Price: $149.99

User Rating: 4.5/5

Link Address: www.newbalance.com

The Fresh Foam 1080v10 has supreme comfort, and cutting-edge design. Engineered Hypoknit upper and Ultra Heel provide a soft and supportive fit in an amazing design. Laser engraving on the midsole removes added weight and provides enhanced flexibility. The data-driven Fresh Foam midsole offers  offers superior quality comfort and better energy return than its predecessor.

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