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XinDeSheng China Shoes Factory Provide Private Label Shoes solutions, OEM&ODM service. Our advanced technology and supply chain help world leading shoes brands to make outsanding shoes! 8 production lines, 1000 workers with annual production 4,000,000 pairs shoes!
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Dedicated to the design and production of Private Label Shoes ...

XinDeSheng Shoes is one of the leading Private label shoes manufacture companies in China with ISO 9001 certified manufacturer all kinds of shoes. We have our exporting department making international shoes orders.

XinDeSheng shoes factory locates in Jinjiang city which is the shoes capital of China ,with convenient transportation access.

Our main clients mostly from USA, EU countries, like Tommy Hilfiger, MMK, Le coq Sportif, Wenger, Japan FILA, LA-GEAR, VICTOR, 4F, and some other private label designer brands.

We know the USA and EU compliance and quality requirements very well. Even the mostly strictly testing requirements from Germany and Turkey we can meet! 

We can offer you Private label shoes, ODM, OEM customized shoes and wholesale shoes like sports shoes, private label shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes, trekking shoes, sneakers, LED Light Shoes, canvas shoes, slippers, kid shoes and leather shoes etc .

We have professional teams responsible for R&D, production, quality control, marketing, service and Logistics. We have more than 1000 products to meet the requirements of our customers. 

Moreover, we have attained intellectual property rights for our self-developed products. Facing the rapid changing of global manufacture situation, we keeps positive attitude towards the market and challenges! 

We firmly believe that grasp the market with innovation, to get the trust with quality.


2016 Exisport visiting

Committed to the design and production of the footwear industry-your Private label shoes footwear supplier

Our shoe factory production workshop

Private label shoes Show Room

Private label shoes exhibition hall produced for our customers (some show)

Our Factory Shoes Testing Lab

Comstant Temperature And Humidity Laboratory Cost Over 2,000,000RMB!

xin de sheng Shoes factory Development History​

In 2010, the founder, Andy Hong, established RangeCover International Limited to engage in footwear trading. The first order was for OEM running shoes from Richard, an old EU friend. Thank him for bringing us into the shoe industry!

From 2011 to 2015, RangeCover Limited participated in GDS in Germany, GARDA in Italy and WSA in Los Angeles. Our customers are from the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Italy, Poland, etc. Our Private label shoes products include running shoes, sports shoes, and casual shoes. We are well aware of the compliance and quality standards of the EU and the United States. AndyHong is keen on research and development. We even overcome the difficulties of ice skating. We are one of the 3 companies in China that can manufacture curling shoes.

In 2016, RangeCover Limited merged with Guanhong Shoe Industry Group, which has 20 years of shoemaking history, and became a shareholder, and established a new shoe factory called Xin Desheng Shoe Factory in Jinjiang, the capital of running shoes in China.

By 2019, Xindesheng Shoes Factory has developed into 8 production lines with 1,000 workers and an annual output of 4 million pairs of shoes. Thanks to all customers, big or small. Customers are our God!

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